Live Thread: Unite The Right 2

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C-SPAN is livestreaming the counterprotest right now.


Violence/Bad Optics


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  1. I’m wishing him good luck.

    I can’t do anything right now because I am still bogged down from the last one. I’m not going to be a gigantic faggot about it like some people are doing though.

  2. Editor’s Note: The reason this is happening is because these worthless conservatives are incapable of preserving anything – the definition of marriage, the unborn, women’s restrooms, Confederate monuments, our national borders, the concept of boys and girls, free speech, etc., etc. The most fundamental reason though is “law and order” which wasn’t “conserved” last year.

    The alienation behind the madness of Unite the Right

    • Respectable conservatives serve as ratifiers of Political Correctness. Mommy Professor announces a national policy. Conservatives argue against him for a generation. Then, if the policy is key to our established religion, conservatives join in denouncing all questions about it.

      Respectable conservatives serve as ratifiers of Political Correctness. When “both sides” agree, the Thought Police have a license to kill.

      Today only respectable conservatives stand between #PoliticalCorrectness and its destruction. The day that the forces of Political Correctness are forced to use the three words IN MY OPINION is the day PC will become history.

    • The “conservatives” are as much a portion of the enemy as Antifa; they’re the oily enablers who shush and soothe the disgruntled White populace while the work of destruction continues. They’re no more than the “‘good’ cop” in the “good cop, bad cop” routine the globalists use to keep the people browbeaten and passive.

      Disgusting people, really.

    • Agreed Hunter … but what’s YOUR answer ? Some good white Christian walking into this right now … looking at both sides … WOULD WALK AWAY WITH NO DIRECTION FROM EITHER SIDE !!!! We’d expect that from low IQ Antfagita’s, but not from YOU AND US. Give this a try and watch a movement form :


      See how simple and easy to spread that is ? Yes ? Then WHY … WHY are we still running around “playing protest games,” which start nothing. No “movement.” No “goal.” No NOTHING. Mmkay ?


      Can we agree on that ? Is THAT something we all want ? Is that a motto that can be easily spread … easily put on banners and flyers and even the dumbest of us 🙂 can remember it easy enough to recall it and share it with their Kin who will then … share it with their Kin …

  3. I’m hoping a dance-battle erupts and the white civil-rights advocates “step up” and “bring it” to the multicultural civil rights advocates. Then they can all relax afterwards and talk about their admiration for the totally legit “Dr.” King Jr.

  4. Glad to hear we’ve had some modest success in fundraising to reach our goal to cover Hunter’s legal fees in the harassment law suit just for having Hunter be at Charlottesville VA last year.

    I did my part passing out the hat on the Political Cesspool last night. We need to get much, much better at fundraising to have any chance of surviving the media/social media purge.

  5. I will have an update on the fundraiser tomorrow. We’re on track to raise at least half of the costs which is a huge relief. As things stand today, we will be back with new energy next week.

  6. Can we play Unite the Right II Electric Bingo Boogaloo?

    We’ll mark our cards according to which outlandish ANTIFA archetype is arrested.

    “B – Super-White-Guilt Boomer!”

    “I – Giggly-Puff Feminist!”

    “N – Would-be NASA mathematician Lashonda!” …

  7. Obviously that would be someone at the counterprotesters. No right-wing protester would EVER criticize Israel. “Fascist” scum are the most disgusting, pro-zionist RATS on earth. The only place where there are any right-wing nationalists who criticize Israel is the US. In France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden Canada and Australia all of the far-right groups are so fanatically Zionist they make Meir Kahane look like a member of the Iranian revolutionary guard.

    • In America they cherish free speech/criticism of Jews results in loss of career and getting sued for every dollar you have.

      In France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Australia everyone loves Jews/criticism of jews gets you sent to rainbow gulags to be raped to death by vibrant diversities.

      • I’ve heard that excuse before, but if that is true couldn’t they just be neutral on the Jewish issue rather than being the most insanely pathetic Jew lovers on earth? Do you really think Britain First is secretly woke on the JQ?

        Also there are a few exceptions in Sweden like the Nordic Resistance movement who are anti-Jew, however in Spain or the UK the right-wing groups universally adore Jews, and they say that like they mean it.

        • There are nationalist leaders who were sent to jail for criticising jews in the UK. Joshua Bonehill was a recent one. The UK banned National Action when they were getting too big, they aren’t allowed to meet at all without going to jail. Nick Griffin is one that criticizes Israel occasionally without acting like the CIA funded cranks they have in America.

          The fact you named Britain First as a credible nationalist group, when its leader is a Jewess and Israel First Trump backed her on his Twitter, just underlines how ignorant you are of anywhere outside your isolated little East European country.

          I suggest you restrict your trolling to what you actually know best. Like how much you lurve Jewish invented Bolshevism, and making excuses for the White ruled USSR backing White Genocide in Rhodesia and South Africa.

          • I didn’t say they were real nationalists, but they are certainly seen as such. Their wikipedia page calls them “Fascist”. They have over 2 million likes on Facebook. How much support does National Action have?

            Except the Nordic Resistance Movement, nationalist groups in western Europe that don’t worship Jews and put Israel first are utterly tiny and insignificant. Extreme Jew worship is pretty much the cornerstone of all right-wingers and anti-Communists and has been so since the 60s. The only part of Europe with powerful anti-Zionist nationalist groups is Eastern European countries with strong Nazbol and pro-Communist traditions.

            Also I don’t live in Eastern Europe, I live in the heart of Dixie. Why the hell can’t WNs just drop this Boomer antisocialist and anticommunist crap? What is WRONG with being a Socialist?

    • Are you sure this isn’t just making our side look pitifully weak and the other side huge, popular, and powerful?

    • If the counter protesters were real revolutionaries they’d storm the White House and Capitol Building. Why surround 20 nobodies if you could sweep away the White Supremacy system in half an hour? Don’t answer that!

      • It’s the System that paid those Pantyfa losers to show up. Shmerkel (Frau Hog-face) does the same thing in (what used to be) Germany.

  8. I don’t care for Jason Kessler’s “moderate” message, but I feel bad for all the AltRight smearing directed against his rally. Anglin and countless others have tried to frame Kessler and his followers as tattooed skinheads, when the actual rally is nothing of the sort. Kessler’s crowd are barely to the right of the Proud Boys, and even that’s debatable.

    I respect Kessler for aggressively countering the MSM narrative on what happened a year ago. It needs to be challenged.

    I hope these guys come back home safe and sound.

    And I’d like to thank the DC Police for upholding the law and honoring their word, unlike the Charlottesville Police a year ago.

  9. There’s a big enough criminal crowd of leftists there to completely overrun the security detachment at the WH and the Capitol. If they really wanted to end the “Fascist USA” they’ve got the mob, right there on the WH lawn, but they do not have the vision or the brains to decapitate the whole “White Supremacist” system. What a bunch of fucking frauds.


    Today it was a typpycull White Nationalist Rally:

    Twenty or fewer whigger & anglo-mestizo tards — half of them ZOGbots — protected by several hundred piglice and surrounded by a thousand or so cuck-whiggers, sundry negroes and other muds, whipped up by jews.

    Jason Kessler “proved” that he is a typpycull bowel Movement “leader”. Of uncertain and dubious loyalties with a few other tards showing up. Jeff Poop-Scoop could have done better with 20 tards bussed in in four mini-vans with a camera-mamzer getting the proof. Or closer to my home, ZOGbot Silly Roper showing up with its pseudo-See-Eye Dentistry single-mother beard and UncleTom ZOGpig Bowie and four or five of his rent-a-tards. By now they gots it down to a science.

    The only reason that this crap was covered by the major lie-media was because of the major chimpout of last year. Carlottesville 2017 was a polorizing moment. jewnite-the-alt-kike 2.0 was a fizzle.

    What we need to take from this is the Open Repudiation of the 1865 Armistice, in which sundry Confederate generals signed cease-fire agreements with overwhelming Union occupation forces. By this time the Union was weary of the civil war and both sides wanted peace — even if the question of what to do with the freed negro slaves was up for grabs.

    The end result was just like what the Irish did against the British occupation and the Boers did against the British Empire when they lost their colonial wars. Southern war veterans set up paramilitary groups and worked with their political party to regain sovereiginity. What would otherwise be mere banditry becomes an insurrection when it has a political underpinning. The Irish had the IRA and Sein Fein, the Boers got Commonwealth status, and the South set up their Klans at the local level to deal with the freedmen, Carpetbaggers, Scalawags and other vermin. Eleven years later in 1876 the Democrat Samuel Tilden actually won the election so a deal was set so that Rutherfraud B. Hayes would become president — but the North would pull out their military occupation from the South. The next 90 years until 1960s there was Jim Crow and segregation and a united Democrat South until El-Bee-jew betrayed Richard Russel and the South.

    So what we should do is to agree with the Repudiation of the 1865 Armistice / Cease-Fire and seamlessly meld Civil War One into Civil War Two just like World War One made World War Two inevitable. Charlottesville 2017 was our racial Fort Sumter, in which ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final announced that they were breaking the 150-year cease-fire. Fine by me. Let forth come the Great Collapse in which all that will be left is less than 20 million ex-whiggers ruled under Ten Thousand Warlords in a post-industrial rural world of 1890s agriculture.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Ten Thousand Warlords Project

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