“Journalist” Voxsplains South Africa Farm Murders

The Free Press™ admits that it doesn’t actually matter whether or not it is true that Whites are being murdered in South Africa and the government is seizing their land:

This is the mindset of “journalists.”

This is how much the Jewish media hates White people. They hate you because of your race. They hate you so much that they are willing to cover up and justify genocide. President Trump is the “racist” for merely drawing attention to these horrific crimes in South Africa on Twitter.

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  1. The worst image I have of the African white farmer murders took place, I believe, in Rhodesia. It was the image of a young woman probably in her late teens to early twenties lying on the floor completely naked except for socks. Her legs were spread apart. And, then the horror sunk in and I had to turn away to keep from crying. The niggers had shoved a broomstick up her vagina until it reached her neck.

    Let that sink in.

  2. I’m not going to forget how the jew controlled press responded to this genocide. No compassion for the victims, only concern about Trump “dog whistling” to his White nationalist supporters. The blood will flow and I shall laugh six million times.

  3. Can they say any more clearly that they intend to kill us all? That our very existence is “racist” — that is, that “racist” simply means “white devil who automatically deserves to die because they’re white?”

    Dirty stinking scum.

  4. Regardless of who’s reporting on it, be it Trump, Tucker Carlson or the ‘far right’, fact is, its happening and is undeniable. So whats being done about it? Trump can tweet all he likes about it, but unless he’s backing it up with
    action, he’s no better than anyone else.
    Start lobbying him to offer placements for WSA’s in Americas immigration intakes. When good men do nothing, evil wins.

  5. @Ghost

    If all the whites left, there’d be no need. The baboons would just starve and turn on eachother. Nature would run its course if we just left them to it. Just staying out of it would be more effective. No more wars. Peace, brother.

      • Agreed. Remove all aid and pull whites out of there … sit back with popcorn and watch the real life ‘Planet Of The Apes.’ But then The UN would step in and welfare them. I guess we just have to NUKE EM 🙂

  6. The multi / media – lord ( jews ) , are the puppet – masters , of the cultural marxist provocateurs . The “ not chosen ones “ – ( jews ) , hate The Christian White Man – and His Culture and His Heritage and His Monuments .

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  7. Childless men broken by the system have a sacred duty. They have no right to ignore their responsibility. They have no right to be traitors or cowards; neither do the beautiful, the lucky or the powerful. And duty is beckoning.

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