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  1. Ever see the movie : Good Kill, with Ethan Hawke ? Ya know … in some cases it might be fun to be one of those drone pilots 🙂

  2. The only thing that’s coming to South Africa is starvation and the disease that follows it.

    Black rule is a disaster for everybody concerned, especially for the Blacks themselves.

  3. Malema is pretty bro-tier but let’s see if he does the most important thing, send the Oppenheimers and the rest of the (((diamond merchants))) back home – not Palestine, HELL. I know he is anti-Semite but does he have the balls to do the right thing?

  4. I’ll also point out that Jews training right-wing insurgents is unsurprising if you know anything about history. Jews in Israel and elsewhere were the strongest supporters of EVERY anti-Communist terror group during the Cold War. The Contras in Nicaragua, the Gladio “fascists” in Italy and all of the fascist regimes in South America, the Colombian AUC, UNITA and even the Afghan mujaheden who would have paid lip service to anti-Zionism because they were Muslim, but ALL of these groups were trained by Israel more than any other country. Whenever liberals in Congress cut off aid to anti-Communist terror in the name of human rights, Israel always emerged as the proxy arms supplier. In some years Israel spent more money on fighting Communism in Latin America and Africa than on fighting it’s Arab enemies.

    There is nothing, literally NOTHING, the Jews HATE more than Communism.

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