John McCain Is Finally Dead

We lost a great American hero tonight … John McCain’s brain tumor:

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  1. The main problem with him gone is that all you had to do was to see what he supported…and you could safely do or support the opposite and 9/10 you were doing the right thing.

    Now who is going to be the reverse weathervane?

  2. Ding-Dong is right. He was a maniacal, pompous man who had no problem selling this country out to the highest bidder.

    Shed a tear for McCain and his family? Did I shed a tear for Jeffery Dahmer? No, I didn’t. I laughed. Dahmer devoured several of his victims, while McCain tried to kill and devour an entire country.

  3. I love that this was filed under “Humor.” Certainly the news brought a large smile to my face. Good riddance. A fitting end for a man who was a human cancer in our government.

  4. This is the best news about a politician dying since Ted Kennedy died on this same day (August 25th) nine years ago, also from the same disease (brain tumor). How ironic!

    • Wasn’t nine a sacred number in Norse mythology emblematic of the hidden power of the gods? Ted Kennedy and John McCain dying on the same date of the same cancer exactly nine years apart?

  5. I love how Soros is concerned about victims of repression and torture……except if its carried out against whites who are blown up, raped, murdered or displaced in their own nations. Why is this enemy of the whites still a free man?

    • just speculating now, but maybe because

      Soros is a Jew-billionaire. Who along with the rest of the Wall St/Las Vegas/Hollywood/Silicon Valley


      owns the ‘Murkan political class.


    It’s a great day for America, for John McCain is finally in Hell; where he belongs.

  7. John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home……

    The sum of the secrets McCain has sought to hide is not small. There exists a telling mass of official documents, radio intercepts, witness depositions, satellite photos of rescue symbols that pilots were trained to use…….

    a new measure, known as “the McCain Bill,”suddenly appeared. By creating a bureaucratic maze from which only a fraction of the documents could emerge—only records that revealed no POW secrets—it turned the Truth Bill on its head. The McCain bill became law in 1991 and remains so today.

  8. Unfortunately our enemies are like cock roaches. For every one gone there’s 1000 more to take its place. Still, good riddance to traitorous garbage.
    If anyone deserves to be sent to the 10th circle of hell it’s this guy.

  9. McCain was instrumental about 134 men on the USS Forrestal being killed and yet the big news never mentions anything about it. the least McCain cold have done was to resign a year or so ago and give Arizona true representation in the US Senate.

    • I just found out about this. If I was in the midst of an explosion of ordinance that ultimately killed 127 or so shipmates and walked away from it without more than scratches, well I’d expect to shunned by them as an unlucky pilot. What captain would want you aboard, even if you did nothing wrong? That dude was bad luck.

  10. The Sunday morning news programs praised the war criminal McCain, calling him a fighter for liberty. McCain was a traitor who under Israel’s orders used American blood and treasure to fight Israel’s wars.

  11. Whatabout — a word not loved by Crooked Hillaryistas — wanting to keep the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars going for the next hundred years or more? Now the Shia Iraqis once they got democracy voted for us to leave in 2011 and we left. But we are waiting for our next Saigon moment for the near future in Kabul. Now that the feckless Songbird chickenhawk is dead, howabout a change in policy for actual peace?

    How about the God-Emperor Trump, in order to “honor” the Songbird McCain, North Vietnam Ace who destroyed five US warplanes & nearly sunk an aircraft carrier, [Annapolis nickname: McNasty] by announcing a complete and immediate withdrawal from the 17 year & failing imperial skirmish in the Graveyard of Mighty Evil Empires?

    The Taliban insists that we convert to Islam in return for accepting our surrender, but if we just tuck-tail & run off then what can they do about it?

    That recognition of reality would be far better than a lying and insincere eulogy by the God-Emperor any day.


    Posted on the Wall Street Journal comments section by “James Detmer”

  12. Rot in hell, John McCuck. This guy was literally a career politician who was in Israel’s back pocket for his entire career. As a naval aviator, he was a disaster in the cockpit. He had three accidents, most notably the one on the deck of the USS Forrestal on July 29, 1967. He was trying to be a hot shot when he wet started his fighter, pumping fuel into the exhaust to create a flame for effect. This triggered a Zuni rocket, which in turn ignited jet fuel on the flight deck. 134 navy personnel were killed and 161 were wounded. How many of the enemy did he kill? I think ZERO. Hero? Not mine. He obviously hated his own race while simultaneously being as narcissistic as he accused Trump of being. I wish the NVA had killed him when they had the chance. Good riddance to this clown.

    • To be charitable it appears that while he might not have technically been responsible for the ignition of the missile on the F4 he did fail to get out of his cockpit and attempt to fight the fire that was burn near or under his aircraft. It appears the bombs loaded on his wings were detonated in the blaze after they detached from his aircraft. I wonder if he actually dropped them accidentally as he panicked in the cockpit.

      After he got out of his cockpit he promptly ran away from the fire as the deck crew converged toward the raging inferno and he hid in the officers/pilot room as the bombs detached from his plane killed the entire firefighting crew.

      Sailors called such men Jonah’s.

      Apparently he quickly retreated to Saigon and then promptly flew to be with his dad in London to hide out till it all blew over.

      That crew must have hated his guts.

  13. Hunter, it’s great to see comedic articles on OD. I laughed so hard from the above that I was one laugh short of an accident :-))

  14. Very good to see our James Edwards and Keith Alexander step out just a bit and say the truth that John McInsane has passed on to Satan’s Hell.

    “Another one bites the dust”

  15. John McCain, a descendant of an old Mississippi Family and I believe a member of the SCV once upon a time. He did more in his life to destroy what his ancestors fought for than almost anyone. This is true self hate and perversion on display

  16. Reading the WSJ comments section is a microcosm of the unCivil War to come.

    I despise John McCain. Always did since the Keating Five days over thirty years ago when I found out much more to dislike.

    There are two sides: 1) Anything & everything is used as a vehicle to attack Trump by a deranged section of the Empire running a race to see when everything collapses vs 2) whether those foolishly trying to restore the Nation undivided should have a chance, like Trump to do so.

    Now I like the way things are going to a world in which everyone surviving will have a place and a function & Christ returns to set things right.

    What annoys me are all the evildoers demanding that the rest of us must burn a pinch of incense to Mammon & Mammon’s demon John McCain. I have, not a pinch, but a shovel-full of, not incense, but the incense’s exact opposite to place upon this media dumpster-fire.

    Trump is NOT America’s salvation, but rather a wrecking ball to divide the Empire.

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