Occidental Dissent Censored By Venmo

I’m not surprised by this.

Occidental Dissent has been censored by Venmo. It is owned by PayPal whose Jewish CEO Dan Schulman boasts about being pushed in a baby carriage at civil rights marches and taking sides in the culture wars by banning firearms and ammunition. We were banned from PayPal last April along with pretty much everyone to the right of Ben Shapiro over the past year.

In December, I noted this huge surge in online deplatforming was part of the Media Matters’ “four year strategic plan” to take down Trump in the 2018 and 2020 elections. In addition to PayPal and Venmo, Occidental Dissent has been banned from Disqus, Donately and Twitter. Isn’t it interesting that Antifa are free to openly organize violence against conservatives and police officers on Twitter and Facebook and crowdfund their bail money on Venmo and PayPal? Why isn’t it considered “hate speech” when Antifa chant things like, “all cops are bastards” and “cops and Klan go hand in hand” and “eat the rich, feed the poor. Kill one cop, then kill more.” They straight up say they hate the police.

I mean … like, seriously, I am not nearly as “hateful” as these people. I’m not out there in the streets engaging in violence, chanting about murdering the police and destroying public property. All I have done is offend powerful Jews. How do these people manage to get away with this? Could it just be that Jews are controlling these platforms and censoring their political opponents?

Note: I’m popping this video in here for no real reason. It uses the “n-word” and has been seen over a million times.

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  1. Shadilay all.

    I noticed a few other sites recently go down at once, one called 365saboteur. I had only just discovered it.

    It makes you wonder if certain readers are identified and tracked to new sites which are then flagged. Food for thought.

    More likely it is a matter of analytics (so, how to subvert?). As for this site, kudos to the dissent.

    One issue troubles me. It does not seem to be encrypted. Where is the https?

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