Update: League of the South Holds Flash Rally In Livingston, TN

The League of the South has returned to Tennessee.

This time there were no violent Antifa groups tagging along to create a siege mentality. There were no “journalists” who report on “extremism” for Huff Post and The Guardian. There were no clowns making noise to drown out our message or photographers to engage in doxing. There were no steel cages to segregate us from the public. There weren’t hundreds of police officers on the scene. There were no snipers on the rooftops of downtown buildings. When Antifa aren’t allowed to bring their shitshow to town, these events don’t cost taxpayers thousands of dollars either.

Instead of being in Tennessee, Antifa brought their traveling violent shitshow to Philadelphia, PA and Chapel Hill, NC this weekend where 21 of them were arrested for destroying property, inciting a riot, resisting arrest and assault. There is no “moral equivalence” between the two sides. It is not the League of the South out there chanting “eat the rich, feed the poor. Kill one cop, then kill more.” There is only one violent extremist group on Twitter raising money for their bail funds tonight.

Here is the clip of Philly Antifa chanting about dead cops:

Here is the clip of an Antifa brat getting slugged in Chapel Hill:

This was an experiment.

I hope we have finally learned our lesson: without “journalists” around to whip up hate mobs or Antifa groups being dispatched to our events to engage in violence, it is just us out there platforming, exercising our free speech and engaging with the public, which is much more receptive to our message without these circus acts inserting themselves into the story. We don’t need the media to get our message out. As in Selma, this event has already caused a stir and set off a debate online.

Update: Dr. Hill has reported back on how things went on the ground in Livingston. I would be shocked if we didn’t completely shift our operations to this new model.

Brief After Action Report

We had one of our best public flash demonstrations yesterday in the beautiful and largely White town of Livingston, Tennessee (pop. 4,000). On the town square at just before 0800, we were greeted by a local police officer who was extremely friendly to us. I went to the station with him and was given a permit to use the town square for as long as we desire and hand out literature, wave flags, and hold signs and banners.

We stayed for about 3 hours, handed out nearly 900 Free Magnolias, visited stores on the square and spoke to the owners (all friendly), and visited with various townspeople who stopped to see us. The Chief of Police joined us to chat for a while and they invited us to come back anytime. In fact, they are putting up a local Confederate monument this fall and specifically asked for League members to attend. Toward the end of our time there, a small group of motley looking protesters showed up with hand-made signs. There were all but ignored by us and most of the passing motorists.

All in all, it was a great day for The League and for spreading our message among our people. These are the sorts of places we will be concentrating on more and more.

In all, thirty-one League volunteers, looking sharp in our street uniforms, made this happen. We had a great time socializing also, especially at our cookout Saturday night at a rustic cabin.

My congratulations to my Chief of Operations, Ike Baker, for planning this operation and to all our members who showed up and made it a very successful day.

Hail Victory! Hail Dixie!–Michael Hill


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  1. This is the way things should have been all along. Yes, not only is it less costly(no cost really) to taxpayers who have to foot the bill to protect against Leftist violence and temper tantrums, but it ends up being much more productive for you guys when you don’t have to spend most of your money and time planning for extra security, surveillance and counter-surveillance, protective gear, escape routes, asshole reporters, police lines, etc. Your time can now be focused on a message and getting it to the people that really matter.

    Your ROI is extremely low in street theater events where Leftists are involved. Stick with these types of events and make them spend a majority of their time trying to guess where you’ll be next.

    • Dear Celestial,

      Yes, Flash Rallies are excellent, and definitely right for the main fare, but, sometimes you have to have rallies for other purposes.

      Sometimes you have to have a Charlottesville, which, tough it was painful, has yielded some excellent things.

      If you want to know what an excellent thing from Charlottesville was, it was the incredible amount of publicity, which, though largely exceedingly negative, put The League of The South on the map in a very big way, and which, in the mind of The Ordinary Good-Ole-Boy, who was not familiar with The League, left a very good impression of Strong Southern Soldiers standing up in an orderly fashion to hateful loons.

      As the artificially contrived shock affects of the negative publicity of Charlottesville has worn off, the benefit of the greater name recognition of The League is still accruing.

      Moreover, another benefit of Charlottesville is that Southern towns, which have administrations largely influencet by, and or simply overrun with Judeo-Bolshevism, are now quite motivated to actually provide proper security, instead of playing around with it for political effeckt.

      Charlottesville broke the stride of a trend that was quietly overcoming law enforcement, and that is a big thing.

      The 13 arrests of Antifa over the felling of Silent Sam has something to do with Charlottesville, again, because authorities in North Carolina are rightly concerned to avoid such a thing, on a much larger scale.

      People in this country needed to be reminded that, without careful precautions, things can get very unpeaceful, in a hurry.

      So, yes, on Flash-Rallies, but, not exclusively.

    • I would have been there myself, but my vehicle is undergoing surgery at the moment. We should be able to livestream these events and have them automatically download to Bitchute.

      • I am happy Hunter. Like i said to other guys, as long as our guys stay away from College towns they will be fine. I would go so far as saying anything above Bob Jones I would avoid like the plague.

    • All well and very good … but it’s 1/2 measures and wasted opportunity if you didn’t start a snowball a rollin that will get us a new Dixie. We want EVERY town to be like that one. We want EVERY college town in the south to be this friendly to us.

      Do you understand the phrase “force multiplier ?” It’s using “leverage.” Can 2 guys kick 2000 guys ass ? No. But what if the 2 guys had ( and knew how to fly, ) an Apache Attack Helicopter ?!! Different story then right ? Can a group of League of the South patriots cause the south to rise again ? No. But what if they passed out flyers with an easy to remember motto / mission statement that started a movement AND there was info on the flyers about webinar town hall meetings and so on ? Then YES … they could save Dixie.



      * Please join us, tell all your loved ones to join, and $upport the movement to save Dixie. Direct your kin to our weekly / monthly (?) webinar townhalls. The south IS rising again !!!!

  2. Great stuff. Glad you’ve finally found an effective way to keep engaging in the public sphere. The left has no answer for this and probably won’t devise one anytime soon.

    • Just as there was no answer to Stonewall Jackson’s sudden attacks or Nathan Bedford Forrest’s raids, Solidus, there will not be an answer to League flash Raids.

      You cannot devise a strategy to defend something that comes upon you in a flash.

      • @juniusdaniel1828

        Being a Northern© based organisation, Antifa© don’t really have much of a base of support outside of transplant enclaves in Dixie.

        • Their base is in all the urban centers and on the college campuses. Away from those you will never encounter them. It’s not like they just bus them all in for everything. Leftists own the Southern Schools as much as they own the Northern ones now and why is that? The alumni and football programs and the board of regents keep it that way. Outside of the small college towns, where you can somewhat control who is coming and going if it is a major city, it is heavily ANTIFA and their allies.

          We practically have Southern Coaches pimping little white girls out to Negroes (ART BRILES) and you think that native born is going to support you? Not more than 10%. The 75% plus you will have to drag them kicking and screaming to support you.

          • This isn’t 1970 James, those leftists have been living and breeding there for nigh on three generations now some of them. If they didn’t have a pool of local enablers (JEWS) and a pool of fellow travelers, they could not operate anywhere

        • Yep, that’s so right. Hell, most people in my area, if you mentioned the word, ‘Antifa’, would think you were talking about a variety of garden plant:)

          • Thing is they’ve been living and breeding in the large Southern metro areas for 40-50 years now. Sure away from those awful places you won’t find them, but this ain’t 1970. Once these people have established a BREEDING Population, then you have trouble. I think for too long people said, OH THATS JUST IN CHARLOTTE, ATLANTA, TAMPA AUSTIN ETC its not here yet. People have been saying thing for how long? Then they are surprised to realize there are plenty of now-native born (NOT HERITAGE) lefties like this.

            Sure if you expelled all those not born in the South from the South that would probably solve 60% of the problem, however that wouldn’t solve the remaining 40% and this isnt even counting the Negro issue. In 1972, expel the migrants might have worked, it aint going to work in 2018. Look at Virginia, if you expelled all the Non-Native Born, you’d still have a mess

          • It’s going to be a mess, Billy Ray – as it is, a mess, but, I’ll tell you what – one way or the other we will straighten this out. We are in the process of changing the soil of ideation down here, and, from there we will proceed to other grounds. If our Forefathers had to clear trees and Indians, we’ll clear bad ideas and Non-Southerners, one way or the other. Mark my words. We’ll fight, and, in the end, those who ain’t with us will see fit to live, because it will be too inconvenient.

          • Billy Ray – what you have said is perfectly well analyzed, from a logical point of view, however, human affairs are often magical – like the election of President Trump. Moreover, a determined minority, even a small one, can oft dominate a larger group opposed to it, as history shows many times. If you study North Carolina, since 2010, you will notice that we have made very considerable strides at begin the fundamental process of leftist rot that has transpired over the last 70 years. That said, this kind of thing is going to take some time, for what has occurred to us, has been massive. Chin up. Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful replies!

          • My replies were meant to wake people up that this is a very deep problem. This problem will not solve itself in a year or five years or fifteen years. This is going to be a generational fight. We have to steel ourselves to that understanding. Sure it might have been simple in 1967 to recognize the problem, but in 2018 they are entrenched. So like invasive roots, its going to take a logn time to pull them out

          • I understand, Billy-Ray, and I agree – the problem runs deep.

            As to how long it takes to remedy this, I do not know. We must do what is right, no matter what the length of time.

            Be well!

  3. Ok … do you want the most bang for your buck ? Do you want your efforts to count and to yield results … a sort of ROI if you will ? Then ( for crying out loud, ) pass out flyers / postcards with what we want … what we stand for … our motto / mission statement so we look like we actually might have thunk a thought :



    Of course have your info on hand outs and where to join / send donations.

    To NOT do this is actually air headed !

    • I made this point to Michael Hill over the weekend. How many people who aren’t “political” i.e. “low information voters” are really going to grok an entire Free Magnolia? Sadly, not many.

      I wrote up a page of reasons why America shouldn’t be involved in the Syrian Civil War Passed them around in Collinsville, Al and Rome, Ga shortly after the Easter Airstrikes. Even that was probably too much, but something like it could work pretty well.

      • That’s exactly my point Richard. Keep it simple. A motto / mission statement “everyone” can get, understand, memorize and repeat back to their kin … that will GROW AND GROW into the south rising again. By NOT doing this WHAT’S THE POINT OF ALL THIS ????? Here’s the motto that will save Dixie. Everyone from the unwashed masses to the top of the southern food chain can grasp and go with it :


        Our country our people our home. All for one and one for all !!!

  4. Here is one suggestion for a sticker:
    Had the South won its independence this would not be happening!
    (You can substitute Confederacy for South if you want.)
    This meme can be used for just about any political situation as we are a nation in decay on all fronts.

    • Something I noticed in Livingston: a monument and several bricks on the sidewalk in honor of their county’s war dead.

      My hometown has the same thing. Even has a highway named in honor of a HS friend of mine who died in Iraq.

      Take a picture of those, put a caption under it asking “Are you tired of seeing your sons (and daughters!) sent off to die in needless Yankee wars?”

    • I love how the LoS can just pop up anywhere in Dixie at any time. That kind of spontaneity will win over a lot of people

  5. Unlike every other pro-White organization in America that I can think of the LoS has its act together. No personality cults, no buffoonery, no bad optics. But as I have said before a time is coming when your message will necessarily have to become a lot more militant.

  6. I kinda liked the idea of naming our rallies, Blue Lives Matter, if ever or whenever we advertise a rally again. I kinda liked the idea of the media coverage showing the leftist hords chanting “dead cops” or whatever it is they chant. I see benefit & new recruits coming to our side, but I haven’t thought it through completely. Happy to hear your thoughts, anyone.

    • …oh Jesus Christ not this again.

      Look, I really wish I didn’t have to know what I know about the CQ, but fact of the matter is that the cops, 66-80% at least, are NOT our friends. They work for the System, their bread and butter is the System and they believe whatever the System (to include the ADL, who’s material is required reading in almost every PD in the nation) tells them to believe. The boys in blue who were nice to us at our rallies will kick in our doors and kill us in our beds if their bosses ever tell them to, and any who do try to mutiny will be gunned down in kind by their own comrades. They’ll feel bad about it of course… but, y’know, mouths to feed, bills to pay, pensions to protect. Doesn’t mean that we have to act stupid around them like Antifa does, but it does mean we have to accept them for what they are.

      The upside, of course, is that they’ll even more loyally serve us once WE become “the System.”

  7. The “elites,” the universities, the media, the politicians, and the celebrity circuit have created this plague. Now they are all one organism.

    • The sickening thing, which some have yet to admit, is how much these Native Born wealthy Southern White folks keep giving millions to these universities every year as alumni and literally funding this. No state’s business class has done more for White Genocide and cultural destruction than Texas, that business class is worse than every Abolitionist or Leftist that ever lived or will live. You would have never gotten to this point without these wealthy politicians and business establishment men and women funding all of this. How many men from old Southern families sit on Boards of Regents, Alumni boards etc of all of these schools? Many. Do they ever raise any objection to this? No.

      Without the consent of the Native Born Business Class Fat Politicians and the Boards of Regents at these colleges, and the Jewish population, the very problems we see now would have never happened. George Lincoln Rockwell Spoke at Wake Forest University I believe in 1965 and was greeted by a riot where Negroes were chimping out. Now this is North Carolina only 11 years after Integration. These wealthy almuni on the boards of directors, native born men, could just resign and pull their funding now couldn’t they? Of course they could. They could make demands of all these Universities because money talks, but even in 1965 these Southern politicians and local Almuni decided to sell Dixie like a cheap to the highest bidder. If you need a list of names, I will provide them.

      Worth noting that it is a Southerner a native of Selma Alabama, Jeff Sessions who claimed to be a Conservative his entire career who has sabotaged every effort at prosecuting these scumbags. Jeff knows what they did to his city and state, he doesn’t care. The entire Southern native establishment has sold the South out a long time ago. Now people have finally woke up

      • The ultimate whore is the Southern Baptist Church with it acceptance of 501c3 tolerance,integration, equality puke dogma.. Sessions or example has an adopted chinese, I think, grand daughter. He apparently accepts this white racial genocide. In Neh. 13:3 the mixed multitude were separated. Most southerners have been so brainwashed by tolerance, racist, color of skin etc. manure, they can’t think for themselves. Judeo-Christianity is the direct opposite of Christianity.

        • I wish more people would understand this is exactly what’s going on. The worst that Radicals Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner could legislate on the South following the war, pales in comparison to the demon-possessed native Southern traitors, who literally cannot run fast enough to destroy their own race/culture. I will name some traitors to the South who were native born

          Va Born Ga Raised Woodrow Wilson, (filled our courts with Jews and leftists),
          Harry Truman Nigras in Military and Jews on our courts
          Lyndon B Johnson (Worse than Lincoln for the South) Too many to list
          Jimmy Carter Puckered up and kissed MLK’s rump
          Bill Clinton Almost as bad as LBJ

          Hugo Black-Alabama US Supreme Court voted for all the Civil Rights decisions and to ban prayer in schools.

          William Fullbright, Al Gore Senior, Robert Byrd, Richard Russell, et al. May have all voted against Civil Rights but voted to confirm Jews and leftists to our courts. Did not fight immigration as Immigration=more money for Southern farmers.

          I could name names all day long. I could tell you about the Southern-born Communists,who founded that awful Highlander Folk School in East Tennessee a Communist training school that the Volunteer State allowed to remain open for 29 years and only closed after neighboring states complained. Of course it later reopened.

          The Southern Baptist Convention is a den of vipers if there ever was one

  8. Another advantage to this method is that it establishes a face-to-face positive relationship with the local police. From now on the police in that town will recognize the League as good guys.

    • Livingston is 88% white, and more of the remainder is apparently aboriginal (feather-not-dot-indian) than black.

      My dad–before he got old and cucky–once said something that made a lot of sense to me: if I ever want to avoid cop trouble, then try to only interact with cops who don’t routinely interact with niggers.

      Only problem is, Obama’s policy of sticking Section 8er’s in EVERY SMALL TOWN IN AMERICA forced the cops everywhere to deal with unstable, unpredictable, violent, criminally-prone and quite-frankly feral people. Most of your cops are these vaguely civic nationalist “color-blind” conservatives (being an outright liberal is very hard for a beat cop; you’re exposed to too much depravity and evil to have that kind of faith in human nature), so their lack of race-awareness forces them to treat EVERYONE THEY COME INTO CONTACT WITH as more or less feral.

      • Don’t forget, the Southern Baptist Convention has been very busy turning their congregants into Civi-Cucks for 50 years now. If you espouse openly Nationalist positions, expect these Civi-cuck tards, your Chamber of Commerce, local businessmen and mothers of small children to hate you, call you names.

        The only thing any movement can hope to get is 10% of committed population. I doubt in the South in 1861 you had very more than 10% committed. You just had the 90% bullied into accepting the will of the 10%. This is a basic rule of revolution. 10% totally committed, then the 90% breaks down into various levels of committement, but the vast amount will only committ if they are afraid not to do so

  9. We’ll be doing a mix of different types of operations. This foray into Livingston, TN went very very well. As did the taking of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma on June 30th. There are going to be more actions of this sort, we find them extremely effective. But we also have to keep Antifa and their handlers in the knowledge that we have teeth, and will not hesitate to bite. Ceding the streets of our Southern cities entirely to them simply is not acceptable to us.

    • Ike I think you’re putting the cart before the horse buddy. The question is not whether you can take to the street in any city, the question is whether you have the war chest for the inevitible lawsuits that will result. Stick to the small towns and medium size towns, because you likely have law protection there. If you go into major cities, KNOW THE LAWS and then get out fast. Some of these places they will attempt to charge you with anything, just spitting on the sidewalk is enough. Myself I would not rally anywhere that I knew I couldn’t GET IN and GET OUT really fast.

      Sure it would be awesome to see a giant Confederate flag raised in downtown Atlanta on live television, but with the Negro political control in the ATL, you would literally be playing into their hands and saddled with lawsuits for 20 years to come. Virginia with her independent city laws, I would be very careful there. Commonwealth law is very strange too, its not like the simple City-County-State setup most states have.

      I am of the opinion had Charlottesville not been held in Charlottesville but outside the city limits, our guys would not be in the position they are because they were tried by CITY JURIES in a SOVEREIGN CITY. Please I beg of you guys know the laws where you are going and know what you can and cannot get away with. Hope one of y’all is good with law books.

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