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    • I got further, but that’s definitely when my eyes glazed over.

      Me, me, me…faggot drama queen.

    • Geller’s a total creep and Cernovich is the most long-winded, boring, self-important no-talent on youtube, and that’s saying a lot. Milo is actually pretty smart and a good debater even if some of his views and his lifestyle are not to my liking.

  1. “Milo delivered a farewell performance worthy of Norma Desmond.”

    – Lisa Blumenthal, VARIETY

  2. I won’t miss he/she/whatever. I always thought this person was a drag (no pun intended) and an embarrassment upon the alt right.

  3. There’s a new movie out starring Milo’s co-tribalist Steven Fry about Oscar Wilde. I think that role should have gone to Milo instead.

  4. Hahahaha! Jesus Christ, that was the most whiny self-important diatribe I have ever read in my life! That faggot is really full of himself, isn’t he? Why are faggots so haughty? He needs to be sentenced to 10 years working at Walmart to humble his ass down. No one owes you anything MIlo, You’re not important. The only one being an entitled cry baby is you.

  5. So embarrassed that I supported this guy for longer than I should have on the basis of his being a fellow-Catholic and extremely witty. The alt-Lite is fully and finally destroyed as he ropes in Geller, Cwrnovich etc. It’s alt-right … or nothing.

  6. Its the epitome of everything I hate-Jewish, gay, black partner…..all whilst hijacking some of our beliefs and pretending to be a Conservative. Down here, the media calls it ‘far right’. I hope to never see it again….it make me spew.

    • Unfortunately the faggot will be back in a week if not the next day. This is just a cry for attention. He’s not actually going anywhere.

      You see this kind of faggot behavior on forums. You know the guy who post about how much a board sucks and how he’s leaving only to return the very next day with his usual bullshit. Or like Paul Joseph Watson who about two years ago made a video about how he was “quitting youtube” and then not even a month later he makes another video.

      Basic things all faggots do.

      • In internets parlance, this sort of faggoty “I’m leaving, for real this time guys!” melodramatic exit is termed a “flounce”.

        I’m sure that Milo will be back after this flounce, provided he can secure one or more wealthy backers to act as silent partners for his escapades (as well as taking the necessary amount of time off to “cool down” from this; I foresee no longer than six months).

  7. His pay site for his content must not have had the number of subscribers he was hoping for. I don’t know if his YouTube channel was completely demonetized, but it had a lot of subscribers before he abandoned it.

    • I don’t think Milo’s career ever recovered after he was permanently banned from Twitter. He briefly tried to make a go of it on Gab, but that place is as dead as Mars. I thought he and Queen Anne made a good team, though.

  8. I never minded him. The left got him on his male homosexuality red pill, ie typically starts younger and therefore they had that angle, even though the left cares two microns of a f*ck about the issue other than hammering their opposition. It was always a hard sell for someone like Milo to dish up conservative leadership to heterosexual white male gentiles, ie the base, those slated for destruction by the comintern plutocrats.

  9. Because a homosexual jew, who drags in women’s clothing, with a Negro sexual fetish that he CAN’T STOP SPEWING DETAILS ABOUT, is the savior of Conservatism, American Values, and the White Race.

    Uh huh.

  10. I’m going to slightly countersignal all the Milo-hating. I was never a big fan since he, like Richard Spencer, was never really “my people”, but…

    …this guy is a pretty vital part of the libertarian-civnat-altright-mil-right pipeline, and having another link in that pipeline cut off, whatever the real reason, is bad for us.

    This is also one reason to be wary of people from the more comfortable classes; if nothing else, we’re going to need to break them of their bourgeois profligacy. Learn to live on a chili-and-ramen-in-a-rusty-singlewide lifestyle while Antifa’s trying to punch you, so that you’ll be able to live a roadkill-and-cattail-under-a-bridge lifestyle while they’re trying to kill you.

  11. Milo was good for one thing and that is making our enemies chimp out. That’s one thing I did like about him. Plus on Man Issues, he was right on about the ANTI-MALE movement.

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