Violence Is a Stupid Tactic

I’ve addressed this topic many times before.

I didn’t feel the need to address it this time because my position on the issue has never changed. I’m not responding to the Pittsburgh shooting, but to violence as a tactic in general.

Violence is a stupid tactic. It doesn’t work. The same is true of militant aesthetics. It doesn’t work either. As I have said many times before here, we are a tiny, hated minority in this country. Thus, it doesn’t make any sense for us to engage in violence. We are not in a position of strength.

(A handful of random elderly people are dead)

We saw in Charlottesville and New York City with the Proud Boys and most recently with the RAM arrests that anything that can be construed as violence, even when it is in self defense, will be used as a pretext for censorship and state repression to throttle our movement.

Supposedly, this shooting in Pittsburgh is the most devastating attack ever on Jews in the United States. The effect of the shooting is that it has left Jews in a stronger position than ever. It is already being used as political capital to justify even more censorship. It has only made the problem worse, not better.

Yes, it isn’t fair, but we don’t live in a country where justice is fairness anymore. Look at what happened with Jacob Goodwin, RAM and the Proud Boys. It didn’t matter who started it or whether the violence was justified in self defense. The only thing that mattered was their political affiliations.

Disavowing as a tactic is a separate issue. It doesn’t really work either. These people are going to call us violent Neo-Nazi white supremacists no matter what we do. We’ve already seen that it has already been decided that all of Gab is to blame for Robert Bowers. Jews have always believed in guilt by association and “disavowing” this or that person isn’t going to change anything. Ask Gavin McInnes or Alex Jones or MILO who have been identified as targets on their enemies list.

My take on this remains that it is in our best interest to avoid violence. This is even more true in our present circumstances when censorship and state repression have gone into overdrive.

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  1. This is exactly what the Jews want. They thrive on persecution. If everybody left them alone, they’d go crazy out of their minds.

    Without enemies, real or imagined, they’re nothing.

    • I disagree with this. Persecution has historically kept Jews at bay. When we stopped persecuting them, and let them control us through slave morality, we let them get away with whatever they wanted. The truth is that the Jewish racial soul will always be subversive and cannot be changed. You have to deal with them through force. Look at history for reference.

  2. If you added up all the victims of “rightwing political violence,” it amounts to nothing more than a huge fumble and gift to our enemies who have exploited it to the hilt

    • That is true, and this is not any sort of condemnation in case anybody is thinking I’m joining the Stormer Cuck Crew.

      But it’s a fact that none of this is part of a greater vision – this wasn’t part of a new war of secession, nor was it the beginning of a great cleansing of the continent.

    • Yeah, that wouldn’t be a good idea either.

      Remember when Barack Obama was talking “Internet Kill Switch”?

      I like what a local blogger in my hometown (Jasper, Georgia) said, in the wake of President Boyfriends “Internet Kill Switch” thing.

      Corpgov and local Chamber-of-Commerce types should be glad that blogs like mine exist. Because some of you people posting here are screwed up in the head. And every hour that goes by which you waste on here bitching about all the things making you so screwed up int he head is one where you didn’t take yourself down to City Hall and open fire on them.

    • Brad:

      The past few weeks the stock market has been in decline, lead by the tech companies. Social media is going to go the way of the lie-papers but a whole lt faster. When the bubble bursts it will take down a lot of ZOG / Babylon control and we will be put into the same position as in the early days of the Internet with local dialup. Or if ZOG goes all medieval then there will be nothing left for jews and non-whites to eat.

      It is likely in fact that there shall be a great Collapse and die-off and eventual decentralization and Ten Thousand Warlords.

      Gab might well be down soon. Maybe it will cum back up because it is a Mossad operation out to keep an eye on us all. But Chris_313 has a gablike place to post his nudie pics of whiggress’ and Rabbi Linder has opened up TraitorGlenn Miller News Nutwerk Forum as a virtual colostomy bag even to Mattoid Parrott. Or you could re-open one of your forums to ZOGling whiggeroid muh-dikkery.

      Neither you nor Greg Johnson nor any of the “intellectual” Alr-Right have any say over “violence” committed by Lone Tards. You even apologise for it then you own it.

      Do you see any path via intellectual Whiggroid MuhDikkkery to begging ZOG to let us have a “Sovereign Racial Nation-State” or “Whigger Zion”? I sure don’t. Like Har-old Covington I see the up-cum-cummin’ end of ZOG by an economic collapse leading to social collapse and the breakup into Ten-Thousand Warlords. I see Strategic Domestic Terrorism founded upon reducing the carrying capacity of the ZOGland to fifty million thus cutting the diseased ZOGling whigger ass-clown herd from 100 million to around 20 million and practically zero non-whites or jews on racial reservations like Long Island.

      Not only can this be done, but it is inevitable.

      So if cutting the diseased ZOGling whigger herd to a size sustainable by 1890s Amish agriculture down t 10 or 20 million ex-whiggers manageable only by Ten Thousand Warlords. When the Old Kingdom of Egypt fell apart into 40 nomes during their First Intermediate Period of Decline the population which survived actually grew taller because of less taxation. It was the First Warlord of the Middle Kingdom who re-united Upper and Lower Egypt around 2000 BC.

      So given that in the on-rushing collapse will be the salvation of the White Race by reducing the ZOGland population from 1/3 billion to 10 or 20 million, why bitch about Robert Bowen killing 11 jews and shooting 4 pigs?

      If you are so dead set against murder then maybe you should kick out William “Baal” Finck, the Jersey City jew pig that murdered a Puerto-Rican sneak thief and snitched out its fellow pigs and is suing and being sued by myself and my Aryan Nations Church along with Bryan Reo and Kyle Bristow? Do you really approve of jew pigs murdering nigger-beaners in jail, then snitching and becum-cummin’ a “No Devil” papist-preterist bedevling See-Eye Dentistry as a ZOGbot?

      If you are so determined to kick out murderers, then perhaps you should start at the Florida League of the South and the jew ex-pig fincking ZOGbot and kick it out because that is something you can do to show your precious dislike of “Violence as a Tactic”. Robert Bowers is fed-up White Man who cacked 11 kikes and plugged 4 pigs and has not a bit of remorse for doing so. Since he is not a member of the League of the South then he is none of your concern.

      In fact, given that I am running for US Senate from Missouri and got my ex-son-in-law Shawn Deines to run as a write-in for 7th District US Congress after getting refused to run on the primary ballot as a Repub, Dimmyctwat or LibberToon, and that White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republicuck, why not a write-in choice for those outsde Missouri?

      The Ten-Thousand Warlords Fight Club write-in candidate for any and every position throughout the ZOGland:

      Hello. My name is Robert Bowers.

      My name is Robert Bowers.

      My name is Robert Bowers.

      I kill jews and shoot piglice. Seems like the right thing to do.

      I am a write-in candidate for _________. I would appreciate your vote.

      Can you imagine a bigger jape against ZOG and easier way to tie up voting records for the mid-terms? Every time a wtite-in ballot is in the optical vote-counting machine it gets spit out and has to be tabulated by hand. That will certainly gum up the works !!! And be a massive loss of legitimacy for DimmyZOG & RepublicuckZOG.

      I know you don’t agree with me and that you have responsibilities to others. I like the fact that you will get off Gab and back to blogging. I’m not trying to turn your blog into the Robert Bowers fan club any more than the Dylann Storn Roof fan club.

      But ths is not June 2015 it is October 2018 and the onrushing tide will make thinkable the previously unthinkable except by a certain few like myself where reality is catching up with rhetoric.

      White Men don’t let whiggers vote Republicuck.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky (Mad Dog the Conquerer) Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Atyan Nations of Missouri
      Write-In Candidate for US Senate

  3. Elderly victims accomplishes a couple things. 1. it enables maximum evocation of the Holohoax 2. it’s easier to fake elderly victims for numerous reasons.

    Somehow cops manage to land three times the number of necessary bullets to kill the average black suspect but an entire SWAT team couldn’t kill this 46 year old amateur. There’s already an account on Twitter detailing the SWAT team’s actions in a manner clearly designed to refute Trump’s assertion that an armed guard could have protected the synagogue.

    The article starts off:

    “Several years ago, a psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital in New York began to notice a pattern among people seeking treatment: Dozens believed that their lives were being constantly filmed and broadcast, as though they were the stars of their own versions of “The Truman Show.” That film, in fact, became the name for this particular, and particularly modern, affliction.

    The Truman Show Delusion.

    The Bellevue psychiatrist, Joel Gold, published research about the syndrome with his brother, Ian Gold, seeking to determine how culture and mental illness overlapped. There was no suggestion that the movie itself made people delusional but, rather, that the movie informed the shape of the delusion. It was, if you will, a framework on which the patient’s mental illness could be hung.”

    And goes on to present Trump’s rhetoric as some scaffold for ‘the mentally ill’ to attach their pre-existing delusions to and act from, blah blah.

    Some are suggesting that this psy op is also accomplishing a retroactive justification for Kavanaugh’s record of molesting the 4th Amendment. It’s clearly an attempt to justify his and the courts’ future violations of it, in service of eviscerating our 2nd and 5th rights.

    • >>“Several years ago, a psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital in New York began to notice a pattern among people seeking treatment: Dozens believed that their lives were being constantly filmed and broadcast, as though they were the stars of their own versions of “The Truman Show.” That film, in fact, became the name for this particular, and particularly modern, affliction.


      …that, for anyone living in any significant-sized city, is undeniably true.

  4. Well this is the thing Hunter, you can’t control White Rage any more than you can control Black Rage. This guy detonated because he felt like White concerns weren’t listened to. He felt like a cornered animal. There was no strategy or reason behind his act, he just picked innocent people that were closest to him in his town.

    Whites are going to do this more and more, as the reality of what is being done dawns on them. So you need to develop an approach that says more than “Don’t do it” and disavow. You also need to warn the PTB that if they keep ignoring White concerns, they are not going to be safe from these random acts of rage. No one is safe. Not you. No me. Not anyone. White rage is an entirely random thing that can happen anywhere at any time.

    The thing with free speech is when you shut it down, the violence only grows. It is in the best interests of the PTB, that they keep the doors of dialogue open. They need to LISTEN to the grievances of the people, because otherwise this random rage is going to keep happening.

    • I’m not gonna say that there are no innocents. I doubt this event will affect the election.

        • Trump’s pandering to Kayne West and the Coloreds Walk Away From Democrats campaign has lready killed their chances. A couple of days ago Trump was Tweeting that the early voters weren’t coming out.

  5. Wrong. It brings state tyranny down on normal people, so it works in our favor. The more overbearing the state is on normal people, the better our position becomes and the less tenable mainstream solutions become. A good recent example is the purge of Twitter. Lots of normal conservatives get caught up in that, and the result is that they become further radicalized.

    Our strategic goal is to erode the political center and polarize the fringes. We want everyone in society to be either far left or far right, with nobody in between. This is how regime change works. We just need to follow the proven methods that CIA color revolutionaries have laid out for us.

    This is why I have argued for a while that gun confiscations would actually work in our favor as well.

  6. Burn it all down. Time is not on our side, and every month and year that passes, we will only get weaker.

  7. Like Denise said-we can’t own this. We didn’t do it. Pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off, stay on track and keep fighting. Jews, Muslims and muds never apologize for anything they do, nor should we. Whites somewhere in the world are being persecuted or murdered today-keep speaking on their behalf.

  8. Gab is down. I guess I will post here for a while.

    What Robert Bowers did was his individual initiative. I don’t think it had anything to do with tactics. It was simply a man driven to the edge. He went berserk because of due to the anti-white nature of the system. There is nothing else to say about the matter.

    Nor is there any blame to go around. I was getting blamed by blue checkmark Jews on Twitter for what happened because supposedly I was the last one that had an interaction with him on Gab, with my post about burning MAGA hats. If you want to assign blame, blame the system.

    • Glad to see you here. These events are going to increase and get worse. The nation is coming apart. There is nothing we can do about it and we shouldn’t worry about it. They can crack down or whatever but it doesn’t matter. All the elites are doing is making it worse because they will not address the real problems this nation is facing. They are incapable of doing it.

      • Good to see you here too, Ulfric.

        The shooting could have been avoided simply by the system treating whites equitably. As you say the system is incapable of that and we are going to see how unfair the system is shortly with Trump bringing the full force of the state down on us.

  9. There are always going to be these people who snap.

    As we are seeing with Gab, their actions will also continue to cause blowback. It was obvious where this was going within about an hour of the shooting.

    • We are entering a new stage of gaslighting. I think Robert Bowers exists, but really if he didn’t there is no reason why he couldn’t have been created as a complete fiction. No one in America will say that the emperor has no clothes.

  10. If the victims are a random sample of the Jews who attend synagogue, Judaism is in much deeper trouble than I thought, it’s literally dying of old age. Bowers couldn’t have killed an older bunch if he’d attacked a Unitarian or UCC service.

    Healthy, deeply religious, fecund communities have a median age of 30 or less. Heck, in some Arab countries, it’s 15!

    • I’ve never understood why these people attack synagogues. Do they really think the Jews that they despise so much are even going to be there? When Glenn Miller attacked the synagogue in the Kansas City suburbs, he ended up killing a Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandpa

      • He would have been better shooting up HIAS or SPLC. It was a conservative synagogue, not Orthodox. Orthodox is filled with all ages, fecund as Dave says, and rightist. Conservative is dying out, mostly old like here, leans left. Reform is a mix, mostly invigorated by miscegenation, solidly leftist. Bowers was a nutcase and nothing more. These shooters never shoot up anything useful. Makes you wonder…

        Side note, one of the survivors is a Trump supporter.

        • I’m surprised these guys keep attacking synagogues.

          I mean … do all these Jews they hate even go to synagogues? Glenn Miller managed to shoot and kill a Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandpa. Bowers killed the Golden Girls and a neighborhood dentist.

          There was a lone wolf shooter a few months ago who attacked “journalists” in Maryland. Do you remember how fast that one blew over? I saw lots of people on social media who praised and sympathized with the shooter

  11. There will be more acts like this if Jews in high places try to silence and shut us up. If we’re forced to bottle our grievances up and not articulate how we feel-it won’t make the problem go away-and could mean if we can’t be heard, then we’ll just unleash in other ways. Best to have our views and positions out in the public arena where they can be analyzed and challenged.

    • I wish that they would realize that. The more you try to suppress hatred, the more it grows. If they had just left well enough alone. Have you seen the Michelle Goldberg piece? She is a little rat, tried to talk with me at CPAC, when she found out there are Jewish sympathizers of the Alt Right. Apparently, I have to die for these leftist diseases to create their dystopia. At least I live where I can carry.

  12. yeah if the hezbollah laid down their arms and let israel have their way not only would they now control lebanon, but they would have been given good goy lollipops as well im sure

    • If Hez laid down their arms, Israel would march to Beirut and install Christians into power. Why are Nazis so in love with Muzzies?

  13. Violence that does not support a grand strategy is *utterly* stupid.

    That’s true.

    The problem is, no one amongst you has a strategy, let alone employ tactics to support that strategy.

    Plus, most of you won’t listen to anyone who knows wth they’re talking about.

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