GoDaddy Threatens To Pull Gab’s Domain

UPDATE: Gab is down.

But hey, 97-Year-Old Rose Mallinger is no longer around:

Note: Trump will solve!

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  1. When Alex Jones and Infowars were purged from the internet in August (I don’t even remember for what), Trump responded with some fearsome tweets. I doubt he will tweet about it this time.

    • Trump actually thanked Jones for helping him win the election (according to Roger Stone) and then wouldn’t even come to his aid when he needed him. I kinda doubt Torba is getting any response from Trump. Torba is alone in the wilderness right now. He can expect zero help or sympathy from the GOP or conservatives which are the ones he has tried to pander to from day 1 with zero success.

        • If the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter had Facebook and Twitter accounts, as reported, why aren’t Facebook and Twitter taking any heat?

          I’m sure more will come out on the motivation of Bowers the shooter. There are reports, that some sort of a gay parental circumcision ritual was being performed the morning of the shooting, and it was also reported that a previous ritual performed at the same synagogue had resulted in a Jewish infant’s penis having been bit off. This isn’t a baby naming ceremony as reported. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that this Bowers character has a considerable amount of Jewish ancestry.

      • How did Stone get involved with Jones in the first place?

        Ulfric, have you made the move to All the cool kids are there now.

        • Yeah I have an account already. I signed up a few months ago and then never used it. I’ll come over tomorrow and start following some people I recognize. God only know when Gab is coming back if ever.

  2. I’d love to see a comedy made about this, starring Seth McFarlane as Torba and Billy Bob Thornton as HW.

  3. I don’t know about moving to wrong think. I’ve got banning fatigue. I’ve been banned from so many places and lost so much content that I am sick of having everything I’ve written disappear into the ether. If wrong think manages to scale up they will be deplatformed just like Gab. We have to find another way.

    I think Gab on TOR is the way forward. Its about time that people in the movement started taking OPSEC seriously anyway.

    • I don’t think Wrongthink have the infrastructure to support a lot of people anyway. I went there a bit last night and it was unusable. Gab was never terrific but was manageable.

    • We need to go back to old-fashioned things like publishing books and non-eletronic mediums which can’t be so easily destroyed. Perhaps stone tablets?

  4. Well, now that GAB is down, at least temporarily, I am back to the comment section at OD to speak with my WN and SN brothers. I saw wrongthink, but like Tyrone’s comment before me, I am not sure that I will bother signing up for it.

  5. This was inevitable. The synagogue shooter only hastened it along. A proposition state (anti-Whitism is the proposition) cannot tolerate free speech.

  6. Since Gab is temporarily offline I briefly considered going back to commenting on the Daily Sausagefest. But I was just too repulsed by all the pro-Trump and pro-Anglin faggotry. I’m not interested in joining some weird personality cult. Triggering liberals is fun but it’s time to hoist the Swazi flag and go full 14/88.

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