NRCC Chair Condemns Rep. Steve King

Poor Steve King.

He’s one of the few of these guys in Congress you could make a case for reelecting. The rest are just the same cucks who condemned us after Charlottesville who want to pass Tax Cuts 2:

“Representative Steve Stivers (R., Ohio), who chairs the National Republican Congressional Committee, condemned Representative Steve King (R., Iowa) in a Tuesday tweet for appearing to sympathize with white-nationalist ideology.

Stivers, as the head of the House GOP’s campaign arm, is the most prominent Republican to speak out against King, who has been scrutinized recently for endorsing a white-nationalist fringe candidate for mayor of Toronto and meeting with far-right Austrian politicians historically tied to the Nazi party.

King, who represents Iowa’s fourth district, defended his meeting with the Austrian politicians Saturday, telling the Washington Post the men he met with are ideologically aligned with the American Republican party. …”

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this one before.

When Roy Moore defeated “Big Luther” in the Alabama Senate primary, these people like Steve Stivers all dog piled him and framed him as a “bad candidate” and a child molester. Now that the 2018 midterms are coming up next week, it is time to “come together” and vote straight R except for, say, Steve King because these guys aren’t going to support him in the general election.

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  1. Yet Christopher Cantwell says that if you don’t vote for Steve Stivers you are committing racial treason.

    If there is a race war then I suppose I’ll see him on the other side of the battlefield.

    • It’s okay for the GOP not to support Roy Moore, Arthur Jones and Steve King though. We are supposed to straight ticket vote while the GOP can selectively choose who to support. The GOP believes that if a populist/nationalist wins the primary then you should vote for the Democrat – that’s a fact. But of course, if I refuse to vote for their pro-oligarchy, neocon candidates than I am a “traitor”

  2. I am under intense pressure from family to vote R next week. People like Stivers make me feel comfortable just staying home.

  3. To buy time we MUST campaign hard for “the least worst ones.” It’s our predicament until the south rises again.

    • The slow boil is doing nothing but keeping people complacent. It’s time to ramp things up in earnest. Unless I have the good fortune to vote for a Paul nehlen or a Patrick little in my area, I’m voting for the worst dems possible from here on out.

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