True Conservatives: President Trump Can’t End Birthright Citizenship By Executive Order

Paul Ryan:

Sen. Chuck Grassley:

Ben Shapiro:

David French:

This last piece by Cuck David French is instructive:

“No, he may not, and I not only have confidence that Trump’s Supreme Court picks would block his order, I don’t believe the order would survive even a Trump district-court pick’s review. Originalism and the plain meaning of federal statutes stand in the way of the Trump trial balloon. Let’s hope it pops before the president can put his unconstitutional pen to paper. …”

Clearly, the True Cons in the House and Senate are signaling they don’t support this, and as David French explains the True Cons on the Supreme Court won’t support it either.

Based Gorsuch and Punished Kavanaugh memes aside, we’re likely going to found out soon that a “True Conservative” Supreme Court won’t mean much on immigration.

Note: Do you remember Arizona vs. United States?

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  1. These kosher cucks put the con in conservative.

    The government at all levels are not our allies, and do not have the same interests or concerns for our folk as we do.

    The only thing that would be surprising is if they implemented some policy that somehow benefited us by proxy.

  2. Trump will have the Democrats jumping through their assholes, and this will be fast tracked to the #SCOTUS. Where he may win?

  3. Graham is also introducing a bill to end birthright citizenship. That may be the only way to change it sadly. It is a massively popular thing with voters though.

  4. Why is there not a movement among retired White gun owners, to drive down to the Border, with their firearms, to enact an ‘American Blockade’ at the US/MehiKo border, to stop ‘by any means necessary’ the Alien criminals who are coming? Do we REALLY need the Military, if Americans themselves arise to defend their country? Are we afraid of the Antifaggots, or the Cat Ladies? If they come, why be afraid to defend one’s country? I don’t understand. MASSIVE resistance cannot be stopped. There are how many million gun owners in the USA? I’d like some edification on this idea, please. Just going on the idea of a ‘well-armed militia’ etc.

  5. 14th Amendment: All persons born or naturalized in the U.S., AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF, are citizens of the U.S. and of the State in which they reside. The capitalized phrase above is the focus of Pres Trump’s administration regarding ‘birthright citizenship’…

    • correct, and there are a number of writing and speeches by the authors of the 14th amendment that make it clear that the intent was not the grant citizenship to the children of foreigners…using these sorts of materials to understand the intent of legislation is a pillar of american jurisprudence

  6. There’s something wrong when hidden, unelected swine can overrule what the actual elected president can and can’t do.
    Who recalls voting for these faceless specimens? Ahh yes-democracy……you just can’t beat it. While I don’t understand all the machinations of American politics, something still seems amiss here.

    • spahnranch1969

      “Just more bullshit from Trump designed to string his dumb followers along.”

      If it’s not bullshit, however, they’ll still find a way to render it null and void. It’s a dead letter.

      Even if it does somehow make it, the Jews and Leftists will just work around it, or ignore it, like they do with immigration laws in California and other Judeo-Communist enclaves.

  7. no, the 14th amendment does not authorize birthright citizenship…the writings and speeches of the authors of the 14th said so…that speaks the INTENT of the authors…when scotus considers this issue, they will have to consider the INTENT of the authors

  8. This is a clear midterm election ploy. Look, what is the thing Trump could have done over the last two years without congress or the courts? The Wall. He could have easily built it using his executive power on national security. If that was too hard for him – ending birthright citizenship which is a vastly larger issue to deal with is not happening. I think it’s good for him to do it because it makes more people aware of the issue but it is never happening under this current political climate.

    The courts being conservative is going to mean nothing on the immigration issue. The conservatives in some cases are worse on the immigration issue because they use the constitution and economics to support the invasion.

  9. Mr. Lincoln and his cabinet have usurped the powers of Congress, and have waged war against the sovereign States, and have thereby not only absolved the States, but all the people from their allegiance to his government, the Federal Government having ceased to exist by his acts of usurpation. 

    Sam Houston, 1861.

    The Revolution by the Government of Massachusetts, The Abolitionists, The Free Soilers and the Republican Party, overturned the Constitution and laws of the United States and broke the Union.

    Neither the post 1865 Amendments, nor the Government itself, have any legitimacy, save for that imposed by (il)legal force, or at the barrel of a gun.

    They’re using the 14th and 15th Amendments, which are of questionable legitimacy, and which granted citizenship and voting rights to Negroes, not foreigners, to give legal legitimacy to the mud flood and consequential White dispossession.

    The Authors of the Constitution never envisioned invading hordes of Mestizos and Asiatics, nor, except for Ben Franklin, Jewish subversion.

    The “American People©®,” whatever that is, aren’t going to do a thing until they’re starving and hunted to extinction by the mud hordes. By then, however, it’ll be past too late.

  10. We used to have the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. Well, I’d say the Repubs now qualify as both stupid and evil. I hate going to the ballot box and having to choose among people who all support the destruction of the White race and Western Civilization.

  11. Completely agree. Lincoln was the most dictatorial President in history and succeeded in transforming a voluntary union of states into an empire. And that empire has become very evil, indeed.

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