The Forward: Sheldon Adelson Had A Really, Really Terrible Night

It seems like I am dishing out white pills:

“Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson must have been wildly disappointed Tuesday night, as Democrats overcame his multimillion dollar donations to win control of the House — and swept his home state of Nevada.

Adelson and his wife Miriam donated the most to Republican candidates and causes in the 2018 midterm elections, NBC reported, giving a combined $133 million.

Yet on Wednesday morning, “Blue wave blowout” was splashed across the front page of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the newspaper Adelson owns. …”

As I have explained, I didn’t vote for Congress myself because 1.) the GOP Congress’s agenda for the last two years has been Adelson’s agenda and 2.) he had already spent $55 million to buy the midterms. No one but Sheldon Adelson deeply cares about issues like imposing crippling sanctions on Iran, regime change in Syria, cutting off foreign aid to the Palestinians and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Jews continued to overwhelmingly vote for the Democrats.

The moral of the story: the GOP has to choose between sucking up to Sheldon Adelson and keeping populist and nationalist voters. In the 2018 midterms, they ran on the massive tax cut Adelson supported, the deregulation Adelson supported and the “pro-Israel agenda” that Adelson supported. They lost the House because their own supporters weren’t energized by those accomplishments.

Note: If more people had known that Sheldon Adelson was in the White House watching the election with Trump, even fewer nationalists would have voted in the midterms. This idea that the party can sell its policy agenda to ONE BILLIONAIRE and satisfy its base is a fantasy.

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  1. Yes I really feel for him. For it can’t be easy being a billionaire casino mogul who didn’t have the election result he desired. I guess he’ll be pondering the results as he sips on champagne in his mansion…

  2. A properly formed think tank can change everything. It starts with talk. Spencer, Hill, Wallace, Taylor, Duke and Brimelow would kick things off just fine …

    Why would you NOT do it ???????

  3. I specifically voted against an “R” representative for my state because he is pro-Israel. Let the Republicans wither and die. They do nothing for most of the people who actually vote for them.

  4. Adelson will be real disappointed when those whose labour is on the dollars in his pockets claim those dollars as their own. I mean, seriously, does anyone believe that that little man put out billions in labour in his lifetime or is somehow entitled to billions of others’ labour? The billions he like others like him appointed to themselves as, i guess, inheritors of the subjects of England. Or is that ex subjects? Well armed ex subjects it would seem. Some even ex slaves of , wouldn’t you know it, Jews. Hmmm…

    • “Note: If more people had known that Sheldon Adelson was in the White House watching the election with Trump, even fewer nationalists would have voted in the midterms.”
      Well when you put it that way, there’s not a dimes worth of difference between the parties.

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