Nazi Art Jones Wins Quarter Of Vote In Illinois House Race

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Wow. A week after 11 Jews were shot and killed in Pittsburgh, 56,350 people voted for Nazi Art Jones in an Illinois House race. He won 26 percent of the vote:

“In a race that garnered national attention, more than 53,000 people on Chicago’s Southwest Side and in the southwest suburbs voted on Tuesday for Art Jones, a Holocaust-denier, in his losing bid in the 3rd congressional district race.

Incumbent Rep. Dan Lipinski, a Democrat, won handily — garnering more than 73 percent of the vote with 95 percent of the precincts reporting.

Reached at home Tuesday night, Jones, a Republican, said he was “gratified” so many people voted for him.

“They can’t say they didn’t know who they were voting for,” Jones said. “You guys in the media made sure of that.”

Jones said he believes the recent mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue also hurt his vote totals.

“I think I probably would’ve done a lot better had it not been for this disaster in Pittsburgh with the murder of 11 Jews,” Jones added.”

He was running on denying the Holocaust.

Art Jones thinks more people would have voted for him had it not been for all the negative publicity over Pittsburgh. He also faced an uphill climb in a deep blue district in Chicago. At some point, it seems all these mass shootings just blur together in the minds of voters. The alternative was also a Democrat.

The mainstream media tried to make Pittsburgh more important than all the other mass shootings we have seen over the years and that narrative has clearly failed.

I mean … just look at this.

Maybe James Allsup is right about the GOP being there for the taking.

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  1. I noticed both Sheriff and Treasurer were uncontested in my country. There are things that can be done but national elections are a waste of time.

  2. Art Jones was the ONLY candidate I would have voted for in yesterday’s election. The rest were of zero value to me, because they did not, could not or would not name the jew.

  3. I assume that fascist or quasi-fascist politics will become much more mainstream as the country sinks into a brown morass and White Americans come to feel more and more threatened.

    • That was one of the best radio interviews I ever heard. Cantwell was quiet through most of it, both out of respect for and genuine interest in what Mr. Jones had to say.

  4. I think Jews were actually reluctant to make the recent shooting too big of news story for fear of calling attention to the killer’s motives and statements. Instead, they are going to use it behind the scenes to push for new repression measures against white nationalists and other dissidents. We will probably only find out what these measures will be after they happen.

    • No, the psy op shootings are letting us know what these measures will be and already are.

      ERPO’s or Red Flag warrants and seizures of guns, long term internments under laws like the Sandra Bland Act which will merge the arraignment and ‘diagnosing’ concepts in county jails.

      We already know, ATBOTL. Please don’t mislead people into thinking we don’t.

      Instead, start to prepare people for how to deal with what seems somewhat inevitable. How to resist, network and organize privately and fight.

      I personally have lost too much to settle or sell out. And I don’t know that (((they))) would let me anyway.

  5. Sadly I suspect this is the result of the low info republican party line voter. They saw an (R) then to Arthur Jones’ name and voted for him. They may even have heard that he is a “nazi”, and having heart this slur before assumed that it was a lie.

    • Well, that might be true

      But if so, it may illustrate the diminished power of the media, as they were supposedly covering the story a lot to try and limit the votes he’d get from partyline voters

  6. that was just normies voting straight ticket GOP. seeing as the commie John Carico got 3100 votes in TN and Rick Tyler got almost 900 I dont think he TRULY had that many supporters. If he had a GOP challenger that person, whoever it was, would have won.

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