Warrant Issued In Canada For Zeiger

Canada’s thought police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Zeiger:

“Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Gabriel Sohier Chaput, a man who is alleged to be Zeiger, Canada’s most influential neo-Nazi and a key player in the alt-right.

According to the Montreal Gazette , court records show that police obtained the warrant at the end of October—the only count listed is willful promotion of hatred which can carry with it two years of jail time. The whereabouts of Sohier Chaput is currently unknown. His identity became known when anti-fascists supplied reporters with information connecting Sohier Chaput to the infamous neo-Nazi.

Zeiger has for years been one of the most influential voices within the far-right globally making key contributions to both the ideology and the ironically detached tone of the community. Keegan Hankes, a research analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, told VICE Canada that it’s hard to overstate the influence Zeiger had within some of the most extreme circles of the far-right.

“He was definitely a big player,” said Hankes. “He was one of the most recognizable names at the Daily Stormer, he also, of course, was a prolific content producer having a wealth of written and recorded materials that were very well respected.”

Zeiger was an extremely active user and moderator on the now-defunct Iron March forum (which has been linked to a wave of white supremacist terror) and edited their online zine Noose. He also was instrumental in the resurgence of the ideas of James Mason—editing Siege, a collection of publications and newsletters by Mason that has been incredibly influential in the neo-Nazi scene. Siege encouraged lone-wolf acts of violence; Hankes described Siege as “very, very extreme texts” and added that “the fact he played a role in rehabilitating that and bringing it to a wide audience is very significant.” He also authored several of his own books, one, “Hammer of the Patriot,” is well-read and respected in these circles. …”

This comes on the heels of Azzmador’s indictment in Charlottesville.

We have our disagreements with the Stormer, but that pales in comparison to our opposition to this “journalist” led witch hunt. In Zeiger’s case, Antifa teamed up with the Montreal Gazette to dox Zeiger, and the Orwellian sounding group “Canadian Anti-Hate Network” and the SPLC are apparently working with the Canadian police and courts to have him jailed for thought crimes.

What is the goal here? Are they trying to make the Stormer look sympathetic? As with Tommy Robinson in the UK, lots of people are going to look at this and conclude that the Stormer is less of a problem than this tyrannical police state which laughably advertises itself as being part of the “Free World.” Is the Stormer a greater threat to our rights and security than these budding little Bolsheviks?

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  1. Zeiger? I’ve honestly never heard of him. But I don’t read websites controlled by far right Jews. I did see a few teenagers telling people to read a book called Seige on Gab though.

    Its a pity our people aren’t smart enough to know when they are being led around by Jewish Minstrels. Tip: If a website has a dark energy, its not run by Whites.

    • He has had his face out there for a few years and they think they “unmasked” him.
      What lulzy faggots.
      Zeiger’s arguments have been very strong and he is a threat to the kike establishment.
      There is a growing and powerful white force beyond OD, Billy.

    • DS is not anything other than an Aryan website.

      Zeiger was an excellent writer. This is the sort of thing that foreshadows what is going to happen in the USA, UNLESS & UNTIL, Whites get the information they NEED to make informed choices.
      Hunter is a sedate and honorable man, Andrew Anglin is using STYLES that may make some uncomfortable, but both of these men are fighting for US, the White race and its survival.
      THAT is what ENRAGES (((THEM)))
      When you are able share the columns Hunter writes here and Marcus Cicero and all of the other writers here.
      And if they are interested in freedom of the 1st & 2nd Amendment have them read this:

      Zeiger should be FREE but let me end with a quote:
      “How would my enemies take vengeance on me? My heaven and my garden, I carry in my chest; my murder is martyrdom; my exile is tourism; my imprisonment is meditation.”
      Al-Baghdadi adds that Ibn Taymiyah (1263-1328) wrote his most important books while in prison, and that he even died in jail.

  2. What is the goal here? Are they trying to make the Stormer look sympathetic? As with Tommy Robinson in the UK”
    that is worst case but i dont think its like that. stormer just not the same without eric. anglin branched too far into strategic articles, a hot topic, and away from trolling, his specialty, and ended up getting defensive like we all do as much as we like to deny it

  3. We need to establish safe houses for our fellow kinsmen. For the record,’willful promotion of hatred’ is the epitome of Orwellian wrongthink. We need to establish a defense fund for this white patriot.Alas,there’s no justice for free thinking white men under our current JEWdicial System.

    • Daily Stormer has raked in over $1,000,000 in d’nations that they do not give to any political prisoners, only to Anglin’s jewish lawyer. They can pay. Remember that these are shills, and recently exposed as informants by the bowl patrol. They have lived to piss on Southern Nationalism, which they consistently laugh at as a “lost cause.” They also lead the charge against the Nationalist Front and destroyed ALL of our collective alt-right momentum to appease their handlers like the jew weev. FUCK THEM. They have never even mentioned the POW’s from Cville, an event they said their was “no excuses” for not attending.

    • We need to transcend our fears; fear is the mind killer, we need to become newborns. Gather around and hear my song. We have been deaf, we have been blind too long. Beyond our shields, there lies a threat, it will spell our certain death. His Shadow is coming, his Shadow looms, his shadow is bringing our final doom… If our struggle were made into a musical, it would be LEXX’s Brigadoom. …Now is the time to prepare for war, or are you unable to fight anymore? In the ancient and long forgotten language of our ancestors; Vaiyo A-O. Va Ya Ray. Vaiyo A-Rah. Jerhume Brunnen G.

  4. “Is the Stormer a greater threat to our rights and security than these budding little Bolsheviks?”

    Hunter – they are not just little Bolsheviks – just the minions of the bigger Bolsheviks. This is a steady, methodical take-down of the opposition. Eventually they’ll come for OD (currently are targeted via the lawsuit/s but it will get worse) – although it will be closer to the 2020 election time-frame (I hope you have an alternative server system as a back-up).

    In this case they are taking down a well-known / major figure in order to get people’s attention to instill fear.

    The de-platforming / Antifa attacks / harassment of political figures (Carlson, Cruz, Nielsen, etc.) is only going to accelerate during these next two years. The Bolsheviks expect to complete the takeover of our country in 2020 – they were just set back 4 years (from 2016) and they are determined not to have any more setbacks.

      • Thanks Denise. Although I wish it weren’t so. Never in my life time did I ever envision that we would become like Bolshevik Russia (never crossed my mind – was an impossibility like “green men from Mars”).

  5. Boycott products imported from Canada or travel to the great jew north. Sure it won’t bring their economy to its knees, but at least, you will not be pumping money into it either.

    • Canaduh will be a great dumping ground for illegal aliens if the US (or whatever comes after) ever manages to secure an internal border.

  6. Isn’t it something how the System doesn’t care too much about niggers with handguns or nigger rapists – but a White man with politically incorrect IDEAS? He must be destroyed at all costs.

    • Yes. White Nationalists are the primary target of Kosher governments all over the world. It’s not the colossal violent crime committed by their kosher pets, it’s Whites who dare to speak out against the subversive tactics and upside down policies of kosher tyranny.

  7. I’m wondering if it’s true that censorship, and all other forms of harassment for wrongthink, will encourage more Europeans to become tribal. As the left keeps on encouraging and/or forcing identity politics on every other group, out of self-defense the (uncucked) Pale People will have to do the same thing. I hope. (Although, here in Minnesota it seems that most of us can’t get enough Somali and Muslim overlords.)

  8. Has our gov’t has become our enemy? We the Patriotic People have the the House, Senate, and Whitehouse, only to get a big middle finger. I thought I saw Trump really trying in the beginning, he hired some loyalists, but then it appeated he fell for Jewish tricks & lies. When ville happened, Trump did a decent job standing up for us, kinda sorta, but not perfect. My beef began with the Syria bombing, followed by the abuse of our guys (political prisoners). ANTIFA runs wild across the country, but all we hear about on the news, are white supremacists. Something must be done about ANTIFAgs.

  9. If you look back on Charlottesville, doesn’t it seem like one big doxxing operation? I’m sure they would of never known who Zeiger was if he was never photographed there or anybody else they might have in mind for future reference.

  10. The window is closing on us, this arrest ,among others, like the RAM arrests , is just the beginning. Now is the time to double our efforts. Dont wait until demographics cause Stone Mountain in Ga. to be blown up around 2022….

  11. “which has been linked to a wave of white supremacist terror)”

    Mhmmmm sure.

    The (((media))) seriously is calling an old white nationalist shitposter a terrorist. For shitposting and writing his opinions. This is madness. Free speech is being Destroyed

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