Prison Reform Advances In Congress

The GOP Congress continues to deliver on the top priorities of voters:

“WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of senators has reached a tentative deal on the most substantial rewrite of the nation’s sentencing and prison laws in a generation, giving judges more latitude to sidestep mandatory minimum sentences and easing drug sentences that have incarcerated African-Americans at much higher rates than white offenders.

The lawmakers believe they can get the measure to President Trump during the final weeks of the year, if the president embraces it.

The compromise would eliminate the so-called stacking regulation that makes it a federal crime to possess a firearm while committing another crime, like a drug offense; expand the “drug safety valve” allowing judges to sidestep mandatory minimums for nonviolent drug offenders; and shorten mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, according to draft text of the bill obtained by The New York Times. …

“We have the clearest path forward that we have had in years,” said Holly Harris, the executive director of the Justice Action Network, a bipartisan coalition arguing for an overhaul. “This would be the first time that these members have voted on a piece of legislation that turns away from the lock-’em-up-and-throw-away-the-keys policies of the 1990s. That is groundbreaking.”

When you voted to elect Donald Trump as president in 2016, I am sure you were thinking of prison reform when you voted to “Make America Safe Again.” After watching all those Black Lives Matter riots, you thought to yourself we need to be letting hardened criminals out of prison.

A few years ago, Politico worried that Trump would spell the end of criminal justice reform:

“Criminal justice reform, a perennial lost cause for civil rights lefties, had its surprise bipartisan moment this year. Conservative Republican voices like anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers led campaigns against mass incarceration and mandatory drug sentences. GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush has embraced the pro-reform Right on Crime initiative, while Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have co-sponsored reform bills with liberal Democratic senators.

But the Kumbaya reform moment may not survive the Summer of Trump.

After roiling the politics of immigration with jeremiads about border walls and Mexican rapists, Donald Trump has scrambled the politics of crime by running as a pro-cop, anti-thug “law-and-order” candidate, denouncing rioters in Baltimore and Ferguson, vowing to “get rid of gang members so fast your head will spin.” And as with immigration, his rivals are echoing his appeals to the angry id of their party’s white base, distancing themselves from bipartisan reform. Bush is now touting his own “eight-year record of cracking down on violent criminals” as governor of Florida, while attacking Trump as “soft on crime” because of his past support for Democrats and marijuana decriminalization. Candidates like Cruz and the usually Koch-friendly Scott Walker are also trumpeting their toughness on criminal justice issues, blaming President Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement for recent attacks on police officers. In this climate, it’s even harder than usual to imagine GOP congressional leaders bucking their base to push reform. …”

Who wants prison reform?

Jared Kushner. The Koch Brothers. Grover Norquist. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Republicans who believe this will be the magic bullet that finally wins over based black dudes.

Note: Prison reform will soon join the list of Republican policy victories like moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, ending the Iran deal, sanctions on Russia, NATO expansion, NAFTA 2.0, the tax cuts, banking deregulation, arming Ukraine and spending $717 billion to “rebuild the military.”

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  1. Drug arrests are a major way to keep violent negroes off the streets in cases that a perp is a known violent criminal (but cannot otherwise be convicted thanks to nogs not telling on their own). These traitors are about to vomit a sh*t ton of feral c**ns on even more white folks. Which is apparently (blatantly) the idea. Hell is too good for these filthy cowards.

  2. Half of the US prisoner population is being incarcerated for nonviolent offenses. Prisons are also being used as substitute homeless shelters and psychiatric hospitals. So yes, some kind of serious overhaul of the prison system is needed. But what’s being proposed offers no kind of solution.

    Notice how in the quoted article blacks are referred to as African Americans but the term European American is not used for whites?
    The shitty liberal reporter doesn’t even use an upper-case W for the word “white”. Any opportunity the enemy can find to denigrate us, no matter how small, is ever overlooked.

    • “Notice how in the quoted article blacks are referred to as African Americans but the term European American is not used for whites?”

      That’s because the anti-Whites understand that Whites are the only real Americans. Their colored occupying army with double barreled names are just visiting.

      They have vowed to destroy all White civilization. To them American means White.

  3. If you want to understand what is happening just watch the Israel Lobby videos Hunter posted here again.

    What did the Jews in it say?

    “The politicians don’t do anything unless we give them money. If we don’t give them money, they kick the can down the road.”

    Then they show you how the Jews get around campaign financing law.

  4. This will only win votes for the Democrats, the recent midterm exit-polls proved that. Post politics coming sooner than the Accelerationists are ready for.

  5. ‘John Rivers’ on Gab, best poster there, makes the point that American have been jew-media’d into believing prisons are full of trivial drug offenders, and these are the type that will be released under ‘prison reform.’ In fact, there is no such body. The prisoners let loose will be violent black and brown criminals. And thanks to states like Virginia and Florida, these niggers will all be voting. In fact, their votes will count twice thanks to all the elections they were forced to sit out thanks to your dirty racism. The important thing to remember is that if we just post enough pics of Trump as an anime hero, all this mess will clean right up.

  6. This will not ” Make America Safe Again” like hard-core drugs don’t lead to violence or murder, especially in the Black community.

    Blacks complain on the Talmud vision about more of them in prison than any other race but yet I never heard a commentator say but the statistics show Blacks commit more crimes than any other ethnic group in the U.S. and that’s why there is more Blacks in prison. Duhhhhhhhhhh.

  7. definitely a loser of an issue. prison reform just means letting africans out of jail.

    nobody cares about this – not even democrats. which is why the did nothing about it when they were in total control. that’s definitely something that sucks – how democrats get minor issues on their agenda passed even when republicans are in control of everything. stuff they didn’t even care about still happens for them thanks to weak GOP people.

    and definitely the main weakness of trump. hiring his in-laws, some of his terrible personnel decisions, and just being too magnanimous, and thinking he can unite the country, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. that he’s actually facing a united front of the enemy and that we’re already in a war.

    he’s not a WN, so that’s understandable. nobody who is will ever rise to that position.

  8. Prisons ARE inhumane and need to be humanized, though that’s not near top priority. Blacks should simply be deported to Africa starting with all inmates. Prisons need to become learning centers so inmates are ready to re enter society as normal $ making sane citizens. Also, we need sentencing guidelines that are not cruel and unusual. While I’m on the soapbox … remember “no debtors prison ?” Yah. (((THEY))) renamed it “contempt of court.” CAN’T pay your outrageously high child support while she married a schmuck that makes great $ and they don’t even need the $ ? 180 days for “contempt.” Don’t or can’t pay an actual fee (!!!) for being in jail ? ( They give you a bill for jail cost 🙂 ) Or your court costs or, ( fill in blank, ) ? 180 days in debtors prison, er oh … I mean “contempt of court.”

    YES … it needs reform, along with this fake ass “asset forfeiture” crap.

  9. This isn’t a hill for us to die on. 30 year sentences for drug dealing is not reasonable unless it’s a cartel boss.

    Deal with race problems directly, using other issues as a proxy for race is a failed strategy. Whites do not want to live in a draconian police state just to control blacks.

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