Gab’s Domain Registrar Is Censoring The Site

I left Gab about two weeks ago.

I quit posting there because it was clear that moving forward it was going to be a waste of my time. The only reason anyone would post on Gab is because of free speech. Without the guarantee of free speech, Gab is just a shittier version of Twitter with a vastly smaller audience:

This is Gab now.

Every single day “journalists” and Antifa are on Twitter pressuring Rob Monster who is now an “ombudsman” for Gab to censor this or that post. The site is swiftly becoming just a place for Boomers to post shitty memes and Monster to post Bible verses.

UPDATE: I wrote this yesterday, but chose not to post it after seeing Cantwell’s posts on Gab. I’m posting this now because 1.) Gab is announcing who is being censored … on Twitter and 2.) Brett Stevens wrote an article about the censorship on Gab this morning.

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  1. Pat Little just got banned. Rob Monster is the main culprit and he seems to be the commissar presiding over Torba. He seems to be running Gab now. Monster is a total snake – I knew it the moment he started posting the over the top bible versus that no normal person does.

    • What kind of a name is ‘Monster’ anyway? Does he come from a long line of monsters?

      “Rob Monster is the main culprit and he seems to be the commissar presiding over Torba.”

      No one knows who gave 25 year old Torba the money to start gabai. What if Monster is the real owner of gabai, and Torba is just his goy front man?

  2. Robert Bowers killed Gab. Rob Monster is just the undertaker. Unfortunately, the site came back up after Pittsburgh. We would have been better off if it had just stayed offline.

    • If Bowers killed Gab it only showed how weak the foundation was to begin with.

      Gab’s only use was free speech – i’m not sure what Gab will become now. I guess he can just take the millions he received to build a free speech site and go live a nice life. I feel sorry for the investors. They all ate a shit sandwich.

    • Hunter – please provide evidence that a WHITE man named “Robert D Bowers”, aged 46, actually EXISTS. Thank you, Please provide physical evidence that a mass shooting occurred in a synagogue on 10/27/2018 anywhere. Thanks.

      • I must come to the unhappy conclusion that the Pittsburgh sheenie shekel shootout was a hoax, madam. No one named “Robert Bowers” actually exists.

    • That incident only exposed the weak fundamentals that already existed.

      All the criticisms of Torba existed beforehand, but we didn’t want to listen because we were having fun. His haters (who even I took with a grain of salt) were proven right.

      Torba got millions of dollars from crowdfunding but he didn’t use it to build up a site that was resilient against deplatforming. He didn’t even use it to hire mods to filter out porn.

      He just pocketed it and continued to moderate on a whim, not according to a clear set of rules.

      Remember, he defended Nehlen in the Ricky Vaughn incident, then he reversed himself when the story broke more widely.

      GAB was just not a solid foundation to build upon. Something like it done the right way might be good. But it was done the wrong way.

      • Good post. When we all found out he was using GoDaddy and Microsoft we were like WTF!?

        The whole thing was a house of cards just waiting to fall apart at the first sign of controversy. I know the streetshitter420 crew – our guys like Pepe_memes and Mosheshekelrod were all over this like 6 months ago calling the whole operation out. They were right about Torba.

  3. Yeah, that Rob Monster guy is beyond strange…….

    All he would do is continually post KJV verses and ‘there is only ONE TRUTH!’

    Meanwhile, Torba was posting on Twitter about 6 days of Biblical Creation and getting Gab back online in 6 days and trying to draw some metaphysical parallel……


    The Alt-Right is pretty rational compared to these people……

    Cantwell will probably be the next to go……..

    It was a Free Speech website before Bowser…….

    Not anymore……..

  4. Welcome to the internet, where every forum is either a kindergarten class presided over by Jewish yentas, or a cesspit of spam, gore, and child porn.

  5. Before I leave Gab I’m going to traumatize those motherfucking Boomers with their shitty good morning messages and goofy pro-Trump memes.

  6. The writing was on the wall after Bowers. I deleted my account pretty soon after it came back. It was eating too much of my time and wasn’t good for my mental health. It turned into a honeypot. I’m sure the SPLC and friends were screencapping the hell out of us. There were plenty of agent provacateurs there too.

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