The Forward: Americans Need A Dose Of German Guilt

Rabbi Ken Chasen has a new article on The Forward you don’t want to miss:

“12 years ago, I met with a young German Christian woman who sought my assistance in converting to Judaism.

As I listened to her reasons for wishing to be Jewish — her marriage to a Jewish man, her partnership in raising a Jewish daughter, her affection for the customs and traditions of Judaism — I could see tears welling in her eyes.

When I inquired about those tears, the dam burst, and she began to weep openly.

“My marriage and family are inspiring me to convert,” she told me, “but my history stands in my way. How can I ever become a Jew, after the horrors my people brought upon the Jews? How can I be welcomed? How can I ever be forgiven? I can’t even forgive myself.”

“But you weren’t even born until two decades after World War II had ended. You hold no guilt for the Nazi atrocities,” I countered. …

How might America meet its own moment of moral challenge today if our nation were to engage habitually and forthrightly in acts of collective responsibility for our past, as Germany does?

How might our national soul be impacted if our country’s brutal dispossession of Native Americans was regularly owned and solemnly commemorated?

How might our treatment of endangered immigrant populations be altered if we were consistently reminded of the moral degradation of the Japanese-American internment camps in World War II?

How might the plight of African-Americans on our streets and in our courts be aided by a sincere acknowledgment of accountability for the slave ships that brought the ancestors of many millions of our modern-day citizens to the United States in chains?

The still-piercing shame from the Holocaust felt by many in Germany today should be seen neither as heartbreaking nor puzzling.

Rather, it is a badge of enduring conscience that just may save today’s German Jews from the same hatred that engulfed the Jews eighty years ago. Might we, as Americans, similarly learn from our shared history how to steer clear of repeating our collective past sins?

The great Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel famously taught: “Some are guilty. All are responsible.”

There is nothing wrong with feeling the weight of responsibility bequeathed to us from our national past.

Indeed, it is noble and just to feel responsible.

A nation demonstrates its character not by declaring its exceptionalism but by striving for it. It is past time for America and Americans to do so.”

Where do you think this plague of White guilt comes from?

I have no idea. I’m sure it has nothing to do with this group of people though who rose into the American elite in the mid-20th century. I’m sure their collective weight in every elite culture forming institution in the United States has had no negative impact on our culture at all!

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  1. You aren’t looking back far enough. What is happening in the West right now, is just the most recent collapse of White civilization. Read the writings of the first Buddha for example. A prince who lived behind walls in White India of 5000 years ago. He felt guilty about the poor starving brown masses outside his walls, so he left his city to become one of them. The same happened to the Zoroastrians. Zoroastrianism was a religion only for Aryans. It also turned to self hatred, their civilzation also turned brown and collapsed.

    Caste means color. India’s Caste System broke down when the priest class took power from the warrior class. India turned brown under their self hatred, and all that remained of that formerly great civilization, was small wise brown men in diapers.

    The jews understand our weakness and prey on it. What they do is immoral, but I reserve all my hatred for White self haters, because they get off on self hatred and treason. Self hatred makes them feel virtuous and holy!

    I want to separate from them, because though some might be family and friends I know they are my jailers. What is wrong with them cannot be fixed by conventional means. What is wrong with them is In Their Bones. It is genetic.

    One day technology will arrive that fits into our mobile phones, that will show the genetics of White self haters/traitors, as clearly as we see the skin on blacks and asians. Then we will take the first steps to permanently break the cycle. Jews and their useful idiots will never get a foothold in civiliization again.

  2. A lot of non white groups thrive on their ‘victimhood’ as they leech off the whites and milk us for all its worth.
    Where’s the Jewish guilt for the Bolshiveik revolution or the Palestinians? Wheres the black guilt for all the rapes, murders and racism against whites?
    Seriously we need to throw it back at them with a few history lessons of our own. What will it take to shut them up?
    And if whites are so bad, why aren’t they running away from us as if their lives depend on it? We’re always being told we owe them something when we’ve more than made amends. I’m very bloody sick of it.

    • @ John, Exactly! I used to be a ‘regular ‘ guest commentator on a 50K watt radio station. The host was half jewish on his father’s side. Anyway, I would always bring up the atrocities committed against Whites, and especially, White women by blacks. I would refer to these crimes as an undeclared race war against White people.

      Whenever an NPC/sheeple attempts to shame your Whiteness, just say these words to them: “For every tear the White race has caused non-whites, we’ve dried an ocean of tears.”

      • @November man

        I’m often in heated debates with leftists and politicians-and have an answer for everything they say. Its amazing how quickly their arguments collapse in a heap. They then call me ‘racist’. Gee that hurts! Water off a ducks back.

    • Even the Alt Right has failed to throw back all the nasty accusations against it into the hypocritical face of the Left. Everyone should start using the term Jewish supremacism and Jewish privilege as much as possible. Fill comments sections pointing out the hypocrisy of demonizing White nationalism while celebrating Jewish nationalism. This is a meme war that can be won.

  3. You first juden. Own up and regularly and solemnly commemorate all the evil your tribe has unleashed on the entire world for millennia .

    That should keep you busy until 3000 A.D.

  4. If there is a jew reading this, this is exactly how antisemitism flourishes.
    You despicable parasitic people! Go to Israel, the whole lot of you!

  5. The way it seems now after my deprogramming……

    Hitler and his Party saw what the J-Bolsheviks were doing in Russia and Ukraine and also saw J-Bolsheviks starting to organize in Germany…….

    And he and his Party took action to prevent a mass genocide of his fellow Germans……

    Unfortunately, the Allies still committed a mass genocide of his fellow Germans……

    And hundreds of thousands of White Americans died as well…….

    High levels of Brother War Retardation all around…….

    Hitler could of just banned Jews from the Media and Finance……

    Executed all Jewish Communist Party members………

    Jailed the J-Weimar academics who were pushing degeneracy……..

    And funded Jewish migration to Palestine…….

    Obviously, 6 million is a myth and it’s much closer to 300K who died from starvation and disease…….

    I fully understand the aim of solving the Jewish Problem……

    But, it accomplished NOTHING positive for Germany…….

    Look at Germany now……

    It’s embarrassing…….

  6. ‘Endangered immigrant populations’! Ummm…in what way are they endangered? They’re only going to be the majority by about mid-century. Yes, very endangered indeed…

  7. That article reads like an anti semitic parody of what a jew might have written. And no, I don’t think that conversation with the guilt-stricken shiksa actually took place, although it vas probably real in ze rabbi’s mind.

    When are the jews going to apologize to the Palestinians for destroying their villages and deliberately killing their kids, I wonder? Or for owning so many nigger slaves? Or for flooding the west with dangerous illegal drugs like ecstacy? Or for controlling the international organ harvesting trade? Prostitution and pornography? Arms smuggling? Gambling casinos? Organized crime?

    Being a jew means never having to say you’re sorry.

    • @Powell

      I read somewhere that the largest ancestry group for white Americans is German.
      If you go backfar enough-its also the largest ancestry group for white British via the Anglo Saxons and Celts who largely came from what is now modern Germany. The connection I feel to them is immense…..and I just wish they’d wake up from their stupor.

  8. I recently saw a BBC TV show about a possible Rembrandt painting that Jews were claiming had been stolen from a Jewish owned art gallery in Berlin in the 1930’s. But, no one ever asks where the Jews got the painting? Did the Jews steal it from a starving German during the hyper-inflation by paying fractions of a cent on the dollar? Or as this Rembrandt turned out to be, a copy of a real Rembrandt. Naturally, the Jews would have sold it as a real Rembrandt if they had been able.

    • It seems there is one of these “stolen art” stories on the BBC or NPR every other month. What an unforgiving, endlessly grasping and greedy people the Jews are. Absolutely shameless.

  9. More guilt for Americans – definitely GFtJ. They control all institutions of social influence. They are already running this schtick now. We had – the American genocide of American Indians when I was going to College. We had to read stuff like “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.” etc. And, of course, slavery and oppression of the Black – also loomed large in the Cultural Marxist syllabus. There were calls then for a Kunta Kinte Day. Now they will be adding to the American Guilt Load, the denial of American birthright and citizenship to the Browns who want to invade. We are a sordid and heartless bunch.

    The people I noticed who were seriously immune to this crap from our Political Commissars were the ones who had a Biblical view of (suppressed) American history. They based their thinking on the Bible and on the archaeology suppressed by the Smithsonian. They thought the first populations of North America were Shemites who lived under the old law of the Patriarchs and who had migrated throughout the world after the fall of the Tower of Babel. They thought , correctly , that these White populations (like the people of the Taurim Basin) were genocided by Asiatics migrating West and East into the Americas – Asiatics who became the American Indians. They thought that history was largely a history of mass migration, war over land and resources and ethnic cleansing. And, of course, the oldest burials in N. America yield skeletons that are identifiably ‘Caucasian’.

    The one people who, of course, will be exempt from sharing their genocide history will be the Jews. Thank God Solzhenitsyn nailed their colours to the mast with the Big One of all time.

  10. It took me a long time in leaving post-Vatican II Catholi-schism to understand that I had NOTHING to be sorry for, EXCEPT my own sins- not the sins of my parents, my relatives, or my RACE. Corporate guilt is NOT a Biblical maxim, except for ONE instance…

    God does not hold the sins of the fathers against the sons, SINCE CHRIST CAME. [II Chron. 25:4, I John 2:1] Only those who are NOT under the blood of Christ, have an ETERNAL guilt that can never be washed away- and it is THIS that irks the so-called ‘Jews’ [Rev. 2:9] no end… that THEY can NEVER be FREE from the BLOODGUILT of being the Christ-killers. “His [ Christ’s] blood be on us, and ON OUR CHILDREN.”

    Moreover, the ‘crime’ of [sic] Anti-semitism is an ontological impossibility, because JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES! Whereas, White European Christendom… is! “Europe is the Faith, the Faith, Europe.’ – H. Belloc, Catholic writer and apologist.

    The Jews’ own writers, academics, and geneticists have blown this chimera to smithereens, [that YouTube video, where an Israeli shiksa, named Shulamit admits on US Radio: ‘Anti-semitism is a trick… we use it all the time’] and yet, YOU ‘GOYIM’ (non-Christians) continue to use these terms the [sic] Jews create, thereby giving them legitimacy, when they deserve NONE.

    [ The jews that have disabused the world of the fallacy of legitimacy, include Arthur Koestler, Schlomo Sand, Dr Elhaik, Benjamin Freedman, etc.]

    I have found (and here my background in pre-Vatican II Catholicism came in handy) that most protestants- because they deny a priesthood, as well as the efficacy of the few sacraments they DO acknowledge, have an unspoken GUILT that leads them to do SJW stuff, and/or worship the God-damned Kikes; precisely because, while they KNOW intellectually they are forgiven, (if they ‘accept Christ as their Lord and Savior,’) yet their spirits are ill at ease, because they also know that they have NEVER been objectively forgiven, by a priest’s sacramental blessing, or truly fed with the REAL Body and Blood of Christ. They crave the authority of being the Body of Christ, while yet being as schismatic as the rebellious necromancers they are inevitably becoming [I Sam. 15:23]

    The Jews’ conscious attempt to destroy orthodox Rome, as well as all the Reformation sacramental communions (Anglicans, High Church Lutherans) since before the 1940’s, and in increasing and speedy fashion after the 1970’s, was enacted when they thought they had Russia under their thumb, when they [Bolsheviks ARE Jews] held the USSR in their power. They never counted on a spiritual renaissance in Russia, nor did they envision mollified Anglos all over the globe, beginning to question the theological corruption as well as the societal corruption, when things got really bad.

    As November said: “You first juden. Own up and regularly and solemnly commemorate all the evil your tribe has unleashed on the entire world for millennia.”

    The Jews will only find peace, when the bow the knee to King Jesus, and thereby, self-negate their own [ false, talmudic] jewishness, thus fulfilling the Mandate God gave to Hitler, which the foolish West fought against, ‘thinking they were doing YHWH God service’… just as the Pharisees did, when they crucified Christ, 2000 years ago. All [sic]Jews must ‘perish,’ for the world to be saved.

    Vivat Christus Rex. His Kingdom alone.

  11. Every single one of us need to point out calmly to our friends that Israel has killed 250 unarmed Palestinian protestors whenever someone moans about the tragedy of the Kashoggi killing or the Pittsburgh shooting.

  12. Jews never had it better anywhere else than in the USA in their whole, entire, miserable history. This is their way of saying thanks. Their hatred for us is becoming more and more apparent. They’ve done it 109 times before. Is 110 closer than you’d think?

    Jews know their entire, miserable history but learn nothing from it.

  13. After all the horrors Jews visited upon my Ukrainian and Russian forefathers, the suffering my family faced at their hands and how this affected me negatively, I would die horribly before I convert to Judaism.

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