Documenting Hate: The New American Nazis

UPDATE: I watched the whole documentary.

There is nothing new revealed about Atomwaffen that we didn’t already know before. A.C. Thompson opens and closes the documentary with Pittsburgh. He tries to create the impression that Robert Bowers was associated with Atomwaffen, but never comes out and says he was involved with the group. If A.C. Thompson had any evidence that was the case, we would have certainly seen it in the documentary. Undoubtedly, this is because he knows better given that Robert Bowers was a Boomer and Atomwaffen are Millennials or Zoomers, but he couldn’t let Pittsburgh go to waste.

A few months ago, there was a panic about Atomwaffen in the Alt-Right. There was one guy who killed a gay Jew named Blaze Bernstein in California. There was another who shot his two roommates in Florida. There was another guy who killed his girlfriend’s parents in Virginia.

If memory serves, the murder of Blaze Bernstein happened in January, the guy who killed his girlfriend’s parents did it last December and the jihadist who killed his roommates did it before Charlottesville. The freakout about Atomwaffen began around March. There was a lot of speculation that the Austin bomber was connected to Atomwaffen which turned out to be baseless.

I haven’t heard anything about Atomwaffen in over six months now. The group used to be on Twitter and Gab but has since vanished. But anyway, the A.C. Thompson documentary aired tonight on PBS, so the freakout in the mainstream media about the “New American Nazis” is about to begin.

Note: I’m about to sit down and watch this to see if I missed anything. Follow the link above to watch the documentary.

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  1. Watching it now.

    Expect this to be pushed by the mainstream Jews to some extent, and don’t be surprised if our favorite GOP Thai Tourist Andre Wanglin goes on another tirade against “Wignats.”

  2. Is there a chance Atomwaffen has gone underground? Maybe they will be like the Wehrwolves in Germany, small ragtag units of Waffen SS and Hitlerjugend troops who continued fighting the Allies all the way into 1947!

  3. Atomwaffen guys were all in their early 20s frame my knowledge. They didn’t have 50 year old dudes joining their group.

  4. Nazis with nuclear weapons you say? Oy Vey! This is serious Goldstein! We better send a million tax deductible ZOGbux to the ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, and all our other alphabet agencies.

  5. Just this minute finished watching it.

    Trying to figure out AC Anderson’s motive for making this.

    I’d also dispute to some extend his characterization of McVey as a white sepremacist/nationalist or Nazi.

    McVey was literally making a reprisal against the FBI and ATF for the massacre of the Branch Davidians.

    My understanding is that he was a fundamentalist 2nd Amendment guy who thought it was a right to own a tank, artillery, rocket launcher or heavy machine gun if the government used it against you, you could equalize. In prison he became close with Gore Vidal so it was more a radical constitutionalist thing.

    My guess is that McVey was anti-Semitic after analyzing the First Gulf War but not in a systemic way. He appears to have been sympathetic to Arabs being victimized by Western Agrression but never took the leap into blaming the war on Israel. Which Gore Vidal actually did. McVey like Breivik attacked directly at the political enemy that they identified as their problem. Like soldiers.

    Anyway, what the hell is Anderson’s motive? Atomwaffen were a club for murdering each other. Their MO was crazy on the face of it. Didn’t they just butcher each other in an auto de de?

    • Eh, it’s all just Jewish garbage.

      That guy who killed his girlfriend’s parents after they tried to stop him seeing her obviously overreacted and that’s a real pity, the idiot who became Muslim was no longer a member for very obvious reasons, and I see no evidence that the other guy did anything wrong at all.

    • “Anyway, what the hell is Anderson’s motive?”

      Promoting anti-Whitism and White Genocide.

      They aren’t that complicated.

  6. My last comment on this subject wasn’t published probably for good intent.

    They need a documentary called..

    Documenting Hate: The New ANTIFA, BLM, Black Panthers, MS13, La Ranza, ECT…

    Be prepared its ready to pop.

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