President Trump Doesn’t Know Much About Julian Assange

Guys, I don’t think President Trump is even trying to push back against the Deep State. In fact, he seems to be empowering and promoting neocons like Mike Pompeo:

“WASHINGTON — Soon after he took over as C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo privately told lawmakers about a new target for American spies: Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

Intent on finding out more about Mr. Assange’s dealings with Russian intelligence, the C.I.A. began last year to conduct traditional espionage against the organization, according to American officials. At the same time, federal law enforcement officials were reconsidering Mr. Assange’s designation as a journalist and debating whether to charge him with a crime.

Mr. Pompeo and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions unleashed an aggressive campaign against Mr. Assange, reversing an Obama-era view of WikiLeaks as a journalistic entity. For more than a year, the nation’s spies and investigators sought to learn about Mr. Assange and his ties to Russia as senior administration officials came to believe he was in league with Moscow.

Their work culminated in prosecutors secretly filing charges this summer against Mr. Assange …”

This is exactly why I argued at length with Cantwell about how President Trump and the Trump administration operate on two different tracks. It is other people like Pompeo who are making the real decisions.

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  1. Trump is not only a weak, indecisive “president” he is also apparently quite shallow and superficial. So much for the underwater 4D chess theory.

    • He’s very clearly decided to focus on doing his reality TV + Twitter personality thing, and, to be fair, the ratings on that are really very good, he’s grabbed more time from the media despite themselves than any other President.

      Pity that whatever political agenda existed has been delegated to Jews and gentile scum not fit to lick Andrew Jackson’s boots.

      • Yes, Trump’s only interested in reading about himself and being the center of all attention. He doesn’t have to know anything about anything — and he doesn’t.

  2. Assange never came clean on Seth Rich. Is he waiting to go into “protective custody” first? You’ll never see or hear from him after that.

    Assnage: was Seth Rich the source, yes or no?

  3. The Adelson money was on Trumpy (rhymes with chumpy). In the dialectic of The Chosen Few we have the Communists, Leftoid Bolsheviks commanded by Soros v the Zionists commanded by Bibi and the Chabad Lubavitch. Trumpy belongs to the Chabadniks. Funny how Julian never wikileaks any info that would cast precious Israel in a bad light.

    Trump is not going to drain the swamp or clean up the Deep State (((which is Them : The Chosen Few and their global Money Trust))). As a good Ziobot, he is going to shore up their Deep State for the Zionist side of their dialectic. Can’t wait until he moves the USfedgov embassy to Jerusalem ‘the eternal capital of Israel’. Oh wait. The ancient capital of Israel (the N Kingdom) was Shechem in Samaria – modern Nablus. Wouldn’t you know it – another Palestinian city.

    Jim Traficant former D Congressman of the great state of Ohio had the goods on Israel. RIP Jim. A hero of America. Trump isn’t fit to shine your shoes

    Jim Traficant – Israel has used us like a whore

  4. The whole Trump Train is coming off the rails (not because of high speed but because the wheels have fallen off). The obvious disillusionment from the core (and highest IQ) base can be seen on Ann Coulter’s Twitter feed via her comments as well those of Paul Kersey, and others. And yes even Anglin is starting to say WTF as well as a lot of commenters on some of his articles.

    I think that the midterms will long be remembered as the defining moment when his core base finally realized that “the dream” was over (and that includes me – I was holding out hope, trying to be patient, etc.). Sometimes I think I’m really intelligent and wise (both IQ and age) but then I get handed “humble pie” (more often than not) – my three sons (late teens / early 20s) told me 6+ months ago that the dream was over. And of course Hunter has been saying this since the early stages but I saw him as too pessimistic. In any even I’ve eaten my humble pie (served to me by my sons and Hunter) and accept the new reality.

    But I have no regrets – we gave it our best shot. The biggest thing that Trump did for us was to show us how corrupt / degenerate / decayed the system really is – this includes the government, the universities and schools, the media, and sadly, a lot of our society. None of this would have been nearly as visible if Hillary had been in power.

    Short of a revolution or civil war (in which we win) our country is headed towards a state of Bolshevism which includes all of the characteristics / properties of the original Russian Bolshevik system of governance. And yes that includes the Gulag system.

  5. another unforced error. but this time, he’s clearly backtracking. so it makes me wonder what’s going on in the administration. none of it is good, that’s for sure.

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