OD Timeline: Trump’s Second Year (Part IV)

September 2018

September was dominated by the GOP retreating from doing anything about social media censorship, Hurricane Florence hitting the Carolinas and the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

September 2 – Twitter lifts the Quality Filter Shadowban ahead of Jack Dorsey’s testimony on Capitol Hill.

Articles: Twitter Lifts Quality Filter Shadowbans

September 3 – Establishment mourns John McCain at his funeral

Articles: John McCain’s Funeral

September 4 – Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings begin

Kavanaugh confirmation hearings disrupted by Antifa and leftwing protesters. Hundreds of protesters will be arrested over the next month

John Kyl returns to the Senate as John McCain’s replacement

National Review comes out against an “internet fairness doctrine”

Articles: Antifa Disrupt Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings, Jon Kyl Will Replace John McCain In The Senate, True Cons: National Review Denounces “Internet Fairness Doctrine”

September 5 – New York Times published anonymous Op-Ed by senior official in the Trump administration that slams President Trump

FCC chairman Ajit Pai writes an editorial in which he says that social media monopolies SHOULD NOT be regulated as public utilities

Jack Dorsey testifies before Congress on social media censorship. GOP bungles the hearing

Articles: Ajit Pai: Social Media Companies SHOULD NOT Be Regulated As Public Utilities, New York Times Publishes Op-Ed From Traitor Within The White House , WATCH: GOP Bungles Jack Dorsey Congressional Hearing, Live Thread: Jack Dorsey Testifies Before Congress

September 6 – Alex Jones and Infowars are purged from Twitter

GOP attempts to capitalize on resentment against Antifa with “The Left Is Crazytown” ad

Articles: Twitter Purges Alex Jones And Infowars, GOP: The Left Is Crazytown

September 7 – Purge of Infowars from social media continues

Articles: Infowars App Banned From Apple Store

September 8 – Antifa get arrested again at the Silent Sam monument

Articles: New Confederate Army Baits Antifa Into Getting Arrested At Silent Sam

September 11 – DC Antifa burn a federal grand jury summons

National Security Adviser vows to protect Israel from war crimes charges by any means necessary

Articles: Live Thread: Hurricane Florence, Paul “Luke” Kuhn Burns Federal Grand Jury Subpoena, #MAGA: John Bolton Promises To Protect Israel “By Any Means” From War Crimes Charges

September 12 – Brett Kavanaugh accused of sexual assault

Executive Order: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

Infowars reports that President Trump has decided not to issue an executive order on social media censorship. Subsequently, the issue fades from his campaign rhetoric

Articles: Brad Parscale: Big Tech Threatens Internet Freedom, Infowars: President Trump Punts On Social Media Censorship

September 14 – Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina

September 15 – Republican House passes $38 billion aid package to Israel negotiated during Obama administration

Articles: House Passes New $38 Billion Aid Package For Israel

September 16 – Brett Kavanaugh is accused of sexual assault in a last ditch attempt to derail his nomination

Articles: Brett Kavanaugh Gets #MeToo’d

September 17 – Christine Blasey Ford identified as the source of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh

September 20 – Executive Order: Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act

September 25 – President Trump addresses the UN General Assembly

Twitter expands its censorship policies

Articles: Twitter Expands Censorship Policies

September 26 – President Trump signs a budget bill which is his last chance to fund the border wall before the midterm elections. Republican leaders promise to address the border wall AFTER the midterms

Articles: President Cuck Prepares To Sign Yet Another Spending Bill, Wall Not Funded Whatsoever

September 29 – League of the South holds a flash rally in Newport, TN

Articles: League of the South Holds Flash Rally In Newport, TN

October 2018

October was dominated by Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Hurricane Michael, the Pitttsburgh shooting and the caravan crisis. The Proud Boys were purged from Facebook and Instagram. 8 members of the Rise Above Movement were indicted and arrested over rallies in California and Virginia. President Trump vowed to end birthright citizenship via executive order and to stop the caravans to rile up his base.

October 1 – President Trump announces new USMCA trade agreement has been negotiated to replace NAFTA

Articles: Stealth Activism

October 2 – Syria armed with S-300 missiles by Russia

Articles: Syria Receives Russian S-300 Missiles, Israel And America Told To Back Off

October 3 – FBI and DOJ indict 4 members of the Rise Above Movement over violence in Charlottesville

Articles: Trump Justice Department Prosecutes Rise Above Movement For Charlottesville

October 4 – Guest appearance by Hunter Wallace on Radical Agenda

Articles: Radical Agenda: Should Nationalists Support The GOP?

October 5 – Senate votes 51-49 to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

October 9 – Nikki Haley resigns from the Trump administration

October 10 – Hurricane Michael makes landfall near Panama City, FL

October 16 – New caravans form in Central America and begin to travel to the US border

Articles: Hurricane Michael Relief Effort, Super Caravan Of Migrants Approaching Southern Border, Presidential Cuckoldry Likely

October 19 – OD returns from participating in the Hurricane Michael relief effort in Panama City, FL

Articles: League of the South Responds To Hurricane Michael

October 21 – Caravans from Central America storm across the Mexican border

Articles: Expanding Migrant Caravan Pours Into Mexico, President Trump Continues To Bark Instead Of Bite

October 23 – Stacey Abrams is revealed to have burned the Georgia State Flag in the 1990s

Articles: Stacey Abrams Caught Burning Georgia State Flag, GREAT AGAIN: 2018 Illegal Immigration Levels Hit New Record High

October 24 – FBI arrests three more Rise Above Movement members

Articles: FBI Arrests Three More Rise Above Movement Members

October 26 – Cesar Sayoc, the MAGA bomber, is arrested

Articles: The MAGA Bomber

October 27 – Robert Bowers goes on a mass shooting spree at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh

Articles: Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

October 28 – GoDaddy threatens to pull Gab’s domain

President Trump says the poison of anti-Semitism must be extracted from the world

Articles: Sheldon Adelson Sees A Lot To Like In Trump’s Washington, GoDaddy Threatens To Pull Gab’s Domain, President Trump: The Poison Of Anti-Semitism Must Be Extracted From The World

October 29 – President Trump vows to destroy the enemies of the Jews

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein unveils a new hate crimes website

Caravan storms across the Mexican border

Articles: President Trump: “Those Seeking The Jews Destruction, We Will Seek Their Destruction”, Rod Rosenstein Launches New DOJ Hate Crimes Website, New Caravan Storms Across Mexican Border

October 30 – Kanye West turns on MAGA

NRCC chair condemns Steve King over ties to White Nationalism

Paul Ryan denies President Trump can end birthright citizenship via executive order

Pennsylvania AG threatens Gab

President Trump announces plan to end birthright citizenship via executive order

Azzmador indicted on felony charges in Charlottesville

Articles: Muh Optics: Based Black Dude Kanye West Publicly Turns On MAGA, NRCC Chair Condemns Rep. Steve King , True Conservatives: President Trump Can’t End Birthright Citizenship By Executive Order, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Is Investigating Gab, President Trump Announces Plan To End Birthright Citizenship Through Executive Order, Azzmador Indicted On Felony Charges Over Charlottesville

October 31 – The Proud Boys are purged from Facebook and Instagram

Articles: Proud Boys Purged From Facebook and Instagram

November 2018

The story of November is Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives.

President Trump’s impotence is illustrated by a federal judge striking down his executive order on asylum seekers, Antifa stalking Tucker Carlson outside his home and engaging in violence in Portland and Philadelphia, the collapse of the Proud Boys after arrests and deplatforming and most vividly by a thousand illegal aliens from the caravan storming the US border and busting through the border fence. The Alt-Right blackpills on the GOP as prison reform surges to the top of the legislative agenda in the lame duck session. Gab also returned from being knocked offline only to be ruined by censorship.

November 1 – Executive Order: Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Venezuela

Articles: Trump’s Closing 2018 Ad, President Trump: Asylum Seekers Will Be Housed In Tent Cities, Cop Killer Illegal Alien Featured In Trump Ad Entered The U.S. Under George W. Bush

President Trump announces illegal aliens from the caravans will be detained in tent cities

November 2 – Caravan of illegal aliens sues President Trump in federal court

Trump administration reimposes sanctions on Iran

Ralph Retort purged from YouTube

Articles: Caravan Illegal Aliens SUE President Trump In Federal Court Ahead Of Arrival!, Trump Administration To Reimpose All Sanctions On Iran, Ronnie Raygun Rules Again, #MAGA: 25% Of Households Have Less Than $400 In Savings, Nearly One-Third Struggle To Afford Food, Wall Street Journal: Hate Speech on Live ‘Super Chats’ Tests YouTube

November 3 – National Review encourages conservatives not to vote for Steve King

Tallahassee mass shooting

Articles: President Trump: “Journalists” Are Inciting Violence, National Review: Conservatives Need To Draw The Line At Steve King, Tallahassee Mass Shooter Was An Incel Who Wanted To Crucify Mudsharks On YouTube

November 4 – Gab comes back online after losing its host and registrar

Articles: Gab Is Back Online

November 5 – Joint Chiefs Chair says US troops will not engage the caravan illegal aliens at the border

President Trump says Antifa are bad people at a rally

Cernovich interviews Steve Bannon

Articles: Joint Chiefs Chair: Troops Sent To Border Will Not “Come In Contact With Immigrants”, President Trump: Antifa Are Bad People, Cernovich Interviews Steve Bannon, Prison Reform Bill Will Be Finished After Midterms

November 6 – 2018 midterm elections. Democrats win 40 seats in the House. Republicans pick up 2 Senate seats

Articles: Live Thread: 2018 Midterm Elections

November 7 – Antifa mob threaten Tucker Carlson at his home

Steve Bannon says the Alt-Right “can go f**k themselves”

Jeff Sessions resigns as Attorney General

Articles: Antifa Mob Stalk Tucker Carlson’s Family, Steve Bannon: The Alt-Right “Can Go F**k Themselves”, Jeff Sessions Resigns As Attorney General, The Blue Ripple

November 8 – Thousand Oaks mass shooting

Gab begins to purge dissidents

Articles: Washington Post Counter-Signals SPLC On “The State of Hate”, DC Police Investigating Attack On Tucker Carlson’s Home As A Possible Hate Crime, Blame ZOG: War Vet With PTSD Kills 12 (And Himself) In California Bar Shooting, The Gab Purge

November 9 – President Trump issues executive order to force the caravans to apply for asylum at ports of entry

Jason Kessler sues Charlottesville over Unite the Right

Articles: President Trump Blocks Caravans From Requesting Asylum With Executive Order, Jason Kessler Sues Charlottesville Over Unite The Right

November 10 – California suffers from massive wildfire

NSM rallies in Little Rock

President Trump awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Sheldon Adelson’s wife

The Proud Boys are kicked off Amazon and Paypal

Articles: Why Republicans Lost The Midterms, California Is Burning To The Ground, NSM Rallies In Little Rock, President Trump Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom To Miriam Adelson, Proud Boys Have Been Deplatformed By Amazon and Paypal

November 11 – Poland has huge nationalist march to mark 100 year anniversary of independence

Articles: Poland Celebrates 100 Years Of Independence

November 12 – Caravans begin to travel from Mexico City to Tijuana

Krysten Sinema wins Arizona Senate race

Articles: Central American Caravans Depart Mexico City, Kyrsten Sinema Wins Arizona Senate Race

November 13 – Prison reform advances in Congress

Articles: Prison Reform Advances In Congress

November 14 – The caravans begin to arrive at the US border near Tijuana

President Trump endorses prison reform

Articles: Central American Caravans Begin Arriving At US-Mexico Border, #MAGA: President Trump Endorses Prison Reform

November 15 – DOJ caught preparing to prosecute Julian Assange

Trump warns Antifa that they could be in big trouble if their opposition mobilizes

Articles: Trump Justice Department Is Preparing To Prosecute Julian Assange, Trump Warns Antifa: You Could Be In Big Trouble

November 16 – Alt-Right has buyer’s remorse over Trump

Stacey Abrams concedes Georgia governor’s race

Articles: Stacey Abrams Concedes Georgia Governor’s Race, The Alt-Right Is Blackpilling On Trump

November 17 – Andrew Gillum concedes Florida governor’s race

Articles: Andrew Gillum Concedes Florida Governor’s Race

November 18 – Bill Nelson concedes Florida Senate race

Antifa engage in violence at events in Philadelphia and Portland

Steve Bannon denounces the Alt-Right in a speech at Oxford Union

Articles: Rick Scott Wins Florida Senate Race, Antifa Get Violent Again In Philadelphia and Portland, Steve Bannon Addresses Oxford Union

November 20 – President Trump reaffirms alliance with Saudi Arabia

Richard Spencer says the Trump moment is over

Federal judge blocks President Trump’s executive order on asylum seekers from the caravans

Articles: President Trump Stands With Saudi Arabia, Richard Spencer: The Trump Moment Is Over, Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s New Asylum Rules

November 21 – Gavin McInnes and MILO quit the Proud Boys

Laura Loomer banned from Twitter

Chief Justice John Roberts rebukes President Trump on the independence of the federal judiciary

Articles: #MAGA: MILO Disavows The Proud Boys, #MAGA: Gavin McInnes Quits The Proud Boys, Laura Loomer Has Been Suspended From Twitter, Chief Justice John Roberts Rebukes President Trump For Calling Out Obama Judge

November 22 – Thanksgiving

Articles: Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24 – Trump administration claims it reaches a deal with Mexico to keep asylum seekers from the caravans in Mexico

Mexican officials deny a deal exists

“Moderate Rebels” launch gas attack in Syria

Articles: Mexico Denies It Has Reached An Asylum Deal With Trump Administration, Trump Administration Strikes Deal With Mexico To Keep Asylum Seekers On Mexican Side Of The Border , “Moderate Rebels” Launch Gas Attack On Civilians In Syria

November 25 – Ukraine and Russia exchange fire near Sea of Azov, Illegal aliens from the caravans storm the US border at San Ysidro

Articles: Caravan Invaders Storm U.S. Border At San Ysidro, Ukraine Declares State of War With Russia

November 26 – James Fields Jr. murder trial begins in Charlottesville

Articles: Live Thread: James Fields, Jr. Murder Trial

November 27 – Cindy Hyde-Smith wins Mississippi Senate runoff election. Republicans hold seat

Articles: Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Mississippi Senate Race

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  1. So the fat jew Nadler, poised to take over the lead for the Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee, announces that Kavanaugh will not be impeached because ‘muh history:’ https://nypost.com/2018/11/13/why-dems-are-backing-off-the-push-to-impeach-kavanaugh/

    All while House Democrats are demanding transparency from Wray’s FBI to hunt down so-called ‘White Nationalists:’ https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/27/politics/jerry-nadler-letter-white-nationalism/index.html

    No noise from the Democrats about Wray’s refusal to accept affidavits from Yale classmates of Kavanaugh and Ramirez.

    This goes beyond using white women’s suffering. The jews have been caught orchestrating it.

  2. I want to add that what Jews & Co. don’t seem to realize with the Democrats’ obscene bait and switch on white women’s rights is that they are giving us total license to go public with our pro-white rights leanings, just as Tamika Mallory of the Women’s March has with her support of Bill Cosby, along with Linda Sarsour’s promotion of muslim misogyny and Theresa Shook’s of Israeli colonialism.

    I don’t think the exploitation of white women by the left for anti-white causes has ever been more officially declared or celebrated before the Kavanaugh-Wray circus show.

    Let this stand as a moment in history, not unlike when black men totally used white suffragists’ activism, except this time all the anti-whites are admitting they gain power through raping white women.

    Most salient is that the jews themselves have taken responsibility for this hatred and violence towards ‘the shiksa’ or ‘unclean abomination’ in yiddish.

    Heil Nadler! Truth out!!!

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