Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Mississippi Senate Race

Cindy Hyde-Smith went to a “seg academy.”

Cindy Hyde-Smith honored Confederate soldiers.

Cindy Hyde-Smith is a white supremacist.

Cindy Hyde-Smith is so based she supports public hangings.

Cindy Hyde-Smith is a neo-Confederate.

The mainstream media used every stereotype of Mississippi to portray Cindy Hyde-Smith as an unelectable rightwing extremist in order to boost Mike Espy.

Oh, and Cindy Hyde-Smith has won the Mississippi Senate race.

Note: Mike Espy joins the list of other 2018 midterms African-American losers which includes Ben Jealous in Maryland, Stacey Abrams in Georgia, Andrew Gillum in Florida, Mia Love in Utah and John James in Michigan.

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  1. She’s still a woman. Why should we (in normal times, back in the day) be happy a woman won an election, when women should not rule over grown men? Just sayin’…. y’all.

  2. Just about my only use for the Republicans at the moment is to foul up any attempts at gun control for a little longer.

  3. This is where you ‘race-realists’ chronically fail. Hyde-Smith’s joke about attending a public hanging were turned against her in the tiredest of stereotypes about Southern whites:

    According to Jim Webb in his book Born Fighting, whites were lynched at four times the rate blacks were in the antebellum South. Public hangings weren’t devised for blacks or even Jim Crow. Black identitarians and liberals have adopted too much of the jews’ neurosis, imagining that the average white Southerner’s culture and customs somehow revolve around them.

    This is simple stuff. It’s outrageous to watch Southern nationalists continue to allow such obvious anti-white and anti-Southern falsehoods go unchallenged.

    If you obsessed less about ‘black DNA’ and more about Southern culture you might actually accomplish something.

    • Ah, yes, let us focus on the culture of the south, the product of the people which inhabited it- and refuse to preserve them. A culture is a direct product of a people or multiple peoples. Southern culture was by-and-large a product of the overwhelmingly Anglo-Celtic peoples that inhabited the region.

      I don’t think Wallace implied above that the public hangings would be reminiscent of lynchings-nor restricted to blacks.

      Nice strawman though.

    • Mr. Gentile:
      Have a look ? at the Sons of Confederate Veterans,, website, if You Please.
      Semper Fi And Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are.

  4. Omnipresent anti-Whites will never stop bringing up her “racist past”. Will she cuck out or is she a cuck already?

  5. All Republicans should learn from this and “taint with race relations controversies” every campaign. They would win everything!

  6. I wanna cry. For joy, of course. Congratulations Mrs. Hyde-Smith and those Mississippians who wisely voted for her.

  7. I found it ironic that Tucker Carlson conceded the election to Espy based on polling the night of the election, when it was clear that she was actually ahead in the race at that time.

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