President Trump Slows Syria Pullout

I try not to be too cynical.

There are only so many black pills that my audience can take. When I first heard about Trump’s plan to withdraw from Syria, I noticed that it wasn’t happening immediately

“President Trump has slowed down his timetable for a military withdrawal from Syria, agreeing to allow four months for the departure rather than 30 days, the New York Times reports.

Why it matters: It’s a sign that Trump may have heeded the criticisms that his initial deadline was too soon, including from outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis, who opposed the plan. However, the Times notes that military officials won’t say when U.S. forces are actually leaving — partly for military secrecy, but in part because “officials recognize that Mr. Trump could change his mind at any moment and speed up the departure.”

In other words, Trump was giving Israel and the GOP establishment plenty of time to dial up the pressure and stymie the policy change before it actually happens. The danger here is that his followers only remember the tweets and the headlines about troops coming home from Syria and Afghanistan and fail to hear about the monkey wrench thrown into the withdrawal.

Note: Trump hasn’t actually ordered the troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

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  1. In other words….they may never leave. This will give the warmongers time to further prolong this illegal and useless deployment.
    If they came home tomorrow, even that wouldn’t be a minute too soon.

    • ZOG ‘s occupation army will leave the Middle East eventually, but only because ZOG-USA has collapsed from imperial overreach and internal dissension. I suspect the Eternal Parasite is already making plans to abandon its Occidental host and attach itself to an Oriental one instead.

  2. Obama did similar pull out from Iraq. And now you have 5,000 troops in Iraq. Trump meet them during Christmas. Not even meet with Iraq prime minister. It is only dog and pony show.

  3. more Trump smoke-and-mirrors:

    if “X#” US troops leave Syria,

    “X#” will step across the border into Syria from Jordan. And

    Trump has no intention of abandoning the CIA’s Afghan poppy fields.

    impeachment and conviction would quickly follow.

  4. kushner, pompeo, graham, and fellow zio- con chicken hawk bolton weren’t about to allow drumpf to remove israHELL’s Christian soldiers.

    Zog’s agenda will always supersede rational foreign policy in the Middle East.

    Obviously, drumpf never read Sun Zhu or Clausewitz. He was probably too busy going to jeff epstein’s “parties.”

  5. Trump has become so tiresome and what his followers think doesn’t matter either, as he’ll be tossed out in 2020. Its time to move on as if he doesn’t exist.

    • Trump’s last supporters will be the aging and increasingly irrelevant conservative Babby Boomers, along with some reactionary elements within the police and military. None of them represent the future; Kamala Harris and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez do.

      • The so called Greatest Generation betrayed our race and the Boomer generation did nothing to reverse the betrayal. Our future depends on Gen X, M and Z.

  6. @Spahnranch1969, Very sad, but ultimately true.

    I’m sure there’s going to be a gook and a dot-head in the mix as well.

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