Russia Today is Looking…. Beautiful!

I’ve been pretty open about my great admiration for the country of Russia and their best (since Catherine the Great, Peter the Great) Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

What a bad ass!

I’ve also been very honest and open that I prefer to hang out with beautiful, European Russian women than with Hillary type, big city, miseducated American women that have all gone to law school.

Why do we send American women to law school to teach them to argue?
Most American women know how to argue just fine on their own!


The fake news, lugenpresse (“lying press”) has backed off a bit about their accusations of Russian conspiracy plots to


And they’ve stopped spreading obvious lies that the Russians and Syria’s Assad are:


One other nice thing I’ve “noticed” is that the English version of Russia Today (link) is presenting excellent news and commentary and also featuring lots of PG rated sexy Russian artists and sports athletes. This is what Rupert Murdoch did in England and Australia to build his huge, successful media empire.

No of course we should not promote degrading porn, but regular folks are interested in following fun, sexy young people. Women readers care about their sports and music celebrities – who they are dating, who’s feuding with whom, who’s butt is too big that sort of thing.

The comment sections are very lively as attractive Russian sports celebrities are attacked and defended regarding their comments about marriage, men, feminism etc.

Here’s a Russia Today’s photo featuring their Russian hand ball team celebrating a win and relaxing in the pool in Turkey:

Isn’t that a better way to start our morning news?

So, I highly recommend OD readers start checking out Russia Today on a daily basis. In the late 1940s, Stalinist Communism brutally controlled the media in Central and Eastern Europe. Many folks there listened to “the Voice of America” to get some honest news and also some cultural relief. Now the situation is reversed.

We don’t have to rely on the likes of CNN’s ZOG master Jeff Zucker or some mulatto homosexual presenter that just hates all things White European America. There are other options and in my humble opinion.

Russia Today is looking….



  1. Under Boris Yeltsin powerful Oligarchs cornered all the wealth in the former Soviet Union. The rise of Putin was in response to that and many oligarchs fled and he imprisoned others. That is when the West started to hate him. That tells me some of the oligarchs were coreligionists with the hostile elite that truly governs America.As regards Russian women I wonder they they shave their legs and underarms like American girls do (think God) most European females do not.

    • I don’t know where this thing that european women don’t shave comes from. I lived there about 10 years and I can’t recall a single hairy armpit or bigfoot legs.

  2. Here’s the thing; RT is essentially “liberal” and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.
    That said, they are much more informative as well as easier on the senses than the Lugenpresse.
    Their reporting on the Ukraine/Crimea/Donbas kerfuffle is welcome here…

  3. Who would have ever thunk it?? Russian the fair dealer and the good ole USA the evil empire. I remember going to the movies when Red Dawn came out and wanting to have my name inscribed on “Partisan Rock” by fighting to the death with invaders.

    Gordon Kahl and Robert J Matthews had the right idea only it came too soon. We owe no allegiance to this filthy heap only to one another. I would rather fight alongside other White Men, with Russian support, than to wear the uniform of Zog. I will die regardless but I will die CLEAN.

  4. Will Russia accept white refugees from the Caliphates of Western Europe in the years to come? Will it serve as the base for eventual white reclamation of Europe?

    • I certain hope and pray so. And why not? There us to be lively, fun Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and German immigrant neighborhoods in American cities, why not the reverse? I get word that there are now fun British expat communities in places like Hungary and Bulgaria.

    • I sincerely doubt it for many reasons but just for starters – Russia is already 10-15% Muslim and in 50 years they will be at the *very least* 1/3 of the population and possibly 1/2, in less than 30 years Russia’s conscripts will be majority Muslim, and they are not exactly rolling out the red carpet for the Boers even given their nightmare scenario.

  5. I too find many Russian, Baltic,and Eastern European women quite attractive, but a caveat is necessary. These women have a very limited shelf life in regards to attractiveness. They age more like a sprint than a marathon, and their reputations for being “black widows and gold diggers ” are well earned.

  6. Anyone who attracts criticism from US warmongers and the EU must be doing something right.
    That bird in the pool is a stunner! Thats what Putin is fighting to preserve. Good on him!

  7. I have an acquaintance who frequents “gentlemen’s clubs” in the Myrtle Beach area and he informs me that they are largely staffed with drop dead gorgeous Russian/Russian Federation girls. He did note however that they almost all have an odd and nauseating halitosis.(teeth are in good shape) He speculates that it is related to diet. I have no idea.

    • It’s ok to be drop dead gorgeous White European, European American.

      Sure there are going to be other “issues”, let’s let some non homo, non liberation theology, non Black Liberation Theology pastors deal with their issues or….

      Just some healthy White man take things in to his own hand…

      Spankings, lots of children.

      That sort of thing


  8. Russia Today is becoming America in 1950… (when everything about America was good & every country looked up to us….)

    • Yep. You also noticed that.

      I’m going for Russia Today in 2019.

      I want to know, support all their writers, editors – maybe some can introduce me to their Russian hand ball team gals.

  9. I read Russia Insider instead. They even have an entire category entitled “The Jewish Question”.

    (Yes, I’m aware that all is not what it seems under the surface when it comes to Russia, Putin, and Russia Insider’s embrace of American “Alt Right antisemitism”… I know that there’s still quite a lot of propaganda involved and that Russia/Putin are in fact, despite appearances, Jew-friendly. I’m no dummy.)

    • @Jim B, You’re correct in your assessment.

      Putin in a Russian Nationalist, and he maintains too much affection for jewish/zionist oligarchs in Russia and internationally. He also subscribers to the entire holyhoax fairytale.

      Putin has been said to say that the dissolution of the ussr was the biggest tragedy of the 20th Century.

      It’s a buyer beware situation with Vlad.

  10. What a special New Year treat, yet another post by Jaye Ryan shi**ing on American women in favor of unmeltable ethnics and low-brow tabloid trash.

  11. @ Oakley, Have you dealt with the average White American female?

    They’re not against miscegenation, illegal immigration, abortion, tend to be narcissistic, materialistic, and love oprah, hilary, Ellen, and michelle.

    The “Diamonds in the Rough ” are few and far between, and most likely already swooped up.

    Do you suggest that White American men become incels?

    • @ November Man

      “They’re not against miscegenation” – More so than men? Their mating preferences are even more racialist.
      “illegal immigration” – I’ve seen data going both ways on this but even if true, it’s not really the crux of the matter is it? We’re going down whether they come from through the front door or the back and I’m not going to play the blame game when Johnny GOP is ever more in favor of increasing (!!!) legal immigration.
      “abortion” I could not care less about this issue.
      “tend to be narcissistic, materialistic” Yes, so is everyone else.

      “Do you suggest that White American men become incels?” No. I suggest that they, like our women, should work on themselves, avoid obvious trainwrecks, and attempt to salvage the remaining good in each other.

      What doesn’t make sense is thinking, in a shocking departure from logic, we can rebuild our civilisation with someone else’s womb (as if a mother doesn’t have undeniable genetic and cultural influence over her children), and even more bizarrely deign to call oneself a nationalist after endorsing such a thing. What other people in history have romanticized the other during their own genocide? It’s madness.

  12. Russia is overated and so is putin. Moscow is flooded with muslims. I’ve dated multiple women who came from russia and have visited a few times.

  13. Yeah, if the Russians invaded in 1984, they’d have imposed Communism. If they invaded now, they’d impose Christianity and heterosexuality!

  14. Dave writes:

    “eah, if the Russians invaded in 1984, they’d have imposed Communism. If they invaded now, they’d impose Christianity and heterosexuality!”

    Jack replies:


    And very well said

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