Paul Krugman: The Empty Quarters of American Politics

This is a great column by Paul Krugman.

I feel strange saying that given that the insight in this particular article is such a rare occurance, but he describes pretty much 90% of the content of this blog:

“Howard Schultz, the coffee billionaire, who imagined that he could attract broad support as a “centrist,” turns out to have an approval rating of 4 percent, versus 40 percent disapproval.

Ralph Northam, a Democrat who won the governorship of Virginia in a landslide, is facing a firestorm of denunciation from his own party over racist images on his medical school yearbook page.

Donald Trump, who ran on promises to expand health care and raise taxes on the rich, began betraying his working-class supporters the moment he took office, pushing through big tax cuts for the rich while trying to take health coverage away from millions.

These are, it turns out, related stories, all of them tied to the two great absences in American political life.

One is the absence of socially liberal, economically conservative voters. These were the people Schultz thought he could appeal to; but basically they don’t exist, accounting for only around, yes, 4 percent of the electorate.

The other is the absence of economically liberal, socially conservative politicians — let’s be blunt and just say “racist populists.” There are plenty of voters who would like that mix, and Trump pretended to be their man; but he wasn’t, and neither is anyone else.

Understanding these empty quarters is, I’d argue, the key to understanding U.S. politics. …”

There isn’t a constituency for libertarianism.

Only 6% of the electorate is socially liberal and fiscally conservative and most of them seem to work for conservative think tanks and magazines. In contrast, a large swath of the population is populist, socially conservative and fiscally liberal, but few, if any, politicians cater to their preferences.

The GOP is controlled by a tiny elite of wealthy donors who push a policy agenda that is at best tolerated or rejected by the White working class base of the Republican Party. It promises victories on social issues (abortion, gay marriage, build the wall, etc.) during campaigns that never materialize. The party leadership always spends the political capital on tax cuts, bloated military budgets and Israel.

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  1. Tulsi just rudely told David Duke to take his endoresment and shove it. White Nats are Eviiiiil!, she says.

    She is panicking and siding with the bullies, because political correctness means siding with the bullies.

    So I had a cunning idea….

    Since Whites who don’t hate themselves are feared and hated by all the phonies running for office, instead of endorsing candiates we like, lets endorse the candidates we hate so all their campaigns tank.

    3D Chess!

    • @ Mr. Rogers, Okay, I’ll take the hit, and bed and wed Tulsi, and transform her into our Manchurian Canidate.

  2. It actually surprises me that nobody is willing to fill that spot.

    Odd to see humans leave potential power lying around unused. Really odd.

    • Most elitist wannabes are globalist, because that’s where the money and power lies. But another problem is the deeply-ingrained CivNat propaganda we’ve been force fed all our lives. IMHO, that’s the main reason we’re the one group not acting demographically. Most pale people know that the media, education, entertainment, and gov’t is stacked against us, that blacks disproportionately commit crimes, Hispanic illegals drive down wages and overwhelm schools and hospitals, African muslims don’t want to assimilate, etc. Yet our people look down on tribalism as an intrinsic evil that violates the ideals of the Founding Fathers and Jesus Christ. To change the political outlook of Whites, our culture needs to be changed. We would need to disconnect from popular culture and build our own for that to happen. I don’t think most people are ready for that, though. Sadly, it might take a traumatic event or three to wake us up.

  3. “A large swath of the population is socially conservative and fiscally liberal”

    Can confirm. Most of the Little Egypt trailer trash I know are unconscious Nazbols.

    The problem is – they have ZERO power and influence. There isn’t even any small organization representing those views.

    Whereas the 6% of libertarians seem to make up most of the rich and powerful, including the elites of both parties.

  4. @Jijcf, “trailer trash” is an anti-White trope. Like “White trash”. It’s effectively a slur against our people using enemy propaganda to defeat ourselves.

  5. “It actually surprises me that nobody is willing to fill that spot.”

    Anyone raising their head above the parapet in such a manner, at this stage of the game, will be quickly beheaded by the gatekeepers. Look what’s happened to Trump! But I think future leaders are waiting in the wings. I think someone like Ramzpaul could be a viable challenger one day.

  6. Surprised Krugman wrote such an insightful piece. I was a fan of TWP before the box broke. I wish we could have a Hamback type (except with character) to represent us, but the Kosher sandwich prevents that. If you want populist economics and traditional values, you’re SOL. Trump was a svengali figure. He promised to remake the Republicans into a workers’ party, then he did the bidding of Chamber of Commerce buttboi Paul Ryan. I’m tired of hearing “he was on our side, but they got to him.” Enough with the copes, already. He hired Abrams, Bolton, Whorley, Cohn, and his number one advisor is Wormtongue Kushner.

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