David Duke Warms To Tulsi Gabbard’s 2020 Campaign

David Duke is flirting with endorsing Tulsi Gabbard’s 2020 presidential campaign:

“Former KKK leader David Duke appears to have switched his allegiance from President Trump to Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

In several tweets over the last few days, the white supremacist claimed Gabbard, D-Hawaii, would be the candidate who puts the U.S. before Israel. He also changed the banner on his Twitter profile to endorse the Democratic congressman from Hawaii.

“Finally a candidate who will actually put America First rather than Israel First,” the banner said. …

Tulsi Gabbard has already disavowed Duke’s support:

“Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) on Tuesday denounced David Duke, a founder and former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and rejected his 2020 endorsement.

“I have strongly denounced David Duke’s hateful views and his so-called ‘support’ multiple times in the past, and reject his support,” Gabbard said in a statement to The Hill.

“Publicizing Duke’s so-called ‘endorsement’ is meant to distract from my message: that I will end regime-change wars, work to end the new cold war and take us away from the precipice of a nuclear war, which is a greater danger now than ever before.” …”

This is nothing new.

Duke endorsed both Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro. Both rejected his endorsement and disavowed him. Both went on to win their races anyway. I don’t think Dr. Duke takes it personally given that Congress has denounced White Nationalism twice since 2016 and Steve King was recently purged by the GOP for merely wondering why supporting Western civilization had become taboo.

I’m in a similar place. If Tulsi Gabbard simply follows through on her pledge to end regime change wars, end neocon/neoliberal influence over our foreign policy, end this drift toward a Second Cold War and rollback the US Empire, which is the centerpiece of her campaign, then I will vote for her in the Democratic primary. I would settle for that over voting to reelect Trump and get nothing in return again.

The fact that Dr. Duke is entertaining this idea so early in the 2020 campaign is the clearest proof yet that Trump’s support among White Nationalists has collapsed. It speaks volumes that Duke would entertain supporting a female, non-White Hindu over Donald Trump. The calculation here is obviously that President Trump delivered none of the things he promised that offset his ultra Zionism.

If all Trump has to show for four years in Washington is the Gary Cohn tax cuts, Jared Kushner’s criminal justice bill and Jerusalem for Sheldon Adelson, it is over.

Note: Andrew Anglin, Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott have all warmed to Tulsi Gabbard.

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  1. Like I said in my previous post. Since a White Nat endorsement has the power to make phony politicians wet their pants and run to the long grass, while screaming politically correct slogans, why not endorse the candiates we hate?

    We actually do have enourmous power. Its just an inverse power.

      • And if the power of the ballot box fails (as it most certainly has in the case of DT) we can always use the power of the Second Amendment. nomeimsayin’?

        • Hey Fr. John, aren’t there some teenagers walking on your lawn that you can yell at? Crazy old coot.

  2. U.S. presidential campaign make promises of staying neutral on the world stage.Gas what, it has been the opposite since 19th century.U.S. combine with Britain,world’s naval fleet in history.

  3. I intend to register as a Democrat and vote for Gabbard in the primaries. If we can even get her as far as the debates we might be able to change the conversation on the now seemingly endless wars for the (((bankers))) and Isael. Peace activism is the future of white activism I am convinced

  4. I’ll vote for her, but if she were to ever win the swamp would roll right over her and maintain existing foreign policy.

  5. Exactly! If we are still playing this demonic game and picking this or that candidate for president we haven’t learned anything! Presidents come and go but the reign of the Deep State endues forever-or at least until we separate. There is zero change of reform through the system. It is irredeemable and irreparable. Get that through your noggins! That is what the Trump presidency ought to have taught us!

  6. Don’t waste your time on this woman. Yes she’s attractive. Yes she’s said a few good things, but in shunning David Duke, she’s already alienated a large portion of reasonably minded people. I’ve heard many of his shows, and he always comes across as sensible, truthful and logical. Distancing herself from someone who speaks for many people smells of arrogance on her part.
    And as for getting the troops out, well Trump couldn’t do it…
    Don’t gush over this woman. You’ll be setting yourselves up for disappointment….again.

    • Remarkable, isn’t it?

      And this time it’s a wog, to boot — an actual genetic enemy of our race.

      Judging by the Trump phenomenon, Tulsi will be passing the White Male Extermination Act in 2022, and all these people, shortly before they’re hauled off for liquidation by nog squads, will be posting stuff like “This is just 4D chess by Tulsi, she’s so great, America is saved!”

      It’s embarrassing, really.

  7. This is definitely starting to look like Donald Trump Part 2. Not gonna dance to this tune again. It’s decided–if I vote, it will be for the absolute vilest candidate available. I’m certain the Democrats will provide an excellent buffet to choose from.

    • I disagree.

      Everyone got on board with Trump pretty quickly and was amazed and thought something historic was happening. This was nothing more than venting frustration with Trump and the wheels are already falling off.

      • I knew Trump was a big phony on the campaign trail, when he first repeated the words illegal immigration. Its what conservatives always repeat, when they’re going to shaft you with legal immigration. The suckers fall for it every time.

      • I’m more referring to Ms. Gabbard personally than to any movement-rallying going on around her. She’s going through the same motions that Trump did a few years back…

        1) Put out a sensible platform that appeals to our side – done
        2) Disavow and condemn us when we support her – done

        All that’s left now is #3: win the election and abandon her platform. But, of course, victory is unlikely for her.

  8. USG is a hostile occupation force. White Southerners need to remember that whoever sits in the Oval Office, USG is the enemy. Voting constitutes submission.

  9. Most politicians in modern history over promise and underdeliver-just to get elected. They tell you what you want to hear-and then give you nothing. On top of that, Gabbard is also non-white. Do you really think she’ll be a voice for our demographic? Non-whites in politics tend to look out only for eachother. Check out David Lammy in the UK-‘black this, black that, Windrush; muh slavery, waycism, bla, bla, bla’…..
    Unless the system is changed, nothing will change. And non-whites certainly are NOT the answer.

  10. It’s the NeoCon Artist Jews , endless wars, these are very damaging
    distractions creating massive debt and great corruption not to mention
    everything else, blatant lies destroying countries, creating terrorists,
    massive refugee influx, the police state, etc etc … on and on …

    It’s the entire Jewish Media corrupting all .

    Neoconservatives still gettig free pass leading all resistance
    against Trump. Trump never calls them by name, never ?

    SOTU , it is very clear Trump wants out of the wars.

    I like Tulsi .


    The net is being scrubbed, you can’t find one article up.
    That wasn’t the case not that long ago.

    I call on WN to seed the net of old school WN topics.
    Before everything is memory holed.


  11. The link I gave is corrupt pdf, it is good to page 4, page 5 is messed.
    I couldn’t find one on a forum or blog, SF just has a thread with a link.

  12. She isn’t White. She rejects White identity. On the off chance she wins she’ll turn out to be another disappointment like Trump.
    David Duke should know better.

  13. I see the *lesser of two evils* argument with support for Tulsi, but I will not be doing so myself. Backing the lesser of two evils -especially when they are openly hostile to oneself/one’s people- will get us nowhere. I saw Tulsi’s disavowal of Dr. Duke in Matt Parrott’s Twitter feed from last night; that is all we need to see.
    Even if she were not a leftist, or a non-White, I would not vote for Tulsi. There is this Biblical/ historical/ traditional thing I have about women not holding political or religious office over men. Kind of like a Stonewall Jackson era worldview…
    We need to stop playing the America game, and as much as is possible, peacefully and legally personally disentangle ourselves from this corrupt system. It is not just that racially conscious Whites have lost the “America game”, but that the game was corrupt from the beginning, it is not capable or worth saving. The “propositions” of America are Enlightenment at their core, and lean toward egalitarianism. I expound on this argument in my little book *Rethinking The Propositions*.

    • yeah, agreed, i don’t want to be ruled over by women either.
      They are emotional creatures that struggle with pragmatic problem solution.
      I will check out your book, i read the overview and i must say it sounds intriguing.

      • @irAte irishman
        Thanks for checking out the link to my book irAte irishman.
        I agree with you that dispassionate analysis of political situations is not a strong point for women. Likewise, nurturing children is not where men excel. When the sexes leave their natural roles, things do not turn out well.

  14. Yawn…how many more years will we keep pretending that voting solves our (((problems)))?
    ALL ZOG puppets sound great until they get elected and then they become feckless, inept puppets of media slander and social media outrage until they are rendered useless and powerless.
    The jewish communist media runs this country and until i see otherwise i won’t be fooled into voting again or wasting my time watching the jew news.

  15. Does anybody get the feeling of deja vu here? We had Trump for the first the first time talking about immigration, the the need to really build a wall and a MAGA policy? What do we have today? no wall, more legal immigrants, and Israel first.

    The problems in this country will not be resolved thru the voting ballot. I don’t know what the resolution will be other than a slow grind into total national dysfunction (worse than now).

    We live in a country that is owned lock stock and barrel by Big Jew. This Tulsi chick is a flash in the pan. In another 2-3 months nobody will remember her name.

  16. An endorsement from Duke is the kiss of death. I don’t really like him or Spencer. They both come across as quasi-effeminate psychopaths.

    • That being said about Duke being a “psychopath,” (I don’t agree with it,) I don’t like David Duke either. It’s not that he’s unorthodox, but personally I’ve found him to be rude and arrogant. He treats people with a lot of distrust and has a small spectrum of topics he’ll rave on about. I think we’re in the minority though but it’s good that other people criticize him. …Spencer? I just don’t think he’s been around long enough. But he’s out there in the spotlight, as David Duke is and credit has to be given where credit’s due.

    • @Spahn Ranch who said:

      “An endorsement from Duke is the kiss of death.”

      I know it, YOU know it. HE knows it, so why does he endorse candidates he supports?

      Better yet, how does a pariah like Duke support himself in the style where he can go jet-setting to Europe and get all those plastic surgeries?

      I find it very odd, indeed that David Duke and Richard Spencer jump the gun, every single time, and come out and act like Nazi Stormtroopers coming out of the woodwork, Sig Heiling, every time it even looks like a populist candidate is making strides.

      Spencer, in particular, has ruined a lot of lives, including that of his own mother.

      I don’t know if they are psychopaths – probably they are. But I’m pretty damn sure both of them are malignant narcissists.

  17. Duke should STFU. He’s giving Gabbard’s (((opposition))) ammunition to use against her.

    Duke also was a big fan of Donald Cuck too.

  18. Aspiring leaders think we want an end to illegal immigration. We want an end to immigration-legal and illegal. Thats what they fail to grasp. We want illegal immigrants deported…..and legal ones as well. We never voted to be their babysitting bitches who are forced to tolerate them mooching off our taxes and sending our crime stats off the charts….when they don’t even like our culture or way of life anyway.
    If we must have immigration-bring them in from the West. Offer asylum to ALL white South Africans.

    • Actually, immigration from Europe needs to be cut off as well. Western Europe can’t afford to lose more whites. Let them flee to Eastern Europe or stay and fight for their homes. I agree about the South Africans.

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