Live Thread: CPAC 2019

If CPAC 2019 has a discernible theme this year, it is that it has completely abandoned Trump’s nationalist populism and reverted to the status quo ante as a dumber, intensified version of 1980s Boomer conservatism that the donor class is comfortable with.

Be afraid, America! The socialists are coming to get you:

UPDATE: Patrick Casey of Identity Evropa has also been banned from CPAC:

Mike Pence on socialism:

Mike Pence is on stage railing against the “evil” of anti-Semitism:

AmNats don’t have the right optics to get into CPAC, which is to say, complexion:

Candace Owens on fighting the culture war with Charlie Kirk:

CPAC opens with anti-socialist theme:

Lindsey Graham is threatening to “take a long look” at social media censorship. In other words, he is promising more political theater with congressional hearings:

Along with the rest of the conservative foreign policy establishment, Graham was also ebullient about the collapse of the North Korea talks:

No one has done more for Israel than Donald Trump:

Larry Kudlow wants to put socialism on trial:

Sebastian Gorka warns that Stalinists in the Democratic Party want to take away your hamburgers:

Ronna McDaniel warns that socialists in the Democratic Party want you to eat dog food like the poor people in Venezuela. She neglects to mention the fact that the US and UK have stolen billions of dollars in assets from the Venezuelan government:

Laura Ingraham on why socialism is bad:

Glenn Beck warns that the socialists want to reduce you to slavery:

He defends free-market capitalism:

Watch the most stunning Boomer dad take of all time:

Some black woman giving a boilerplate conservative speech:

Matt Schlapp discusses criminal justice reform with Van Jones:

Here’s another discussion of prison reform with a based black guy:

Diamond and Silk warn that socialists will enslave Americans:

Nick Fuentes was banned from CPAC and hung around in the lobby. He was later seen hanging out yesterday with Laura Loomer and Jacob Wohl:

Kurt Schlichter explains that American Nationalists are unworthy of even attending CPAC:

Who was welcome at CPAC 2019? Christopher Mathias of the Huffington Post. Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch. Will Sommer of The Daily Beast. Chapo Trap House. Van Jones.

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  1. I wonder if David French will be there with his whole slew of black children he has adopted? Diamond and Silk are embarrassing. They are barely literate. They say AX instead of ask and THEY in places it does not belong.

  2. Why would anyone who considers themselves a “white nationalist” etc. want to be part of the “conservative” movement or be called a “conservative”? Give up on this movement and people already. The way ahead is our own explicitly white political movement that is RADICAL.

    • WN should consider conservatives their enemy, the same way conservatives treat all Pro Whites as “The Enemy!”

      See this video where Jamie Kelso tried to join CPAC in 2011. The conservatives treated him like a White Nigger. They stripped him of his lawful property, and threw him out of the building.

      The idea that WN should help conservative losers get elected, and somehow this will make conservatives greatful, and they’ll accept WN into the Republican Party has to stop. These cucks are cringeworthy. They humilate themselves, and emabarrass all pro Whites.

      • Just like republicans kissing the asses of nogs thinking that this will get them to vote for them. No way I’m voting for any of these lying cucks again.

    • I won’t vote the (((cuckservatives))) ever again. They’ve conserved nothing, except the terrorist state of israHELL’s sovereignty.

      Fuck them!

  3. The rules of the game aren’t fair. But we keep sticking to our ethics and our morals like good Christian soldiers. A winning strategy if I ever saw one. Of course, these ethics and morals were instilled in us from birth as they were our parents and grandparents. The programming is non-stop from cradle to grave. We must think our own thoughts for once without outside interference. Oh, never mind, it is genuinely impossible.

    “The billionaire and his wife, Miriam, gave President Donald Trump’s campaign $30 million in 2016. They followed that by contributing $100 million to the Republican Party for the 2018 midterm elections.”
    3/1/19 Breitbart News

    All while the con artist-in-chief was telling his supporters that he didn’t need Adelson’s money.

    Deception. It’s their Hebrew name. All of them. Including their goy servants.

    They’ve got it all covered. They have their reasons. And, alternate reasons for their reasons. And, alternate reasons for the their alternate reasons. We believe all of them as they are served to us one by one.

    According to Chris Christie’s new book, Trump owed the Kushner family with helping him “break” into the real estate business in NJ. If Christie is to be believed. Remember what Alex Jones said long before the 2016 election cycle…. Trump is the front for a consortium of business leaders. It is mostly likely this relationship, I mean deception, that provides most of the funding for his opulent his lifestyle and provides the endless publicity for his universal bravado. Is it possible he is straight out of Hollywood casting? What’s with his constant hand gestures? Or, are they symbols? Or, am I just crazy?

    Zionism is globalism. It’s just not the only form of globalism.

    Or, are his unbelievable chess skills simply controlled by CERN?


  4. One of the speakers, I read, is a woman who endorses capitalism because it “smashes patriarchy” and gets women out of the home. With “conservatives” like these, who needs leftists?

    • Roland, When White women are getting their advanced degrees in working in their peak fertility there will be less White babies.

      It’s one the (((conservatives))) contributions to White replacement.

  5. What a shit show. Nothing but people and language that will trigger boomer programming. Hilarious really. The Gay Ole Party.

    • Would you kindly shove that boomer stuff up your azz? Sick of people who are supposed to be pro-White stirring up generational hate. And tell me, Billy Boy, what we were supposed to have done way back in 1965 when none of us was old enough to vote? Or when we had no access to information because it was extremely limited and totally controlled. You’re as bad as jews whining about ‘boomers’.

      • The failed Alt-Rightists have to blame SOMEBODY for their post-Cville Angst, and so…. like good little adolescents, they look to their parents/grandparents and blame THEM for their own inability (or non-desire) to take up arms and do to the LEFT what the Founding Fathers did to the English.

        Most Boomers (myself included) are now of retirement age, and don’t have the physical strength, physical acuity (bad eyesight, etc.) etc. to do that which the basement dweller internet types can do- engage AntiFa on their own turf, and die for their ancestors if need be, in these increasing confabs that are occurring. I mean, if you can no longer get meaningful employment (because of H1B’s) might as well engage in fisticuffs, even if it means jail- the leftists (Ayers, and other jewish scum) made having a rap sheet a badge of honor in the 1960’s…. Just sayin.’

        Because Russians don’t seem to have any problem dying for THEIR country….

  6. “Stalinists in the Democratic Party”
    Russia collusion hoax is that the ADL controls CPAC.So called conservative who believes themselve they’re pushing back are actually enbracing Stalinist tyranny.Censorship pro white movement free speech.

  7. If Faith Goldy is protesting CPAC, it is probably to accuse them of being soft on Palestinians.

    Anyway HW, its good to see you are recognizing the real cause of Venezuela’s problems.

  8. Also was Chapo Trap House actually there? If so I wish I could have gone and shouted “victory to Green Libya you imperialist motherfuckers!” at them

  9. Awesome -and humorous- commentary. This should show White Identity advocates ounce and for all that the Republican Party and American “conservatism” do not want racially conscious White people in their ranks.
    The 2019 CPAC event is not the newest example of 400D chess; they just really do hate White separatists of all kinds. Kinist, NatSoc, Confederate, Covington readers or whatever, they do not care, they hate White Nationalists of *all types*. The “Conservative” movement in America loves Jews, based Negroes, and queers -not White people, much less Christian White people who love the memory and culture of Old Dixie.

    • When you like “White Identity” then Hillary and Bill and Trigglypoof and David Hogg and Antifa and the rest of the good white people make sure how the proper “White Identity “should look like.

      If anybody dreaming about white Jew free homeland, he or she is warmly welcome to Sweden….:D

      Cultural heart of white nationalism lays in Salem. Mad screaming white people burning other white people because of racism or misicar or witch or whatever without any Jew or black or Muslim or Darth Wader.

      Anglosphere problem is not Jews but the luck of Jews. Nobody can not control the white liberal madness anymore and the result is chaos and probably WW3 as well.

      looking forward to the day when Mike Pence closing Drudge and Breitbart and dropping nuke to Israel to defend Israel in the name of Jesus Christ.

  10. What does modern “conservatism” have to offer Americans except more wars for Zionism, more (though legal!) third world immigration, more globalization, more outsourcing of jobs, more deregulation of big banks and big business, more caving in to the radical left wing’s social agenda….is this what they consider a winning strategy?

  11. I assume this “ousting” will be discussed by Goldy, Fuentes, et al at the upcoming American Renaissance conference, where they’re scheduled to speak. I’m curious to see if their presence there will pull AmRen closer to Dildolech, or if it pulls them closer to genuine white interests.

    • I don’t see any good from Amren hosting these kinds of Israel First, alt-light types who don’t talk about race directly.

      It appears that the white nationalist alt-right is being subsumed into the the Israel First, non-racial alt-light.

  12. I assume the Le Pen girl isn’t there like last year. The conservative strategy must be to out diversity the liberals.How is that working out so far? This is what we call Civic Nationalism but was referred to in Germany as Bourgeois Nationalism. Communists believe the conservative revolution-the Bourgeois revolution-must precede an actual Communist revolution because it is the last gasp of Capitalism before it dies. I say Donald Trump is the last gasp of white conservatism before it dies after which hopefully comes the secession of the politically sane and racially conscious regions of America and their formation into a Free White Republic.

  13. Off Topic: According to the Sun in the jew kay, prince harry will raise his child with his mullatto wife as “gender fluid.”

    Honestly, if he married his first cousin like his great-great-great grandmother Queen Victoria did, it would be less disgusting and degenerate than this abomination.

  14. I would rather watch AOC talk than any one of these jackals – at least my mind could distract itself by imagining her removing her bra à la Phoebe Cates.

    • Seriously? A man with a NS persona as a name wants a Latina to take of her blouse so he can see her breasts? Besides she has horse teeth.

    • Not if Trump’s plan all along was to slowly become Jeb!, which appears to be the case. Then he’s a success. He just hopes the base doesn’t notice it until after November 2020.

  15. We should be backing Custer and Fremont Counties in Colorado:

    They’re now sanctuary counties preparing to defy the Democrats’ gun grabbing lobby. Instead of focusing strictly on the negative, how about shining light on those doing great work.

    Thanks to all the Coloradans fighting to keep our country safe from commies if you’re reading.

    What I really want to know is why Tucker won’t cover this issue, since it’s already become a major one in New Mexico, in terms of sanctuary counties, and increasingly all over in terms of Red Flag laws getting passed. Supposedly his media bosses are zionists, yet somehow Fox doesn’t want whites to have guns without (((their))) permission.

    Nor surprised, just tired and disgusted. We should stop touting him with his milque toast fauxcon populism.

  16. I remember Barry Goldwater talking about “creeping socialism” in the 60’s. Socialism has been with us a long time and we have survived it.
    What we can’t survive is Diversity being forced on us. This is just the topic they’ll never discuss.
    “Conservatives” are as useless and irrelevant as they are anti-White.

  17. Conservatism is wrong, evil and as I see it more destructive today than socialism to White nations. Mike Pence, you and the orange judas better start job hunting because you will be outta there in 2020.

  18. Re: Boomers

    If the shoe fits, wear it.

    No national referendum was held on the Civil Rights & Immigration Acts of 1964-65. Then as now the Consitution was meaningless, representatives were bought, and voting didn’t matter. Vatican II entered the fold and dispensationalist Christianity became “a thing.”

    I’m a boomer. Most of us didn’t buy the “Me/Pepsi Generation” propaganda in total, but all of us bought it in part. There is a reason why Memorable Entertainment Television markets itself as MeTv. We were heavily propagandized with few alternatives. “Do your own thing,” (((they))) said. So, we did! Ladies, did you wear a flower in your hair? Gentlemen, did your hair fall below the ears? Did you bell bottom, flared jeans, open neck polyester shirt, and gold chain it much? How about those miniskirts (especially the micros) and french-cut panties! Symbolically reinforcing the culture of critique was all so groovy/cool/right-on, man! What else did you reinforce, ya poor dears (pre-marital sex, “free love,” serial “monogamy,” marital wife-swapping/swinging, a little experimental IR, etc.)?

    Boomers were beneficiaries of Shockley semiconductor technology and birth control. The gulf between us and our grandparents was notably greater than any generation before or since. A little noted fact: The daily lives of our rural grandparents, born 1890-1915, had more in common with life in ancient Rome than our lives ever did. Our parents, in their youth, didn’t have it much better. Born in the decade before or during the Great Depression, they vowed to never let us go hungry. In this they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and raised up the most spoiled, selfish generation of white people to have ever existed. Were we grateful? Not so much. Beneficiaries of so much and never having had to struggle to survive, we boomers thought ourselves smarter and morally superior to our parents and grandparents. Remember the “Nobody over 30” thing? That lasted until we turned 30.

    At age thirty we cut our long hair, gave up the hippie crap, and pursued ea$y wealth using other people’s money. In the 1980’s it seemed like every boomer apartment-dweller had a stock portfolio. Literate boomers read about Merrill Lynch, took up Ayn Rand’s “Virtue of Selfishness” and “Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal,” and rediscovered Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich.” Urban boomers fantasized about becoming wealthy. Some succeeded. We called them yuppies, if I remember correctly. What’s a yuppie? Google it. Or watch American Psycho.

    I could go on, but it’s unnecessary. Boomers need to own their shit.

  19. Black Candace Owens interviews jewish Roseanne Barr:

    The two recount the historical vicissitudes of the Jew-Black alliance. Roseanne decries ‘white women privilege’ under a disguise of bleached blonde hair and Candace laments the ‘horrible anti-semitism’ of anti-zionist arabs in Congress. They agree that jews and blacks have to reunite to fight ‘antisemitism and racism’ which Roseanne claims is the ‘same thing.’

    Roseanne made her fortune as a fat midwestern white woman but now calls out ‘fat women in Nebraska’ and then refers to rapist Mike Tyson as her ‘hilarious friend.’ Around 31 minutes she complains about ‘white women privilege.’ Candace agrees that Emmett Till was falsely accused, they both compete over who was the first to tweet attacking his accuser whose story has been recently investigated.

    Why do white men like the Republican party that promotes Candace’s hatred of white women?

    White men need to be careful of heeding this siren call where disgusting black and jewish propagandists paint all of us white women as lying ‘hos.’ Roseanne literally accuses all of us of ‘trading sexual favors’ for a career.

    At my angriest at white men I would never have publicly attacked white men as all ‘privileged’ villains, much less to a hideous jew or black.

    All their ‘new feminist’ blather is just the same old anti-white woman hatred dressed up as progress in the Republican Party. Both women agree ‘it’s a bad time to be a white man.’ No matter what nuggets of truth both women splice into their pathetic plays for attention, they come at the direct cost of european women’s survival.

    I used to find Roseanne funny and sympathetic. She’s become another Hollywood hypocrite. Candace is just a petty opportunist with no real talent.

    Where is the loyalty in this movement to me, to my sisters, to our people? How many white male ‘leaders’ of this scene have daughters? Why does RamZPaul get away with his chronic attacks on white women? Why does ‘Jaye Ryan’ get an occasional column here?


    • Why should we care what conservatives do? Aren’t we supposed to be a separate movement not tied to conservatism? That’s what everyone on the alt-right was saying a few years ago. Since Trump, we have been sucked back into the world of boomer conservatism under the delusion that we were going to take it over.

      Nationalists have only ourselves to blame for working with conservatives, reading their media and voting for their politicians.


      We need to build a nationalist movement that is TOTALLY separate from conservatives. We shouldn’t be trying to go to conservatives meetings or reporting on those meeting like we expect them to talk like we do.

      We need our own independent movement, like nationalists in all European countries have.

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