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  1. So where is the money going to come from to fund the Freedom Dividend?

    From people like Trump, Bezos, and Koch Brothers of course. They’ll be flush with cash from their White Genocide policy.

  2. He’s talking sense, I’ll give him that. But so was Trump in 2016, and I’m not going to jump into another politician’s pocket so easily, especially one who’s even less likely to be pro-white.

    The optimist in me says, “Good luck.”

  3. I’m an engineer by education and work with technology. At least someone is thinking about this issue unlike the libertardians who truly think others are ALWAYS created. Sure, some goods get cheaper but what good is it if you have little money.

    I’m not sure about driverless vehicles. Flying a plane or drone in the sky is hell of a lot different than the complexities of the road.

    • Yep, if the radar and cameras on the vehicle or markings on the road are obscured by rain or snow, you have a vehicle that will crash or not be able to go.

  4. If you want him as the candidate endorse the other candidates and say, “white nationals for so and so”.

  5. A lot of people don’t get the effect of robotics/AI/automation on the economy. This is not some sci-fi bullshit, it’s here and now. We don’t need the millions of unskilled, uneducated, low IQ types that we take in every year—they will strictly be able to survive as parasites and criminals. That’s a sad fact. The other side of the coin is that even for those with education and skills the job market will be severely limited, or they will be used as scabs to drive down wages.

    • I’m skeptical of the promise of AI, since they promised us flying cars in the 1950s, and also said we’d soon be travelling to space like tourists, but none of it has happened yet and there is no sign of it happening.

      Also Elon Musk said something that was very telling, after he spent a lot of money building a robotic factory to build his cars. It didn’t work out so he scrapped the robots and returned to a human work force. He said the flexibility of human workers is very underrated.

  6. The immigration pushers keep telling us that we face a “labor shortage.” How can that be when robots will be taking a large share of jobs in the near future?

    • Simple enough; the second claim is false. The U.S. has had stagnant productivity since 2011 and more job openings than there are jobs. That is the very definition of “facing a labor shortage.

  7. To the best of my knowledge this is Tucker’s last interview on gun rights, in December:


    He just tiptoes around the real issue: fake media versus real american revolt in the form of Second Amendment sanctuary counties.

    For anyone willing to truly investigate, some of the excellent forensic evidence exposing Sandy Hook as a fraud (and others) can be sent via email. I’d be happy to pass on my collection of these videos which are apparently being deplatformed if Brad would play intermediary.

    The CIA has been taking over the media since the late 1990’s. At this point all mainstream content is too manicured and proscribed. Whites shouldn’t lose sight of the the real fight.

    Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico lead the way against Red Flags. New York state just passed Red Flag law under Cuomo, California and Maryland and around 11 other states already have one.


    Since we can’t directly subvert the legal agenda being advanced through psy op shootings (and most mass shootings are in fact psy ops) we should be instead fighting Red Flag Laws or ERPO’s and demanding 72 hour holds be implemented. They would require more all around input no normal state could adequately fund without outraging half the older and hypochondriac population.

    For all those clinging to their authoritarian paradigm, please take some time to consider anew. This goes out especially to Southerners. Tennessee, South Carolina (Dixie’s jewish center) and North Carolina have bills in progress for Red Flags. Kosher Florida already passed one.

    We can’t necessarily convince everyone most of the shootings are staged, but we can buy some time with a little effort.

  8. These are all reasonable positions. But what’s his immigration policy? If it’s open borders, then anything else he proposes is worse than meaningless.

    Anti-white immigration is the problem that needs to be solved before anything else is even considered.

    • That is the most important thing. Once whites become a minority in this country, the browns will bring on full socialism(take from whitey) and an eventual descent to a South African scenario.

  9. It doesn’t matter who wins, the same oligarchs will push the nation or in whatever direction they want. Trump is a perfect example of this.

  10. No, Yang is not talking any sense at all. Tucker understands more stuff from China (i.e., higher real wages) are not the answer (and he’s right). Never take him literally. The facts:
    * Output per worker has stagnated since 2011
    * Drug crisis is about drugs, not economy
    * Iowa is a very low-poverty state; California, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Florida are high-poverty states
    * Unemployment is genuinely low, though the average duration of unemployment is higher than normal due to job applications all being online these days. There are more job openings than there are workers.
    * There are a few examples of situations with many poor people, high GDP/capita, high automation displacing jobs (notably, West Virginia coalfields). They are not very common. If they were, Yang’s suggestion would make a lot more sense. America is not an economy of coal barons.
    * The future of America looks a lot more like (high-poverty) Florida or California than (also high-poverty) West Virginia.
    * That money for basic income is coming from somewhere. Possibly you. Somebody’s consumption has to be sacrificed to pay for the $12,000. And billionaires are only 3% of U.S. wealth, way less of consumption.

    • The problem when you gift free money is it starts at the milkman, “oh my customers have an extra $1000 i’m going to raise my price per bottle of milk a dollar”, and then next minute everything is going up in price and you’re back to 0 gains.

      • So you index it to rise with inflation.

        “But that will wreck the economy. Wall Street will go boom.”


        • You can’t wreck the jewish fiat economy. Ever, its built never to be wrecked. The last crash made wall street bigger and the jews richer.

          No government can give without taking off someone else. Who is Yang going to take this money off? Niggers?

  11. He’s grifting selling books and collecting shekels.

    How is this not obvious?

    I know the pain the orange kike has inflicted upon you all, but please don’t be this retarded.

  12. The trucking industry employs 8 million Americans. It’s the #1 career choice for those with only a HS diploma. I can see some OTR routes being taken over by automated trucks, but….

    At any rate, I think it’s safe to say Trump isn’t going to do shit about this looming problem, because he’s too busy engaging in “pissing contests” with a lot of hostile politicians and celebrities. He’s got to be the most un-presidential “president” this formerly great country has ever been inflicted with.

  13. It’s hard to engage in any kind of meaningful dialogue with all the delightful people posting here when one’s messages do not appear in the comments section for 36-72 hours after they are sent, HW.

  14. I don’t know much about this man but I do know the most ‘far-right’ politician in the Czech Republic is Tommy Okamura, half Czech / Half Japanese. Ant-Immigration, anti-globalist, anti-EU, and he actually means it

  15. hunter wallace’s favorite new democrat just said it’s time to take your assault weapons away, white guys.

    still your favorite democrat, hunter?

    you’re not very smart.

    once again, a democrat said the sky was blue. who cares?

    • Yes, I already own plenty of assault weapons.

      Try again. Tell me what Trump and the GOP are doing about doxxing, deplatforming, health care costs, private school tuition, student loans, etc. I’m not supposed to care about any of those issues though, right?

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