Senator Pocahontas To Declare War On White Nationalism

So tiresome:

I don’t think that will detoxify the issue.

The funniest thing is that White Nationalists are supporting Chairman Yang because he is intelligent and has pragmatic solutions to major problems. Elizabeth Warren wants to convene an Inquisition.

I think one of the biggest problems in America is the sheer number of people who have this SJW mindset. A great recent example of this is the sort of people who get so bent out of shape arguing about the style and color of the pink Yang hat. Yet another example would be the War on Statues.


Note: Blompf would love this match up. It would extend the argument that Boomers have been having with themselves for the past 40 years.

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  1. chairman yang has also declared war on white nationalists, white men, and white countries in general. gun owners, the south, and hunter wallace himself will all be declared enemies of the state when chairman yang is voted into office.

    • Oh, where?

      I don’t see him doing that anywhere. I’m a gun owner, but I don’t hoard guns to wait for the apocalypse. Yang has a better way to solve the problem

      • Do you plan on giving a definition of an “assault weapon” that you mentioned previously and also explaining what makes it “hoarding” firearms vs you claiming you have a lot of guns?

        You’ve spent many years trying to style yourself as some great champion of Southern heritage, traditions, independence, and people. Like I said before, I find it extremely odd that you now pick up the lexicon of the anti-gun, anti-White/Southerner with such ease. I’ve been in the South my entire life. The only Southerners I’ve come across who use “assault weapon” and “hoarding” to try to differentiate themselves and as slander toward others are antifa types and various others of the Leftist persuasion.

        Is there a Hunter Wallace Limit on the number of guns you can own before you become just a hoarder waiting for the apocalypse? Any new and developing proclamations on guys who drive big trucks, grow their own food, listen to country music, don’t trust the federal government, and who may have a Rebel flag or two on their property?

      • Are you serious? Or have you gone Anglin’s route with outrageous satire? My God, you’ve lost your mind, Mr. Griffin…
        Are we that destitute of leadership that we sell our southern souls for $1,000/month?
        There’s a very good book I read from often that says its akin to murder to call a man a “fool”, but you nearly make me want to declare that about you with this Yang thang. WTF?!?

        • It makes much more sense to stay on the course we are going now, right? That’s so much better than $1,000 a month and being rid of Conservatism, Inc. Well, I disagree.

  2. I am extremely tired of living in a nation run by Boomers and Jews. They have ruined this nation in a surprisingly short amount of time. The Jews set the agenda and the moronic Boomers willing followed in the destruction of their nation and race. Worse generation ever.

    Unfortunately it has been left to newer generations of Whites to clean up the mess they have left behind. A monumental task indeed.

    • I’m an old millennial of a young boomer. My dad fits your description pretty well. What I find astounding is their (going off personal experience here, no one needs to get their depends in a bunch) in ability to think of things for themselves. There is boomer left, and boomer right. Everything they know and bieleve comes out of a tv/radio show. When they read a book it is written by some one on tv/radio. I can pretty much predict my dads position and talking points on any given day if I have alrdy heard the faux news narrative for the day. It was amazing to see and hear the boomer opinions right after the NZ event, then the next day it was nothing but parroting MSM narrative.

      • I work with mostly millennials and a few Gen Xers and everything you said about boomers applies to them. I keep saying the only millennials I know who are pro-White are posters and bloggers on the internet (could be the same five guys for all I know). All the ones I know in real life are cucks and Antifa scum. Clean out your own generation and overthrow the system or shut up and go back to your anime porn.

        • @gkruz — Yes, this is exactly the point. It doesn’t matter the age of the individual, we have all been indoctrinated from birth. You can attack boomers, gen-Xers, and millenials, for their ignorance of jews, and it will all be true. NORMIES = DUMB AS ROCKS.

          The base problem is the jews and their ability to indoctrinate people of all ages. Attacking the older generation by the younger one, re: sons critiquing their fathers, for whatever reason, has been going on forever. If someone has not woke to jew subversion, it doesn’t matter what his age is. We need to wake them up as best we can.

          • Precisely. Television brainwashing in particular knows no generations.

            Last I checked, for example, David Hogg isn’t a “boomer,” yet he and thousands of other punks are fanatical communists ready to smash whatever is left of the nation gleefully. Similarly, Antifa are mostly young people.

            The generational infighting stuff is pure horseshit. There are people on the side of Whites, and people against them, from every living generation. Can’t we frickin’ focus on supporting our side and trying to beat the enemy, rather than this intrafamily squabbling?

    • The (((Greatest Gen))) screwed the pooch. Everything you hate about boomers was already the norm before they could vote.

      • Exactly right. The so called Greatest Generation is the worst generation. The boomers were young and stupid when much of the deconstruction of our society was coming into practice, and they went along, of course. The GG were in a position to possibly stop this mess, and they didn’t do it. They were manipulated into gladly fighting against the system that stood against all this madness.

  3. Hunter, I believe Ms. Warren prefers the title “fauxcahontas” You know, paper cut of injun blood and all.

  4. So she is going to pursue White Nationalists for what exactly? Having politically incorrect thoughts? LOL

  5. Dont worry, when you vote for yang he will hand out your fake jew ponzi scheme nigger money and then the world will be saved.

    For some weird reason jews forgot to hand out these money to White people for a very long time, although they never had a problem handing them out to mexicans and niggers.

  6. You’re conflating not wanting to wear a pink hat with wanting to tear down statues? That’s fucked up. In my case, I just don’t want to wear pink. I’m not outraged about it, and I don’t want to tear down a statue of Lee over my dislike of wearing pink. Just offer hats in different colors, and leave the statues alone. Happy now?

    • I want to tear down statues. Let’s start with Lincoln (((War criminal))), Washington (((Treasonous))), Franklin (((Treasonous))) and (((Hamilton))).

      • Before you blow up the Lincoln Memorial, enquiring minds want to know: Will you be wearing a pink Yang hat when you bring it down?

      • How was Washington treasonous? Hard to be treasonous against a nation you just helped create, isn’t it?

  7. It is sad to see you people being so demoralized that you are willing to vote for some Chinese insectoid. Temporary setbacks should not discourage you. We cannot rely on somebody else to solve our problems, we have to find the solution ourselves.

    • Agreed, but the value of Yang’s campaign is to introduce the idea of UBI into normie minds. Automation and robotics are reality, this transformation will be as profound as the industrial revolution was, if a UBI isn’t the solution, then it begs the question, what becomes of most people??? We may not like the answer to that question from our current crop of rulers, much better we start asking these questions right now, and Yang is performing an invaluable service by injecting it into the public debate…

    • Even if he does allow this storied $1000 go out to Whites, is that what our price is? Is a measly $1000 what you will take to turn your back on so many important issues? (gun rights being chief amongst them)

      Yang’s mythical $1000 a month pledge is today’s 30 pieces of silver…..

      I’m truly disappointed at the number of otherwise decent and intelligent pro-Whites who have set their price at $1000 a month.

      • I’m sorry, but this is conservatism.

        If you think owning your 11th or 12th gun is more important than reducing the crushing pressure on families to have both parents in the workforce, I just don’t understand where you are coming from.

        • I think the only reason we are even considering a situation in which we can’t have both the broad right to own and use firearms AND remedies for the very real financial burdens faced by married people wanting to start families and so forth is because the everywhere-ascendant left/liberal ruling order has made things like this a zero sum game. If white people had been in the habit of maling demands from their political representatives then perhaps we wouldn’t be in this mess generally speaking. But we always kind of took the things we liked and benefited from like free speech, assembly and gun ownership for granted, which allowed our supposed represenatives to become undermined, subverted and then co-opted by (((special people))) and their spiritual equivalents among our own people.

        • “If you think owning your 11th or 12th gun is more important than reducing the crushing pressure on families to have both parents in the workforce”

          Hyperbole and straw man arguments.
          That’s how leftist filth debate. You are both smarter and better than that, Wallace. I’m disappointed…..

          • “If I was a single issue voter, I would “vote straight R” but that has never been the case”

            I’m far from a single issue voter…unless you consider being pro-White a single issue. Read over Yang’s web page and look over some of his tweets. He’s:
            -Anti-law enforcement
            -Pro-open border
            -Pro-Criminal Lives Matter
            And that’s just a start.
            I’m particularly fond of a recent tweet were he proposes fining gun manufacturers $1,000,000 for each person killed by their product.

            That is what your $1000 price will buy you.

            Wallace, you’re smarter than this.

          • You seem to be overly obsessed with this Yang thing. I was thinking more along the lines of $1,000 a month IN THE CONTEXT of my ongoing work and research on this website over the past decade.

            If it helps you focus your attention on the idea itself and not the person or political platform or party, then just think about Richard Spencer who agrees with it

          • Fair enough.

            But there seems to be a rather large number of pro-Whites who seem to have fallen for Yang and his campaign body and soul. Given how so many have been let down badly by Trump’s failures I get it. It’s kind of like how I have seen abused wives latch on to the first man who comes along and treats them decently.

            If that does not apply to you, it’s well and good. But given the amount of pro-Yang imagery and rhetoric I have seen on the site in recent weeks I hope I might be excused for my concern.

            I just want to warn people away from latching on to a guy who is NOT our friend, who advocates some extremely destructive ideas, and is part of a dangerous lunatic organization.

            Do you see where I am coming from?

  8. Compare how white Corrine Terrone was treated by East or New Haven Police after she and her two daughters were verbally and physically invaded in Shoprite (she was forced to an ER psych ward) by a black man and how these two black women were treated after a verbal altercation they had with a white man in Florida:

    The two black women claim some white guy called one a ‘hooker’ as they walked by his property. And that they parried back with ‘faggot,’ then he pointed his shotgun at them (never leaving his property which to the best of my knowledge he in does in fact own).

    The two black women were not alone, not traveling with children, and their supposed white male aggressor never left his private property.

    A hispanic cop finally tired of one’s belligerence and Baker Acted her but is now fired:

    This is unfucking believable. White woman alone with two little girls gets invaded by black man in ‘minority-dominated’ Shoprite in the ghetto and gets committed, police await commendation and promotion. Two black women can’t walk by a white man’s property without calling the cops, cop who commits hyper-aggressive black woman is fired and made an example of.

    I want my reparations.


    Where are the reparations for the irish people’s sacrifice. We freed these black ingrates after being starved to death purposely by jewish landlords and bankers for…this.

    Reparations Now

  9. Oh belligerent black women dumped a plant onto the white guy’s yard before he took out his shotgun, Heavy article states on bottom.

    So black women are allowed to invade white people’s private property, while white women can’t even defend their own children from black male aggression while buying food in a grocery store.

  10. Full video angles on the arrest of Loving in Fla:

    A black woman’s screams and paeans to her absent children warrant police losing their jobs and all sorts of ‘compensations.’

    A white woman defends herself and her two children and is declared mentally incompetent, has her most basic liberty and eventually her children taken from her.



  11. Vote Kamala Harris. It’s a jewgro, married to a Jew. It speak in a perpetual sneer. The hatred is for Whites, and Humans in general, is SO raw and acidic the dimmest Boomers AND Millennials won’t be able to practice deliberate cognitive dissonance. Yang will NOT solve any problems.

    • Voting for Komrade Kamala and Corey the C-sucker will be just the accelerant needed to light a fire under Whitey’s ass, madam. Screwing around with that Chinaman is OK for the lulz, but that time would be better spent preparing for Helter Skelter.

  12. White guy in Fla incident with two black women arrested without any evidence:

    Black women violate his private property and win the ghetto lottery, white guy defends property and gets arrested.

    The one good thing here is that this can’t go on forever. Maybe we should be cheering that the cops will no longer either remain on the job or bother to enforce any laws. The ensuing chaos is our chance.

    Make sure to connect with local 2nd Amendment advocates, promote Sanctuary Counties, stock up.

  13. It’s terrorism to call Pocahontas “Pocahontas.” All shitposters must go to jail. And Blumpf.


    Are you speaking of Confederate statues, Mr. W.? If so, I’m surprised to learn you don’t give a f*** about them.

      • Well, you yourself are enraged–or at least quite upset–when the statues are removed. You and other Dixie partisans take them as seriously as do the persons who want them taken down. You don’t say to yourselves, “Who gives a f***? They’re just stone statues.”

  15. If the Founders were still around she’d go after them too. Would she go after Black nationalists or Asian nationalists? Of course not.

    She looks like us but has no loyalty to us.
    White anti-Whites are the worst.
    White self hatred is sick.

  16. Are people tuning in to the developments in Pa?

    Pedophile pediatrician Dr. Barto was rallied behind and defended by the entire system when in 1998 two of his female victims brought forward their stories about his sexual violations (including rape). He admitted in the last year’s investigation that the system’s corruption and misogyny only emboldened him, duh. He continued to violate and rape children for another 20 years.

    Guess who was AG of Pa in 1998?

    Georgetown undergrad, Georgetown Law, Romans and Jews, appointed by W.

    White girls and women are faced with a choice between being raped and being raped. In the battle of Tucker v. Warren, I’d say Warren’s evil is at least less hidden.

  17. A cool grand free and clear courtesy of Chairman Yang every month buys a lot of guns and ammo, but that may not be allowed and it may be that most of the guns and ammo worth buying are banned, etc. I just don’t understand why any white man in America would willingly go along with any plan – put forward by any politician regardless of their other positions and compromises – to limit firearms ownership rights for law-abiding citizens. A dream candidate for me (whether in these present-day dis-united states or in the one-day free and independent South) would even talk seriously about rolling back many of the impracticable, unconstitutional restrictions on gun ownership that are already in place.

    I don’t mean to say that other things aren’t important, but I have IRL friends and acquaintances in every anglosphere country, and every single one of them, regardless of age and – broadly speaking – regardless of political viewpoint, is envious of us here in the states because we at least can own and in many states (particularly here in the south and the “real west”) legally use and carry practical, non-sporting-specific firearms. This is an important part of our patrimony as “free white men of good character” who are citizens of an Anglo-Saxon country.

    • I agree but we are not an Anglo-Saxon country. Probably not even Saxon although I strongly identify as Saxon.

      • I was going for an imitation of George Wallace’s famous “Anglo-Saxon Southland” comments in one of his thunderoua speeches.

  18. It is just unbelievable how fast our civilization has crashed. The Jews and Boomers are completely responsible for this. Jews we already know they are hostile to anything white and Christian so that’s no surprise they have destroyed society. Boomers are stuck in their generation and not come out of it. They believe anything they hear on cable news, which we all know is controlled by Jews. They refuse to listen to anybody outside their generation and continue to vote for Conservative Inc. Plus, they are the main participants in “the Democrats are the real racists.” Its just astounding you can live in society see the failure all around that you caused, deny it and still be stuck in your same old ways, but that’s a boomer for you.

  19. Instead of Yang, our meming should be forcing explicit racialism into the national conversation. Meme about white pride and white identity. Yang is a step backward because it moves our memes away from white identity. Yang is like Trump2.0. It’s hitching our wagon to a horse we don’t control. Again. Totally stupid strategically.

  20. Uggghhh….fake squaw speak with forked tongue! However persecution often strengthens or incubates nationalism. Witness how Afrikaner nationalism was never stronger than when the British confined their women and children to consecrations camps.

  21. I’m proud to say : Long before Senator Pocahontas, I never believed any White who told me he or she was part Native American. I never believed them because each and every White who claims to be part Native American is always a “Cherokee”, always a Cherokee, never from any other Indian tribe.

    There’s over 500 Indian tribes in the United States but every White in the United States who claims to be part Indian is Cherokee. No White who claims to be part Native American is ever from any other Indian tribe. Whites who claim to be part Native American are always Cherokees, never from any other Native American Indian tribe — it’s just NOT believable that all the Whites in the United States who claim to be part Native American are all from the same Indian tribe. Over 500 Indian tribes and all the Whites who claim to be “part Indian” are ALL from just one of the over 500 Indian tribes. The Cherokees sure did get around, lol…..

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