Which Way Southern Man?

I just read the latest article about Yang Gang at Identity Dixie and I am like

“It’s an ages old struggle, that which we call class warfare. One need look no further than pharaonic Egypt to find historical context to support the fact that men have always stratified themselves into hierarchies in order to benefit societies as a whole. Even before the invention of the wheel, Egyptian farmers would donate their idle time between harvest and flood seasons to the state in order to build their king his pyramids and monuments.

Why would men of agency and free will submit themselves to a king, a state, a corporation, a feudal system, a military empire, or any other form of hierarchy? Why did those Egyptian farmers toil to build the Pharaoh his pyramid in exchange for nothing more than grain and beer?

The answer is security. Classes stratify over time as a means of institutional management, as a means of establishing cooperation among men for the benefit of all. And, for all of the profound intellectual exchange of ideas that have occurred in the dissident right over the last few years, I find it stunning that so many people, who speak in terms of “alphas” and “betas,” have energetically embraced a meme (YangGang) that so clearly reduces the individual to less-than-beta serfdom. (inb4 just a meme, bro)

I criticize the failings of corporate capitalism just as earnestly as anyone, but I cannot deny that at least on economic terms, it is the one system that succeeded in creating a massive prosperous working and middle class in the West, and that this working and middle class has experienced more economic freedom than any other proletariat or bourgeois classes in history. …”

This is stale 1980s conservatism.

There is nothing traditionally Southern about this way of thinking at all.

The Southern social order that had existed since colonial times was shattered in the War Between the States. It was replaced by this worldview which our forefathers would have recognized as the Yankee mindset: radical individualism, free markets, free labor, wage slavery, etc. We’ve dissolved into a weak nation with no identity filled with men on the make chasing after a dollar.

The central theme of Southern history from the founding and development of the Southern colonies through the War Between the States was slavery and the South’s relationship to the wider South Atlantic System and its orientation toward Britain in the global economy. We have spent years discussing this at length on this website. Michael Cushman wrote an entire book about it.

The essential difference between the North and South was slavery. This was the crux of the issue and the source of an entire worldview which had grown up in the South as a result of the domination of our economy by the plantation complex. Antebellum Southerners prided themselves on embracing a more Greco-Roman ethos and culture. It was a patriarchal and paternalistic culture that celebrated leisure over work which was made possible by a racial redistribution of wealth.

Now try to wrap you mind around this because I am going to try to explain the last 150 years of Southern history to you as briefly as possible: when slavery was abolished in 1865 and replaced by free-market capitalism, the Southern economy tumbled into poverty and really didn’t even begin to recover until the 1930s when FDR was president and investment in the Southern economy began to undermine the old sharecropping system and replaced it with the mechanization of agriculture. There is no such thing as sharecropping in the South anymore.

Those people who were sharecroppers (there were more Whites than blacks) were displaced by the mechanization of agriculture. Many of them moved out of the South to places like Detroit and Chicago where in the 20th century they worked in Northern industry before it became the Rust Belt. Both Detroit and the Mississippi Delta are now an economic wasteland for a reason. It is because the world economy has moved on from the 19th and 20th centuries without finding any solution for all the people it left behind. This is the going to be the primary challenge of the 21st century.

Yang is trying to explain to you that there is a new and emerging mudsill caste:

“In all social systems there must be a class to do the menial duties, to perform the drudgery of life. That is, a class requiring but a low order of intellect and but little skill. Its requisites are vigor, docility, fidelity. Such a class you must have, or you would not have that other class which leads progress, civilization, and refinement. It constitutes the very mud-sill of society and of political government; and you might as well attempt to build a house in the air, as to build either the one or the other, except on this mud-sill. Fortunately for the South, she found a race adapted to that purpose to her hand. A race inferior to her own, but eminently qualified in temper, in vigor, in docility, in capacity to stand the climate, to answer all her purposes. We use them for our purpose, and call them slaves. We found them slaves by the common “consent of mankind,” which, according to Cicero, “lex naturae est.” The highest proof of what is Nature’s law. We are old-fashioned at the South yet; slave is a word discarded now by “ears polite;” I will not characterize that class at the North by that term; but you have it; it is there; it is everywhere; it is eternal.”

Yes, that sounds harsh to modern ears, but the new mudsill caste isn’t human.

It is all the machines we are creating to do work. Agrarianism is never coming back because technological progress has eliminated the need for such a large human labor force. The same is true of industrialism due to automation. There will also be fewer service jobs in the future.

What do you DO with all these people? The South prided itself on NOT HAVING CLASS CONFLICT because its economy was organized along racial lines. Blacks were the menial laborers. The White planter class lived a life of luxury BY REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH UPWARD FROM SLAVES. Unfortunately, this has left us saddled with a neverending racial conflict the fires of which are stoked by the media and opportunists like Elizabeth Warren who pander to resentment.

The menial laborers today though are increasingly your washer and dryer, microwave, that Roomba robot, your automobile, the self checkout at Walmart, the Kiosk at McDonald’s, the robots in the Amazon distribution centers and so on and so on. What is going on here is that scientific and technological progress is creating a new class of laborers and generating enormous wealth that right now is being sucked into the stratospheres of the American ruling elite while the middle and working class is being reduced into a dying lumpenproletariat. Fortunately for us, none of that is necessary.

Instead of doing that, we could simply redistribute the wealth through UBI so that it benefits everyone in society and reduces social tensions. This is not unlike what the old Southern planter class did under slavery. It was the foundation of their social order. In fact, there is no reason why Yang’s Freedom Divided couldn’t be raised by future generations as the planet becomes a wealthier place.

In the future, everyone can be master, not a slave, or a wage slave. I don’t know how else to explain it to you more simply, but I am floating above you all with Yang:

Yang understands how all these old paradigms are bunk. There is a solution which allows you to attain your end whether it is capitalism, socialism, nationalism or conservatism. All of these conflicting worldviews can be reconciled in the long run when UBI is implemented.

I’ve already explained how UBI could be used to unscramble America’s racial demographics into homogeneous or heterogeneous zones, rebuild social cohesion and detoxify race relations. Similarly, UBI could be the foundation of the broader distribution of wealth desired by socialists. In the future, conservatives liberated from wage slavery could have the leisure to pursue their cultural pursuits and rebuild a more intelligent version of Christendom than the one that exists today. There could be a world where you aren’t represented by dumb hacks and grifters like Charlie Kirk and Diamond and Silk and the moron you have in the White House.

Imagine a world in which mixed race people would have the money to settle in Brazil. Blacks would have the money to settle in Africa or the Caribbean. Europeans could return to Europe. The people who wanted to be cosmopolitan could do so. The funny thing is, few people but Yang grasp how having more money and distributing it more equitably really solves everything. Abolishing wage slavery will liberate you to pursue your own ends in life. Why not end that oligarchy, man?

I say this half in jest, but we have to maintain human supremacy over the robots. We can’t afford an uprising. Everything else can be fixed by harnessing the wealth generated by capitalism and redistributing it through a social dividend to improve our well being.

Want to stay in the modern world or start building a postmodern one?

Note: “Journalists” still don’t grasp this. There is no intelligence or education in most of what we call the mainstream of American politics. It is angry people shouting at each other on Twitter.

Yang is Chinese. I’m a Southerner. I get it and can see the solution. I’ve thought about it for years.

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  1. UBI will lead to hyperinflation? I don’t give a f***. Time to destroy finance capitalism anyway. We can sort out the survivors afterwards. #Onwards

    • UBI won’t lead to hyperinflation – that’s the problem – it’s a sedative not an accelerant. if i thought it would damage finance capitalism i’d be all for it. what UBI would do is keep the economy limping along for a few more years while finance capital finish their move to China.

    • If the FED can print $16 Trillion, (proven by Ron Paul limited audit), bucks and give to banksters at zero interest, and through public documents it’s more like $30 Trillion, then we can afford a few Wang bucks for the peasants. The $16 Trillion is roughly enough to give every American family of four a $250,000 house loan at zero interest.

    • Hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the only way the US Government is going to be able to pay off the ever increasing national debt is to hyper inflate dollars to worhtlessness, which means wiping out your savings except assets in real property, foreign currency or precious metals (and diamonds). Their hand may be forced by the Chinese, if they (the PRC) unpeg the their national currency (yuan) from the dollar, which will have to happen as soon as USA and PRC go to war (which again is probably inevitable)

    • Exactly. Blacks will move closer to whites if they have more money, not farther. And congress will never approve any UBI.

  2. UBI would also create an immediate constituency for immigration restrictionism.

    NEET: “Gimme my $1000 bucks!”
    Congress: “Sorry, we have to import a million pajeets this year. How about $500?”
    NEET: “Screw you. Deport pajeet and give me my $1000 bucks.”

    • Yes, I pointed this out on the other thread.

      UBI is essentially protection money, or rent, or feudal dues. The population is extracting it from the automated megacorporations as their fee for NOT burning the entire thing to the ground and looting it, as they would have every incentive to do if simultaneously deprived of work yet be compelled to buy everything to survive anyway.

      Once this was in place, the incentive to import immigrants would immediately become negative. The rental/feudal dues/UBI pie is of finite dimensions; the more foreigners you add, the less money you’re going to get.

      Automation is going to be a major challenge. It’s difficult to think of this stuff because we’re so used to swinking in offices and factories for most of the time we’re alive.

      But as Hunter says, robots will be the new mudsills.

      • “the incentive to import immigrants would immediately become negative”

        no it doesn’t

        large employers like Zuckerberg gain more from cheaper labor than they lose in higher taxes because the cost of increased welfare is spread out across all tax payers.

        UBI (in the context of mass immigration) is simply a way for the rich to offload part of their wages bill onto that part of the middle class who still earn enough to pay taxes.

      • Hunter’s articles and your commentary, Ironsides, have helped me with understanding why we should have UBI, and the potential benefits. When UBI has been tried elsewhere, like in Manitoba and Finland, the economic effects were prominently discussed in a standard manner. You had to go further into the stories to find where UBI had its’ most positive change, which was on health and well-being. Not having money concerns lifts a heavy burden off people. Also, UBI allows people to become members of the leisure class without penalizing them like welfare does, through stripping people of assets in order to participate in the program. UBI could replace many welfare programs, actually, which could help “pay” for it.

  3. Hunter, when you’re talking about Robotic Displacement you are way ahead of most people on this, maybe too far. Constitutional issues, traditional social issues, wars and just about everything we discuss politically as humans is about to be replaced with…I don’t have a job nor are there any.

    Most American Whites are not going to be intrested in UBI, it’s just not in our character.

    Since there are no traditional candidates in the Democrat field, Yang at least is the least offensive to our political sentiments of that bunch. While you may want him to win the general election, at best for those of us who abhor the Democrats, he will force Trump into more populist actions.

    This election cycle will be dangerous.

    • “This election cycle will be dangerous.”

      Ahhh, the ancient Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times.”

      or as quick search of kikepdia kevtched, “Better to be a dog in a peaceful time, than to be a human in a chaotic (warring) period.”

  4. Yang’s UBI will let soyboy move out of mom’s basement and let him eat pizza and watch porno.

    The VAT that comes with it will crush what remains of white fertility among white families.

    I’m getting very disturbed that Yang is being taken seriously by the alt-right.

    My default position is that any benefit you think will materialize is a lie, and that Yang bill be another disaster

    • So what’s your proposal regarding near-total automation of the economy? What do YOU suggest doing with all the people?

      • if automation on that scale is coming then the logical first thing to do would be to completely halt immigration and deport all illegals.

        (this is what proves the yang gang thing is a scam)

        • “…logical first thing to do would be to completely halt immigration and deport all illegals…”

          OK but in 2025 you will have a computer processor that cost $1000 with the computing power of a human mind. Add maybe $5000 for muscles, eyes, legs and arms…what will you do????

          Better get the Wang bucks now before skynet takes over and you get nothing.

        • ” first thing to do would be to completely halt immigration and deport all illegals.”

          Hmmm, where have I heard that before? … seems like 2016? … so I guess our compatriot (((nobody))) recommends we all vote for 4 more years of MIGA and jewvanka running the show through their hand puppet the Orange Buffoon.

  5. Agrarianism is never coming back because technological progress has eliminated the need for such a large human labor force.

    Sorry Hunter, but this is just wrong. Fossil fuels are limited and will not be extracted in the scale to support a society at the current level of technology forever, much less a high tech and more complex one. “Renewables” are not scalable and even if they were, their production, installation, and maintenance relies on fossil fuels. Nuclear is not scalable (and is probably an environmental disaster in the long run anyway).

    The future will in fact be agrarian, because fossil fuels and the industrialized world the enabled were a one time bonanza in world history.

    • “…Fossil fuels are limited and will not be extracted in the scale to support a society at the current level of technology forever, much less a high tech and more complex one. “Renewables” are not scalable and even if they were, their production, installation, and maintenance relies on fossil fuels. Nuclear is not scalable (and is probably an environmental disaster in the long run anyway)…”

      This is complete mindless Luddite madness and uninformed ignorance. Look up molten salt reactors. Molten salt reactors burn our present nuclear waste to make energy. They can burn Thorium also which is more common than lead. Just the waste we have now can be used in MSR to provide us with thousands of years of energy at present usage. MSR have to be heated to work so if the containment breaks it just freezes like melted wax poured on the ground. They don’t melt down or explode like pressurized reactors we have now. If they get too hot the fuel is drained into a holding tank where the reaction stops automatically. You can shut them off and walk away from them and they will just cool down on their own. The reason we don’t have these, we have made several of them and run them for years at a time, is we needed plutonium for bombs and MSR suck for building bombs. So most of the research went to bomb making high pressure dangerous reactors.


      This is not even to talk about the many numbers of fusion reactor companies working right now on fusion. I would say at least three of them have a very good chance of working in the next five to ten years. Maybe sooner. All of them will produce energy at least half or less the cost we are at now.


      We also have great leaps in solar. They are layering cells that make electricity from different wavelengths. Some of the processes have efficiencies of 60%. Some even better.


      The guy who invented the present lithium battery we’re using right now has invented a new type that uses glass. It has way higher Wh/kg (watt-hour/kilogram) power and can be made of lithium or way cheaper materials potassium, sodium.


      Food is right now being grown from electricity, air and a splash of minerals.


      With CRISPR genetic engineering we could make symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast like Kombucha that taste like rib eye steak or whatever and grown in vats with solar power.


      I see all these, like electric cars, as great individual freedom machines. As solar and batteries get cheaper we will not be tied to the grid. With satellite internet can live any damn where we please. Soon we can grow food in vats that taste like whatever we want and can tell the Oligarchs to kiss our ass.

      • Thanks for doing the research and presenting all that info. Of course, the problems will be cost and availability of that tech you’re writing about. I’ve been reading about the obvious benefits of thorium reactors for years, but they aren’t widely used, and MSRs are really only used in China on a limited basis. There may be great leaps in tech efficiency and miniaturization, but general public access to that beneficial tech is often limited.

  6. There is no substitute for revolution. The current ruling class is corrupt and self serving. They have to go before anything useful can be done for our people. And the Quislings must be dealt with.

  7. i agree the current system is screwed and boomer style pro capitalist conservatism is a poisonous scam funded by Wall St. however the root problem is over supply of labor and the problem can’t be fixed without fixing that.

    capitalism is driven by competition so in the context of an unlimited labor supply capital will compete to drive down wages and this drives down demand leading to the economic stagnation we have now and eventual collapse.

    this is where we are.

    the solution is either national capitalism (or national socialism) which actively restricts the supply of labor thus forcing capital to seek profit through technology and innovation instead of simply importing cheaper labor.

    promoting UBI to the Dem base to get them fighting over it would be worthwhile imo but promoting it to Trump’s ex-base is simply distracting them from the core problem.

    (nb i agree with you about UBI *if* we had zero immigration)

  8. Concerning strictly economics how can a system that is operating of deficient sending possible afford giving everybody 1000 dollars a month? Assuming it was possible how then would you get whites to revolt and form an Ethno-State when they know they would lose that 1000 dollars? UBI is a plan to buy off revolutionary discontent among middle and working class whites. Only in an Ethno-State in which Social Communitarian is the order of the day (AKA society organized as a Folk Community with the Folk Community being the source of all political power and legitimacy) would a system of UBI be possible.

  9. “how can a system that is operating of deficient sending possible afford giving everybody 1000 dollars a month?”

    the aim is to keep people sedated for a few years so only needs to be temporary – they can just add it to the deficit

    (yang’s policy is to pay for it with VAT and welfare substitution but the Dems won’t go for that cos it’s not anti-white enough – if they adopt the policy it will end up being borrowed)

  10. gif of computing power related to the processing power of a human mind and how it compounds it’s growth. This is a fairly well known extrapolation of known advances possible. It is NOT some flight of fancy sci-fi dream. It’s based on basic known principles.


    Think of what this means to automation. I suspect machines will soon outclass humans but even if they don’t “reason” think of all the other things they could do. Most all of what your average human could do. Right now they are using data linked drones that fly around stores like home depot and do inventory. They video the shelves and add up the inventory as they fly around.

    How many check out lines in stores are automated? Sure they have a couple people that check stuff out but if you’re like me it’s faster to d it yourself.

    “…one of every 15 workers in the country is employed in the trucking business, according to the ATA…”

    These will be gone in 10 years. Musk is adding exponential data on autonomous driving cars that can directly be used for trucks also. After that they will make some sort of crate, like a small shipping container, that will allow robot loading, unloading and stocking of goods.

    A large part of service work can be automated. All this punching buttons on computers can mostly be automated.

    I don’t care as long as I get my Wang bucks.

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