The Great Plantation: Political Correctness Is Not Universal

In the previous article, there were several readers in the comments who seemed surprised that I had studied the issue and concluded that morality is universal.

As I did my research, turned over a bunch of ideas in my mind and especially after I started practicing morality, I began to see ethics in a new light. While morality is universal or accessible to anyone, political correctness is the opposite. It is a diabolical creed that divides people, causes violence and social strife and pits groups against each other under the cloak of righteousness.

It’s not just Christian and Aristotelian morality that is universal. Science is also universal. The philosophy of the Enlightenment is universal. If you are Asian, there is no inherent reason why you can’t practice science. There is no inherent reason why you can’t appreciate European classical music and culture. While you can never become White, there is no reason why you can’t convert to Christianity.


Let’s start with Aristotelianism and Antiquity. We shall go with Aristotelianism because it had the greatest impact on Western Europe in the Middle Ages.

Is there a reason why anyone can’t practice the classical virtues? There are any number of YouTube channels that are full of great advice about nutrition and body building. Some of these YouTube channels are run by people who are non-White. While they are non-White, they are not wrong about the benefits to your health of practicing the virtue of temperance in your life.

A temperate person will avoid drunkenness, sugary foods and won’t be quick to anger. A temperate person will maintain a healthy diet, reflect upon what he or she is consuming and avoid abusing drugs. A temperate person will be physically active, not slothful. It goes without saying that practicing temperance cuts across racial lines because morality is not a racial issue. There are White people, black people, Asian people and Hispanic people who are temperate. Similarly, there are White people, black people, Asian people and Hispanic people who DO NOT practice temperance in their lives.

An honest, straightforward person will always try to tell you the truth to the best of his ability. It isn’t a racial issue because morality cuts across racial lines. There are White people, black people, Asian people and Hispanic people who are honest. Similarly, there are White people, black people, Asian people and Hispanic people who mendacious, deceitful liars. There is no reason why anyone cannot practice honesty in their lives (veritas is the root of virtue) and become a better human being.

As Aristotle would have explained, potential and actual are two different things. As a human being, you have the potential to be a virtuous person, but you might actually be a vicious person. He would have said there is no such thing as moral equality because all individuals are virtuous or vicious in greater or lesser degrees and the same is true of peoples. There is one tribe of people in particular that comes to mind that enjoys a well deserved reputation for hypocrisy and mendacity.

As an “alt-right white supremacist” (take your pick from whatever absurd label journos are using), I would argue that courage is another virtue that anyone can practice. Courage is also a moral quality which is not a racial issue. There are White people, Hispanic people, Asian people, black people, Christians, even Muslims, who practice courage. Similarly, there are millions of White, Asian, Hispanic, black, Christian and Islamic cowards. The issue of courage and cowardice isn’t a racial one. It truly cuts across racial lines. As with all virtues, courage is a virtue which must be practiced or cultivated.

We can go through the whole list of Aristotelian virtues which he advocated practicing in a kind of moral gymnasium: prudence and justice, modesty, ambition, friendliness, generosity, highmindedness (a sense of honor, self worthiness) and so on. There is a lot of overlap with Plato in their assessment of the cardinal virtues. Aristotle identifies and talks about other goods as well like pleasure, wealth and honor. He doesn’t say they are necessarily bad. He only argues about their relative importance to eudaimonia or human flourishing and well-being. Everything that Aristotle describes as morality is at least something that could apply to everyone. Of course he explains that there are uncivilized brutes who are too dumb to realize this and who must be restrained. He wasn’t a modern day egalitarian.

What is our culture … cultivating in the 21st century? Is it cultivating any of these qualities to make our people into better citizens? Are they being taught to be kind people and courageous truth tellers with a temperate diet? Have you ever thought about it? I would argue that instead of virtue it is cultivating moral degeneracy, vicious behaviors as well as things that are outright Satanic like political correctness. We live in a culture which also outright suppresses and discourages virtue.


Let’s travel further through time like Dr. Who:



We’re now in a very different place.

The center of moral life in Western Christendom is the Catholic Church which has converted the Germanic barbarians who overran the Western Roman Empire, blended Germanic culture with Greco-Roman culture and has started to change the landscape of Western Europe. The educated speak a common tongue called Latin while the common people speak a bewildering number of dialects.

Medieval Christendom has started making its mark with institutions which hadn’t existed before in Plato and Aristotle’s time. The church where the faithful practice their faith and worship their LORD is one. It has begun to spawn magnificent Gothic cathedrals. The university which teaches the trivium (grammar, logic and rhetoric) and the quadrivium (arithmetic, astronomy, music and geometry) is another new institution. The liberal arts which were taught in the universities laid the groundwork for the study of theology which was considered the highest discipline. The idea behind this was to educate a European elite and step by step bring it closer to God. The hospital where the virtue of charity was practiced and institutionalized to care for the poor and the sick as Christ had commanded was another.

Now, there were all kinds of things going on in the High Middle Ages. By this point, the Germans, Dutch, English and the Irish have been converted to Christianity. The Second Crusade was going on against the Muslims. These Medieval Knights reaped a huge spiritual reward for fighting against Muslims. If they died fighting in the Crusades against the Saracens, they bypassed the whole Purgatory thing which became the source of so much controversy during the Reformation.

Europe has become a highly spiritual place.

It is dotted by various monastic houses and orders which were institutions for the most spiritually inclined men in Europe who wanted to leave behind the world to become closer to God. As I said in the last post, my personal favorite was Bernard of Clairvaux and the Cisterians.

Bernard was a celebrity in his time.

He was a highly respected voice in 12th century Western Europe. He was the leader of his little Cisterian band of the “athletes of God” who practiced their faith all over Western Europe. They would spend their time in the monasteries becoming better Christians instead of, say, doing all the things that SJWs are known for doing today. In hindsight, shutting down the monasteries was a bad idea.

From the High Middle Ages forward, Western Christian Europe begins to have a reckoning with the intellectual heritage of Antiquity. The Aristotelian corpus began to be recovered and revived in Europe’s universities. It would dominate higher education in Western Europe from the 12th century through the Renaissance to the dawn of the 18th century when Aristotelian science had become discredited by the titans of the Scientific Revolution: to name a few, Copernicus, Galileo, Boyle, Newton.

Anyway, that’s getting way ahead of ourselves. Thomas Aquinas attempted to synthesize Augustinian Christianity with the recovered Aristotelian corpus. As time went on in Western Europe, however, the Scholasticism of the schools began to feel like dead weight from the Medieval past during the Renaissance, Reformation and the Scientific Revolution and was discarded.

It will suffice to say, morally speaking, the baby was thrown out with the bathwater here. Medieval Christians had significantly improved upon the virtue scheme of Aristotle.


Sounds great … to me? Is it possible to bring the practice of the virtue of chastity back for young White women? Can we bring back the practice of the virtues of faith and hope to curb nihilism and suicide? This would solve so many of our current cultural problems.

The Medieval Christians took Aristotelianism and added the Christian faith, the Bible, God’s Law as well as Roman law which was recovered around the same time period. When I studied the rise of modern science in college, I discovered that the roots trace back to the High Middle Ages. There was also this idea called nominalism that evolved out of the context of Western theological debates that would have a major impact on scientific thinking in Western Europe several centuries later.

We haven’t even talked about Christ himself.

Supposedly, he made satisfaction for our sins on the Cross at Calvary. This is what Protestants and Catholics alike used to believe in our civilization. Sure, there are important differences on justification by faith and salvation and what not, BUT … did anyone ever go to hell for, say, “racism” or “sexism” or “anti-Semitism” or any of this other nonsense Christ never spoke about?

Who actually killed Jesus Christ? Hell, were they ever forgiven for that? Boomer conservatives who know virtually nothing about European culture and history seem to believe they were, but people like us? We’re moral lepers because the ADL says so!


This is one of the most glorious epochs of European history.

I love this chapter of European history so much that I have made Raphael’s masterpiece painting The School of Athens which is found in the Vatican itself as the banner of this website.

In some ways, the Renaissance was a lot like our times. It was the moment in history when Christian men of European ancestry rediscovered and fell in love with the heritage of Greco-Roman Antiquity. Much of their work was inspired by the revival of interest in Plato, Cicero and the Roman Republic. It must have felt like a long night was passing for them.

I would argue that something similar is going on here in the 21st century. In our case, it is people who are TIRED of listening to and being lectured to by the deracinated and decultured Baby Boomer generation and sold their dumb paradigm, especially the “mainstream conservatives” who don’t know anything about our culture and who have totally failed at preserving it or much less restoring it to its former greatness. We’re shopping around for an alternative to those people.

We should take a page from the book of the prince of the humanists, Desiderius Erasmus, and go back to and drink from the well-springs of our European culture instead of from the polluted stream of “conservative” garbage that has been passed on to us. We shouldn’t listen to the people who put on that Boomer shit show of grifters and hacks at CPAC 2019. We should instead look back to history at men like Marsilio Ficino who created the Florentine Academy in the Republic of Florence to revive interest in the works of Plato. They were nostalgic for clear reasoning and sharp writing.

The Renaissance came and went without any discussion of the disease of political correctness. These men were Christian humanists and didn’t think in the same terms as the deracinated and decultured atheists of the future who are pumped up with pride and the certainty of the bigot and fanatic about the timeless validity of their moral creed which was only created about 70 years ago.

The Enlightenment

I feel like pole vaulting across the centuries.

The Enlightenment is a very interesting period of Western history for a number of reasons: to my knowledge, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Hume and Kant all agreed with Blumenbach and Thomas Jefferson about the existence of racial differences within the human species. It is really to the 18th century that we can trace the origins of what is decried today as “racism.”

While slavery existed before the 18th century, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the growth of the New World plantation complex culminated in the Century of Light. It gave us all sorts of things like Reason, classical music, white supremacy, racism, Baroque art and architecture, individual rights, liberty, constitutional government, freedom of speech and assembly, markets and what can only be called the virtues of religious tolerance and a negative toward bigotry.

Voltaire considered himself a friend of humanity. He was also a “racist,” a fan of absolutism and of modern science and seeing natural forces at play in the world. He gently mocked Pangloss (i.e., Wilhelm Leibniz in Candide) for believing that the devastating 1755 Lisbon earthquake was a result of God’s providence and that the tragedy was the “best of all possible worlds” in Leibniz’s deluded scheme of thought. Both Jefferson and Voltaire’s God was highly reasonable.

Speaking of Jefferson …

How many tests of political correctness does Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence itself fail? He was a pioneer of “Scientific Racism” and “Herrenvolk Democracy.” He was an ardent admirer of his White Anglo-Saxon ancestors. He was a Southern slave owner and a white supremacist. He was a white separatist who believed that negroes should be deported to Africa or Haiti. He added the Louisiana Purchase to the United States to enable “settler-colonialism.”

One must laugh … because political correctness did not exist in Jefferson’s time either. He believed that some things like individual rights were universal and available to everyone including his own slaves. He struggled with the dilemma. It will suffice to say that the overall result of the Enlightenment was to sow moral confusion and shove aside the waning power of the churches, Catholic and Protestant alike, but it ALSO tacked on a lot of things that were in theory available to everyone. Free speech is one of those things championed by the “bigots” in our own times!

It is really a good thing all the religious conflict was quelled in the 18th century. It was an understandable reaction to the excesses of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Note: I hope you have been enjoying the ride. I’m trying to explain my point of view. We’ve been on a tour of the world as it existed before the Baby Boomers.

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  1. There’s a lot of retards on our side who will see a Muslim brushing his teeth and then say “Having clean teeth is anti-white!!”
    We gotta have the humility to learn from our enemies. It’s never bern beneath me to follow fitness or diet advice from a non-white youtuber if it’s useful.

    • I have told this for years but by some weird reason, pro white Western Patriots do not care white why tiny and poor Eastern European countries are white but mighty Western European countries are not.

      “Know better” attitude driver your countries to hell. You should take a very critical look on the “good white people”

    • You’re right.

      It is the same mindset that I see on Woke Twitter. If I said to this people that the sky is blue and it is spring weather outside, they wouldn’t like spring weather because “he is a Nazi.”

  2. Political Correctness: Invented by Jews, believed and practiced by Whites, ignored by Muds.

    Outside of ostensibly White nations, PC simply doesn’t exist. The rest of the of the World still operates on Natural Law and still lives in cold, hard reality.

  3. While you can never become White, there is no reason why you can’t convert to Christianity.

    It’s not this banal observation that I take issue with; rather, it’s your attempt to conflate morality with Christianity. That is not only fallacious, but to me seems a straight path back to the “one truth faith” conflicts that once devastated Europe and other parts of the world.

    Is there a reason why anyone can’t practice the classical virtues?

    Who do you suppose you’re arguing against? I’m not aware of anybody who disputes the ability of all people to practice, to some degree, the classical virtues. What rival moral theories hold is that virtue ethics, whatever good it may do, is insufficient, since it does not provide any way to resolve moral dilemmas.

    I would grant that the de-emphasis on virtues has caused us to become mentally, spiritually, and physically flabby. Separating morality from daily living and allowing PC scum to capture the “moral” high ground has exacted an enormous cost on human flourishing. But I don’t see any reason to accept MacIntyre’s claim (if I’ve understood him correctly) that people who discuss morality in terms of consequentialism or deontology fundamentally misunderstand the subject.

  4. Silver’s Christophobia should be your first clew that ‘morality’ – i.e., CHRISTIAN MORALITY, is NOT universal. I read your previous article, Brad, and followed the thrust of it, because in it, you were operating from the older Catholic (and by Big- C, I mean ROMAN) worldview I learned as a child, in the wake of Vatican Eww. The ROMAN view that all of this ‘makes sense.’

    Well, it does… IF you presuppose a few things. 1) Whites are the undisputed rulers and Supreme exemplars of Christendom on the planet. 2) This view is not only normative for all Whites (because all are Christian – see Silver’s denial thereof, above), but the operating methodology on HOW TO HANDLE THE LESSER RACES, as well. Via the tool of ‘Benign Condescension,’ and an ‘US-them’ mindset… which worked more or less until 1865… as it were.

    Of course, neither of those above postulates are considered valid- let alone models of operative governance in the West today (more’s the pity). Therefore, your conclusion- that morality is ‘universal,’ is not just flawed, it is erroneous.

    St. Paul does concur -in part- that ‘The Gentiles, who do not have the Law, DO BY NATURE the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves.” [ Rom. 2:14]

    But WHO WERE these ‘Gentiles’ that a first-century former Pharisee was talking about? NOT African savages, not Mayan cannibals, not hive-mind Chinks, but WHITE EUROPEANS, of like ethnos to the Hebrews, and the “Israel” [Gal. 6:26] that Christ said ‘he was to come for,’ in the first place!!! As the CI’s would say, ‘fellow Adamics.’ The reason they follow ‘Christian Morality,’ is because they are of LIKE NATURE, to the Hebrews of Paul’s day. THAT is how they ‘do by nature’ that which YHWH formulated into the Ten Law Words, centuries earlier. Don’t you remember that the early Missionaries were astounded to find that the Germanic tribes already were far more monogamous than the degenerate Romans, yet the former were ‘Pagans,’ and the latter were ‘Civilized’? There is a REASON for this!

    You proudly claim that you are Lutheran- what about the Bondage of the Will? What about Calvin’s enunciation of the doctrine of Predestination and Election? GOD- and GOD ALONE, determines who is to be saved. For if ANY ELEMENT of our salvation (note- I did not say sanctification!) can be predicated on our own ‘work,’ then St. Paul’s ‘for it is by grace ye have been saved,’ means nothing. So, that includes HIS CHOICE of the Race of the Elect, and NOT OURS- even if we wish to ascribe to teh Hottentot ‘elect status,’ which is why ROME erred, and still errs to this day. RC’s are many heretical things, but the most obvious thing they are, are operational Pelagians… and the corrupt West has morphed that concept into her ‘universalism’ of profit, lack of monoculture, race-mixing, justification for being a tranny, a sodomite, a lesbian, an Antifa, etc…… and also, WHY ALL OF THESE HATE THE WHITE MAN.

    For it is a backhand compliment – but it is there, nevertheless, that ONLY the White European can be of the Elect. ONLY the White European can have the Pnevma; ONLY the White European is the “Israel of God,’ and ONLY the White Man can be the locus and focus of all the collective HATRED/ENVY, that the non-elect animals are now engaging in, on every front.

    Truly, Brad, this is NOT biblical, nor Reformational Christianity. Non-Christians have a moral ‘residue’ from centuries of Christianization- all of it, conferred, taught, inculcated, and maintained (until only recently) by WHITES.

    But that is a far cry from PRESUMPTUOUSLY conferring on Silver or any other apostate, that they possess INNATE MORALITY.

    • I’m not arguing with the Catholics right now.

      That’s not my fight. I am trying to show them that political correctness is the real enemy. There are important differences between Lutheranism, Calvinism, Orthodoxy and Catholicism, but not in our common heritage which is Christ. You’re right that there are different takes on justification by faith and salvation, but that IS NOT THE ISSUE.

      Specifically, where did political correctness come from? Where did these modern sins come from? They didn’t exist until the 20th century. No one was even fighting about them in the 19th century.

      We can go back to arguing over theology and history after vanquishing political correctness. THAT is the RIVAL FAITH of the US political and cultural establishment. THAT is what rules our lands. I think people are getting lost in the trees and missing the forest here.

      It’s not Lutheranism in Germany and Scandinavia, let me tell you. Don’t even get me started. We both know Luther himself would be appalled by these degenerate Boomers. He would have been the FIRST to denounce them.

      It’s not Catholicism either. No, Catholicism isn’t our dominant culture. Neither is Calvinism or Orthodoxy. Political Correctness, again, IS the DOMINANT CULTURE.

      Now, who do you think made political correctness THE dominant culture? WHY did it happen? If you are a Lutheran, a Calvinist, an Orthodox, a Catholic, you may have had some negative experiences with this other group … the Jews

      • Brad- You’re missing the point. I agree with what you are trying to talk about- haven’t you noticed I am also seeing merit in Yang’s Weltanschauung? But to presume that all hominids on the planet possess (or can even understand) a concept such as “Universal Morality” is not valid. Yang is who he is, because he GREW UP IN THE USA, and is ‘Christian/American’ by osmosis. That is why his altruistic approach to fiscal/societal/moral problems, AT FIRST SIGHT, appears to be OUR Worldview, as well.

        But, (avoiding merely anti-Asian sentiment, on the one hand, and a presuppositional universal Humanity on the other- when all of history has Whites rightly seeing non-Whites as ‘Other’- even as Yang talks about such things in his political philosophy) when push comes to shove, those posters on the forum who cannot even bring themselves to see Yang as human, have a point.

        The older book, ‘Ways that are Dark,’ outlines the (non-Western, non-Christian) Chinese philosophy, which they will devolve into, when left to their own devices. Have you ever read the post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel “Earth Abides”? A White man (among others) survives a strange malady, and sees the America he knew, literally descend back into the Stone Age. Foolishly, this scientist shacks up with a mulatto or Negroid female, and their mixed-race spawn degenerate even quicker back to the Stone Age, as his life ends at the finish of the book. I’m not saying Yang as a person, nor his ideas, don’t have merit. But his GENETICS will eventually come to the fore. For the Chineses, that’s the ‘hive mind’ as it were. [Yang has already said Asians need to have a stake in the political and racial future of this land, fyi.]

        Yang may be smart in one area (economics, entrepreneurship, etc.) but as a ‘moral being’ his ‘morality’ is merely a twice-removed White Man’s generic Christian veneer. I’m willing to note that. I don’t think Yang even realizes it, as of yet. But others on this forum, and those who distrust giving ‘free money’ to ANYONE (while allowing EBT to blacks!?!?) are expressing this idea, even as they don’t know why they have malaise about Yang.

        I was merely asking, can you see this as a possibility?

        • Fr. John :

          What happened to CambriaWillNotYield? Bring back CambriaWillNotYield! CambriaWillNotYield was your blogspot, right? Yes it was. And you can’t tell me otherwise, don’t even bother. It was your website — I just know it. Bring it back! We want it back! It was always my favorite website bar none. Bring it back!

          • Thanks for mentioning CWNY, Joe. Seeing that WordPress and taken it down really pissed me off. It is THE place to go on the web for Christian writing and commentary. It’s a national treasure, as far as I’m concerned. Is the Padre really the guy behind it, though? The writing style John shows here is so different from that on CWNY.

      • “Political correctness” aka speech control to re-inforce mind control, is one of the chief tactics of Cultural Marxism, CREATED BY JEWS, with the stated intent of destroying White aka “Western” Civilization. So it IS the Jew.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        I thought the term ‘political correctness’ was popularized by the communists. Just like did not hate laws originate in the Soviet Union? Either way I tend to agree with most of what you say. You did say somewhere that you wanted to make peace in the USA with other tribes. Well there are twice as many of my tribe in America as blacks and our numbers keep increasing. I am glad that you are practicing what you preach.

        After the Covington Catholic controversy where demented blacks got away with insulting Catholics and a ludicrous Indian was made a hero, my family now understands that the anglo is the least of our long-term concerns.

        In short smart Latins hate your enemies more than we hate you. I personally do not hate your tribe but I do not speak for the others.

        Christina Romana

      • Specifically, where did political correctness come from? Where did these modern sins come from? They didn’t exist until the 20th century. No one was even fighting about them in the 19th century.

        Are you aware of any evidence that Europeans considered non-marital sex “sinful” before the followers of Yeshua ben Yosef came to the fore? Europeans were non-Christian for far longer than they’ve been Christian, so if a people’s traditions are a moral touchstone – as you like to claim – this would have to be regarded as every bit a “made up sin” as racism and sexism.

        • Silver,

          An interesting observation. Virginity in women was valued highly among Romans and Greeks of course. And a Roman writer named Tacitus if I remember correctly said how the Germanic youth prided themselves on how long they could preserve their virginity before marriage. But did they consider it a sin to have sex before marriage? I am not sure.

          My religion (Catholic) has always believed that fornication (pre-marital sex) was a mortal sin. Meaning we are damned unless we repent. But I have never heard of another religion, including other Christian faiths to believe that.

          Christina Romana

  5. Silver is correct… its all about protecting the international Usury scheme (communism). Religion is politics and politics is religion. Their goal is global messianic absolute Monarchy which is totalitarian communism. I hope you realize that to ask for an earthly King (globalist messianic monarchy/oligarchy) contra Samuel’s warning and contra 1 Samuel 8:7 is to ask for communism and be a slave!!

    Why is this the case? Kingship/Lordship is a claim of absolute ownership rights over you (i.e. slavery) and all property (i.e communism) which is the very definition of totalitarian communism. Their “biblical” definition of lord/ kýrios – properly, a person exercising absolute ownership rights; lord (Lord). (

    “There shall be no usurers in the market. If any should come, it will be the duty of the maidens to make it known through the whole land, in order that such people may not be chosen for any office, because they are hard-hearted. For the sake of money they would betray everybody—the people, ie their own organic natural law nation of kin clan tribe, the mother, their nearest relations, and even their own selves.”

    “The reason for this is the absence of true teachers, Man quickly lost touch with the unified reality; and, focusing his attention on personalities, placed the memory of them before the memory of their teaching. In Sumer for example, which should have developed into the University of Mankind, the arrival of Semitic influence forcing the Second Diaspora, led through the cult of the individual, to the worship of the individual. And worship led, in turn, to ritual and votive practices in which the pure flame of the spiritual teaching flickered and died, swamped by the deifying adulation of those who mistook the image (, i.e. genesis 1:27) for the substance (is Spirit, John 4:24, Numbers 23:19).”

    The false teachers of Caritas and the destruction of Phila
    The insidious programming of the Matrix suppresses racial identity and seeks to pasteurize all peoples into a raceless, rootless mass of homogenous humatons (, into totalitarian communism and slavery. The reality of divine oneness is falsely invoked to legitimize this dehumanization, with the cant that if All are One we should live together in peace and brotherhood forever. The truth is that there is no contradiction between the oneness of Supernal Spirit, which underlies all creation, and the infinite variety of separate forms and beings which it spawns. In fact if all went back to unity, it would be the end of the cosmos.

    Spiritual enlightenment awakens an individual to the love of God for all beings, called Caritas. We have also awakened to the reality of racial identity; from this arises another kind of love, the deep primordial philos that binds together a family, clan, or tribe. Again there is no contradiction: enlightened white individuals have philial feelings exclusively for their racial kindred, and this does not diminish their Caritas for all humanity. Awareness of the overarching unity gives us the wisdom to draw the line of separation exactly where it’s needed. Dharma requires strong boundaries on every front, and legitimate conflicts of interest between peoples must sometimes be dealt with by means of war. Only this fusion of blood and Spirit can redeem us from the debacle of World War II and regenerate the race in a New Aeon.” ~ JRex

    • Furthermore …its all dialectical control (read Hegel) via “religion” (religion is politics and politics is religion) to continue toward global total miscegenation and communism via usury toward global absolute monarchy which is socialism of the communistic variety that only benefits the oligarchy and not any organic nation.

      Their system of Usury is socialism, but it is an inter and supranational and totalitarian communistic form of socialism:

      “There are two ways in which a monetary system can be organized: either the market chooses what is money, or the state does, which can also pass onto private bank’s for issue by “legal” means.

      The money of the free market, of capitalism, has always been commodity money that is outside of political control. Wherever the trading public was free to choose, it picked commodities of fairly inelastic supply as monetary assets. Commodity money is apolitical money (it has to be WORKED FOR!!). Nobody can create it at will and use it to fund himself or to manipulate the economy. With international private bank control of issue of political money and the corporations beholding to them leads to an apex of total economic control and benefit in very fews hands, … an oligarchy (cont i.e. international usury with international corporatism …corporations are not capitalism! The most powerful among those who control the means of production are not individual capitalists but corporations. Capitalism has been allowed to degenerate into corporatism. Even the wealthy shareholders are not capitalists in that they do not control the corporations in which they own shares. We no longer have capitalism in America; we have corporatism

      National Socialism or MMT (modern monetary theory which is non-usury) benefits the nation as a whole, not the one who would be LORD and make slaves of his own people!!
      The ‘Genesis’ of Western False Dialectic in the Old Testament

  6. That pic, at the top of the post, is to mind-bogglingly convoluted and STUPID that it’s beyond anything. I’d like to know if there is any-one out there retarded enough to believe that…….

  7. PSS, there is a deep seeded poison pill placed within christianity which is a pschological barrier for our people to pretect their kin, clan, tribe, nation… it is vicarious redemption and it is an inversion of the concept of Valhalla where one can only enter by protecting ones kith and kin, clan, tribe, nation and soil and finally race. For the concept of vicarious redemtion leads to extreme individualism as the “believer” rests on the immorality of inconsequetiality of his immorality for if he “only” believe he gets a free gib to heaven and so he no longer has cocern about kith, kin, clan, tribe, blood and soil or race!!

  8. St John the Revelator in his vision of heaven in the Apocalypse clearly saw nations, tribes, kindreds and tongues. Among the Redeemed from the earth – he sees their souls restored. They have taken the bodies of their resurrection. He did not see a Babylonian melting pot, geo-political entities constructed for world wars. He saw ethne as in : “Go ye therefore unto all nations….(pan ethne).

    Thus far in history, it was the White race alone which converted in its nations to Christianity – where for the centuries of the faith, baptised populations were the norm and the social order, law and government was founded upon the Church. I can not think of a single White nation / ethne that was not a baptised population at some point in its history – for centuries.

    The ‘purgatory thing’ is the extension of prayer and penance beyond mortality. To the Christian mind it is possible to obtain the mercy of God on the basis of faith alone and appeal (like on one’s death bed) not having done prayer or penance. Well – Purgatory. The via purgativa is an entire pathway of the faith and its corporal and spiritual works of mercy and the basis of monasticism.

    The short cut to the basics of morals (absolutes) as understood both Classically and in Christian terms are the writings of Owen Barfield (Oxford) and the popularised version in the writings of C.S. Lewis. For example, all nations believed in marriage. They might differ as to customs, number of wives, etc. But only individuals or rogue clans are just sexual predators who do not raise their young.

  9. Excellent point. I believe Xtianity is psychologically damaging in other ways, as well, if one truly follows what it preaches.

  10. If you go to china and tell them
    That there is no such rimg as an erhni-state they will wage war on you! Indeed tbey are hearing up as fast as they can to orotect their ethno-state against the “universalists” international usuers pedophile criminals and have every right to self defense as any other…
    and we’re just wide open borders destroying ourselves for the interests of pedophiles, Usury banksters, and criminals … who would destroy themselves and everybody else …:
    “There shall be no usurers in the market. If any should come, it will be the duty of the maidens to make it known through the whole land, in order that such people may not be chosen for any office, because they are hard-hearted. For the sake of money they would betray everybody—the people, ie their own organic natural law nation of kin clan tribe, the mother, their nearest relations, and even their own selves.”

  11. Blown away by this post as a Catholic disappointed at so much in the modern form of it and a traditionalist, a believer in western civilization.

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