Andrew Yang: End Regime Change Wars

I’m sensing that Yang might have a clear advantage over Blompf in this area.

I also think we need drastic military cuts, an end to regime change wars and more investment in this country. This has been my position on foreign policy since George W. Bush was president. It was why I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 and Blompf in 2016.

There has been ZERO change in my views in this area. It is Blompf who has done a 180 by putting neocons like John Bolton, Elliot Abrams and Mike Pompeo in charge of our foreign policy and allowing them to restart the Cold War with Russia and China in the 21st century.

We don’t want to be engaged in international conflict with Russia and China. It is Boomers like Steve Bannon who see China as an “existential threat” to the West. Instead, we believe it is Israel that is the existential threat because it is Israel that is getting away with manipulating our foreign policy. Israel is the country that is most likely to get us embroiled in World War 3.

The Chinese want to get rich, build infrastructure and end poverty in their country. Blompf and Bannon would have us occupy the Middle East and Iran forever … for the sake of Israel.

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  1. Oh look, the yellow man is making noises about doing a lot of the same things that the orange man claimed he wanted to do! Moving America away from being a professional leg-breaker and blood-drenched imperialistic Leviathan? Well, itn’t that cute…

    I’ll believe his sincerity when they kill him. Otherwise it’s just idle talk from a random candidate who has yet to get his “orientation” from the evil sonsofbitches who really run this country.

    • (((They))) killed Huey Long who basically was saying the same thing. That was about 10 wars and 60 million dead and starved ago. I am so angry with our parents and grandparents for leaving us in this situation.

      • They were just living their lives, like most folks prefer to do. People with a genetic or ingrained lust for power and influence wormed their way into the positions they craved. I suppose they can be blamed for not resisting the transformation that was happening right in front of them.

  2. > “Russia’s a side show… China is the existential threat to the industrial democracies in the west,” – Steve Bannon

    Bannon is such a Boomercuck, LOL…

    • Actual nationalist groups in Europe have actually been protesting Bannon’s attempts to infiltrate their countries, declaring him an enemy like Soros. That makes me proud.

  3. We need more than anti-war we need to be closing bases down in Korea and Germany, among other places the US should not be. Bring the troops home would be a great rallying cry but most troops seem to enjoy their ZOG deployment role for the most part unless they are in a total shitholes without maid service. As for investment at home I believe the US is no longer capable of doing much of anything due to affirmative action and (((contractor))) shenanigans. Boeing’s new plane now has the worst safety record since the Comet. Yang bucks are a much better idea. 70% of the money will go back into the economy (you could call this waste) but I would guess 30% will go towards starting new businesses and home schooling children

  4. Drumpf: fake right-populist

    Yang: fake left-populist

    clearly, HW is still enjoying the punishment. But

    I’m confident he’ll (eventually) face the cold, harsh reality of hardRight


    • No, I think that is antiquated thinking from the 1980s. Part of what inspired all these recent posts was the realization that some people are still coasting off strategies created by Boomers in the 1980s that never worked.

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