Ben Sasse vs. Tulsi Gabbard on Julian Assange

Who has the more populist position? Is it Goober or Tulsi?


Let’s see what the rest of these losers are saying:

Note: We’re going to get to William Jennings Bryan and George Norris here shortly. They were much greater Nebraskans than Ben Sasse.

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  1. ” Julian Assange has long been a wicked tool of Vladimir Putin and the Russian intelligence services.”

    We’re also deploying battleships and cruisers to the North Sea, to counter the Kaiser’s fleet.

  2. A really bad day. The entire scummy Ruling Class seems to be celebrating.

    I was daydreaming about impeachment but then realized that it doesn’t fix anything as we go down the list of successors. If I’m not mistaken it would be Pence, then Pelosi, then Leahy (I think he’s still president pro tem of the Senate), then Pompeo, then Mnuchin.

    It would be a nice retaliatory measure from Wikileaks to release some great new treasure trove. Maybe Hillary emails soliciting bribes, maybe 9-11 connections, etc.

  3. We’ll get to see if there is any there there in the insurance files. I personally think there isn’t, and that he’d have released anything if he had it. And that there isn’t really much that would be an effective insurance file in any event.

  4. we really need a cross-White-platform day of Liberty re the ship, with a thermometer of just how far up the jewanus our entire political class’s tongue is

  5. meanwhile the buttlicking MAGA crackpots over at VoxDay’s site are chiming in:

    “God-Emperor Trump is bringing Assange to America so he can testify against the Deep State”

  6. Based solely on Assange’s enemies, Julian is the ‘White hat’ in this (((Deep State))) takedown of a legitimate whistleblower.

    All indications are none of Wikileaks disclosures have been found to be false. That begs the question of (((who))) would want to silence a truth telling organization and its founder?

    Wikileaks exposed many zio/Neo-con crimes in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria. Most of those crimes were committed for the (((globalist elite’s agendas ))).

    May 100 Julian Assanges and Wikileaks organizations rise And continue to expose the (((Empire’s))) criminal secrets.

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