GOP Congress Writes Off Kobach For DHS Secretary

If memory serves, Sen. John Cornyn is running for reelection in Texas in 2020:

“Senate Republicans are waving President Trump off from nominating Kris Kobach, a favorite among conservatives who want tougher enforcement of immigration laws, to serve as the next secretary of Homeland Security.

GOP lawmakers are already scrambling to contain the controversy surrounding two potential nominees to the Federal Reserve Board — Stephen Moore and Herman Cain — and they don’t want to find themselves in another political fight with the White House over the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of Senate leadership on the Judiciary Committee, warned Wednesday that he could not stand behind Kobach if the former Kansas secretary of state is nominated to replace Kirstjen Nielsen as DHS chief.

“I wouldn’t be able to support him,” Cornyn said. “I think his rhetoric on immigration is very damaging to Republicans and would not help us solve what is a very complex problem, which is going to require some negotiation and compromise.” …”

Would anything be lost if Cornyn were defeated?

As a populist, why should I vote for the GOP on the basis of its “positions” on social issues? They’ve already lost on all those cultural issues. They’re not even pretending to fight anymore.

Do you know what I see when I look at John Cornyn? I see another useless 67 year old Boomer who isn’t going to do shit for me. He is going to fight for $700 billion dollar Pentagon budgets, endless wars in places like Syria and Afghanistan, the MIGA agenda, huge tax cuts and deregulation for all of the wealthy donors who cut checks to his campaign while he condemns “socialism.”

This is Yang Country now.

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  1. What you say about Cornyn is, of course, absolutely true.

    But genuine question — what kinds of articles will you be writing when Yang “doesn’t do anything for you” either (certainly no UBI), and instead implements whatever horrific agenda the Democrat party establishment tells him to implement?

    (And it will be horrific in ways that the worst blackpillers can hardly imagine.)

    I’m entirely with you on cynicism about the GOP. That’s so obviously warranted that any sane person must concur. I am simply baffled by the lack of cynicism regarding Yang.

    • Yang is only the messenger.

      The real story here is how AI and automation will transform the workforce over the next 15 years. UBI is simply a practical proposal for smoothing the transition.

      What do you think is going to happen? Are we going to cut 50% of the workforce without massive social upheaval? You’re so focused on all these other side issues that you are unable to grasp how radically the world is about to change

      • If 40-50% of the workforce is cut, the world economy will lock up and collapse. This guy explains what he thinks will happen starting 4 minutes in.

      • In the past, technological change brought on different types of work to replace lost jobs. (That’s just replacing one form of wage slavery for another, imo.) But this time, automation won’t make many new jobs. A nasty surprise coming for the college-educated debtor is that we will still need plumbers, but not stockbrokers or accountants. We all had better learn that it’s not only the cashiers at McDonald’s and Walmart that will be out of work. Income streams will need to be coming from somewhere for a large chunk of the workforce. Whether Yang makes it or not, we’ll still need to deal with the effects deriving from a huge increase in unemployment due to workplace automation.

      • UBI is simply the less painful option. In a perfect world some White guy that was in the vein of Huey Long could articulate this but they are too busy still worrying about abortion & other conservative nonsense. If it takes an Asian to talk about reality than so be it

    • and Kris Kobach (Queen Ann’s latest flame) is a

      rabid Christian Zionist. He would do nothing to protect ‘Murka

      and everything to protect Israhell. Just like the rest of our

      shabbatz goy political class.

  2. The GOP is doubling down 100% on conservatism. Populism is being excised in 2020. They are going to run a typical conservative John McCain 2008-like campaign.

    I expect after the election in 2020 for them to be writing essay after essay trying to explain why they lost not only the Presidency but the Senate while failing miserably to do so. They are going to lose because they are virulent anti-populists with zero solutions for the 21st century.

    It comes down simply to this – the Democrats are better for working class people than the GOP. Even flawed candidates like Elizabeth Warren articulate a better deal for working class people even with all their SJW bullshit which is why Biden and Bernie are beating Trump by double digits in states like Pennsylvania.

    I personally would rather have Yang than Bernie or Biden. At this point it is simply choose your Democrat.

  3. > what kinds of articles will you be writing when Yang “doesn’t do anything for you” either (certainly no UBI)?

    I gotta wonder, is the Chinaman as brazen as Blumpf to do an about-face on his supporters?

    Either way, better to be stabbed in the back a second time rather than support Blumpf who is a known liar and flip-flopper.

    Plus, what’s in it for Yang to flip-flop? Blumpf was probably threatened by the deep state or his favorite daughter – the same thing, really. Of course the deep state could try the JFK route with Yang but those old tricks won’t work anymore. Any “lone nuts” take on Chairman Yang and it’s time to nuke Langley.

    • “I gotta wonder, is the Chinaman as brazen as Blumpf to do an about-face on his supporters?”

      Democrats screw their base the same way Republicans screw their base. When they have control of the house, they ignore what their base wants. When they lose the house again, they make a big show of fighting for their base again.

      They get away with it because no matter how much their supporters bitch and whine between elections, they always come back and vote for them on election day.

      ” Blumpf was probably threatened by the deep state or his favorite daughter – the same thing, really. ”

      Trump was sent to make a fool of the people who wanted real change. He succeeded beyond their expectations.

  4. There is only one solution for America: A nationalist political party like nationalists in every European country have built.

    The GOP will never be a nationalist party.

    • Addiction to Republicans is why after all these years, WN still don’t even control a hotdog stand in America.

      The only way the Republicans would pay you any mind, is if you have a billion dollars to bribe them with.

      • I’d say that we need a party that concentrates on White issues, like opioid addiction and the wage suppression due to illegal beaners and legal Asians, but Blompf was supposed to represent us on those crucial topics. Going stealth mode in the major parties isn’t helping. Speaking of that, I’d only be for Yang because he’s addressing workplace automation and guaranteed income when no one else is, but on a lot of policies he’s just as dangerous as most other dems.

  5. Who cares? All of these living history museum actors are just arguing over Cold War policies and how to best serve the Jews.

    They still think it’s 1968.

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