Judeo-Christianity Is a Boomer Religion

I’m posting this here for the record because there is a Boomer on Twitter who is arguing with us about “Judeo-Christianity” and trying to say it has some historical basis:



Note: Every aspect of Boomer religion and morality from “Judeo-Christian” and “Judeo-Christianity” to all the -isms and -phobias were popularized by the mass media in the 20th century.

Note: Get yourself red pilled on real religion and morality. Along with economics, it will be a big part of our focus in the 3.0 movement. 🙂

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  1. originalist Christianity rose up in fierce opposition to Jews and Judaism.

    “Judeo-Christian” = contemporary Jew’d “christianity”, that is,


  2. Most Americans are ignorant on Christianity. Jesus did not practice Judaism, since Judaism as we know it today did not even fully come into existence until a few hundred years after Jesus was already crucified, with the codification of the alleged “oral Torah” in the mishnah and gamara (neither of which have anything to do with the religion of Moses). It descended from the practices of the Pharisees, and most of the gospels are Jesus arguing against these pharisees and mocking them. Jesus practiced Christianity, as did Abraham, Moses, David, and the prophets. They did not practice Judaism, the tradition of the Pharisees.

    This is very basic Christian knowledge that somehow American Christians have largely ignored.

    • I went to Catholic school many years ago and my teachers were exclusively nuns and priests, and yet, I was never taught that Christ spent his whole life fighting against the jews. Maybe in my boredom I failed to see the connection? Also, I must have been taught Christ was a jew, because that is what I once believed.

      Vatican II was the obvious bending of the Catholic’s knee and kissing of the ring of their jewish masters. Today the standard Judeo-Christian meme is that the jews were merely disinterested observers standing by as the wicked Romans killed Jesus and that it was Pilate, and not the jews, who actually said “His blood be upon us and our children!” as he callously washed his hands of any responsibility for Jesus’ death.

      The other day, I happened to catch part of a current TV series which depicted the life of Christ. The part I watched depicted Pilate being coerced by the jews to kill Christ. It was very obvious that the jews wanted Christ tortured and murdered, and were behind it all, the head jew Caiaphas demanding Pilate act, but the narrators placed the blame squarely on the unwilling, and troubled, Pontius Pilate and the Romans. WHAT???

      • Dicarlo,

        Well said. I am currently going to a Catholic school. A priest there said it is defined dogma that judaism is a false religion and it’s believers are part of the synagogue of Satan. The Old Law is dead. They have to convert to Catholicism to have a chance to save their soul is the traditonal belief.

        My school is pretty traditional I would imagine. The priest and the nuns are Latin and most of the teachers as well. We have to wear dresses and the boys nice clothes.

        There is a lot of ferocity in the Catholics I associate with. Our history class strongly supported the crusades. I view a Moslem the same way I view a Jew.

        Christina Romana

        • There is hope for the Church of Rome, if that is being taught… but you STILL have to deal with the fallacy that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ (alone) on earth, Christina.
          I take it this is NOT in the USA?

          • Father John,

            As a general rule, a Catholic school outside the USA in latin america is more traditional than American ones. Some USA ones are still good. I attend a Tridentine mass when I can.

            On Francis? He is either an evil Pope and an evil man. Or just an evil man. He is a heretic and apostate. I believe defined dogmas state that someone like him cannot ascend the throne much less hold it. I am no expert however and I hold no authority.

  3. Maybe Judeo-Christianity is the fulfillment of that “Falling Away”from the true faith which was to happen in the end times before the Jewish messiah (AKA the Anti-Christ) is crowned as a God in the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. (2nd Thess. C2 V3) Many Jews believe they are the incarnation of God-the Light to the Gentiles-so one individual Jew declaring himself as God is no great stretch as some of their sects already see individual Jews as fragments of God. So who is helping to bring the Anti-Christ to power? Judeo-Christianity! Are they the false prophet of Revelations?

    • Ethno- Almost EVERYTHING that you write has absolutely NO basis in historic Christianity- you are merely puking the lies of Dispensationalist HERESY, known as such by Lutheran, Anglican, and Historic Reformed Christians as error. NO Temple is to be erected- the utter rout and disenfranchisement of ‘those who say they are Jews, but are not’ happened in AD 70. The Church is Israel now, and the false, lying nation of psychopaths over in occupied Palestine, have no more ‘right to the land’ than I do, to being King of the Celts.

  4. Perusing some older dictionaries, I discovered that prior to the 1950’s the word Racist was no where to be found. In its place was Racialist, which had several definitions; the first of which was: a person who puts the interests of his race or tribe first. Further down was the only definition that you will currently find for the abbreviated, and harsher toned, Racist: a person who believes his race is superior and has the right to rule over others. Although, initially, the word Racist did include the expanded definitions.

    It is for that reason that when I am accused of being a Racist, I correct them by drawing comparisons to the United Negro College Fund, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and the Counsel on American Islamic Relations, and declare that I am a Racialist who is concerned for the welfare of my people.

    I have long questioned the hyphenated religion. I’ve frequently referred to The Vanishing American Jew by Alan Dershowitz. He goes into a considerable detail explaining the Jews aversion to Christianity. He puts it very simply when he asks the question, “What do you call a Jew who converts to Christianity,” and then answers, “A Christian.” I’ve asked numerous Judeo-Christians if you have to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and acknowledge that he died for your sins to gain entry into Heaven. They unhesitatingly respond in the affirmative. But, when asked if the Jewish people accept Jesus as their Savior, the stammering begins.

    I, too, had noted from reading books and newspaper articles from an earlier time, that Christians used to make a ready distinction between themselves and the Jews. And, though it’s obvious that a shift began prior to WWII (Scofield), it rapidly accelerated after it ended. I’ve become so annoyed with Fox News continually airing a commercial to help aging Holocost survivors in the former Soviet Union and, lately, even those living in Israel. My Grandparents were both 23 when WWII began, and they’ve both been deceased for over 20 years. Anyone who is alive now, would had to have been a child, or nearly one hundred years old. How many of those people could there be? How is it that Israel can’t afford to take care of Holocost survivors in Israel? Eighty billion dollars a year from the United States in foreign aid isn’t sufficient to care for these alleged survivors? Spielberg, Bloomberg, or some coalition of wealthy Jews can’t put something together to assist their own? Kind of like when someone suggested to Bernie Sanders that he should voluntarily submit to his own tax model and pay additional money to the government. He responded by scoffing. These people devise these scams and then release themselves from any personal responsibility. I guess maybe they think that victims of “historical injustice” shouldn’t bear the burdens of their victimhood, that is “our Cross,” and we owe them. Nor should they have to pay “their fair share in taxes” for the same reason.

  5. Before Vatican II the church actively spoke out against Jews referring to them as children of Satan.

  6. Eh Beck was born in 1964 so I would qualify him as a Gen Xer, plus there is a very good argument that Mormonism is not even a denomination of Christianity!

    Notice how God withdrew His providential favor from Mormon-quack Romney in 2012, but the Hand of God guided the trighteous Presbyterian rump into the White House!

    A better example of a Boomer type would be fat bastard John Hagee!

  7. I come from a family of hardcore Christian Zionism. Some have seen the light others haven’t. Some were actually missionaries to Israel. They recall the hatred they felt from many Israelis when they were there many decades ago.

    My family was friends with Messianic Jews and sent me as a young child with them to one of their huge yearly gatherings. It’s one of the few things that I can clearly remember as a child. I was the only gentile there and I was a complete alien. My host was a Mizrahic or Sephardic Messianic Israeli Jew who constantly blew a rams horn and yelled out in a foreign language at the religious services. He kept me in his room and didn’t feed me any meals while he left to congregate with his friends.

    I also recall, as a teenager, being a part of a group of gentile Christians who worked with a Messianic Jewish group to hand out gospel tracts in a major US city. I can clearly recall two Black males, either Muslim or Hebrew, who threatened me with violence due to this proselytization.

    Thankfully, I eventually woke up.

    Finally, I remember watching a documentary on Youtube with the British host Louis Theroux called ‘Ultra Zionists’. About halfway through the documentary, Theroux is in a West Bank settlement and they are at a vineyard/wine making location. There are a big group of white gentile Christians from America/Europe who are working there as free servant labor for the Jewish settlers. They are interviewed by Theroux and they clear state their worship of Jews as the chosen people. Theroux then interviews the Jewish vineyard owner inside the building where the wine is made and which the white gentile Christians are forbidden from entering to keep the wine kosher. The Jewish settler clearly states that the white gentile Christians, forbidden from entering the wine press, serve the Jews because they’re God’s chosen people.

    It’s sickening to watch because I was once this deluded, I have family who are still this deluded, and tens of millions of white gentile Christians still suffer from this mass brainwashing.

    • You need to understand that such people are NOT Christians- they are cultic aberrations, worshiping the genetic bastards known as the Khazars, or in common parlance, ‘Jews.’


    • Apostate,
      I just watched that documentary Ultra Zionists by Louis Threoux. I did not believe you. But you were right about those Christcuck goy slaves doing free labour for the kikes. That was easily the most pathetic thing I have seen this year. What a bunch of pathetic little dogs. One of them even wanted to join tbe IDF coz muh jews are god’s chosen people. Absolutely pathetic.

  8. There is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian religion. We consider the two religions so different that one excludes the other. Rabbi Moshe Maggal

    Judaism is not the religion of the Bible. Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser, Judaism and the Christian Predicament, 1966. p159.

    The Talmud is to this day the circulating hearts blood of the Jewish religion, It is our common law.
    Herman Wouk, New York Herald-Tribune 11-17-1959

    The Talmud is opposite the Christian Bible. The following is allowed by the Talmud:
    Sodomy – Sanhedrin 54b, Beastiality – Yebamoth 59b, Race-Mixing – Abodah Zarah 62b-63a, Not keeping vows – Nedarim 23a-b, Murder by multiple attackers – Sanhedrin 78a, Cursing
    parents – Sanhedrin 66a, Pedophilia – Yebhamoth 11b

    The strongest supporters of Judaism cannot deny that Judaism is anti-Christian.
    Jewish World, March 15, 1924

    Judaism will root out Christianity and destroy Christian Culture. Fedor

    Judaism is a depraved religion. Thomas Jefferson

    The 1980 Jewish Almanac says; “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.”

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