Southern History Month 2019: Georgia’s Providence Canyon

Have you ever been to Providence Canyon in Southwest Georgia?

I’ve been there several times. I grew up nearby in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley on the other side of the Chattahoochee River in eastern Alabama. I’ve been surprised by the fact that no Democratic strategists in Georgia ever bring it up while talking about the environment.

If I were a Democratic strategist working for the Yang campaign and I wanted to win the 16 electoral votes from the State of Georgia in 2020, I would remind the White folks who live in rural Georgia that this staggering gully was created by niggardly human stewardship of the environment.

I can imagine Andrew Yang coming to Providence Canyon State Park and shooting a little video to mock Sean Hannity. This is what happens when we don’t take care of our environment. While I don’t have the numbers in front of me, I am fairly sure Stewart County, GA is the poorest county in the state.

We’ve already got Yang talking about a 21st century New Deal for Millennials and Zoomers:

Every Southern state voted for Franklin Roosevelt four times. He did all kinds of things here when he was president. Unfortunately, the memory of how the South changed has faded.

Note: As I have already explained, I would remind the White folks in Oklahoma and Texas about the experience of the Dust Bowl while talking about the environment there. I would remind the White folks of Alabama and Tennessee about how they didn’t have electricity until FDR built the TVA and extended electricity to rural areas unserved by free-market capitalism with the Rural Electrification Act.

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  1. “Peace, Populism, Progress and Prosperity” indeed, HW. I think your support of Charlie Chan is turning you into some kind of New Age pinko!

    • No, I am simply adopting a better communication strategy to convey my ideas than, say, lets restore Nazi Germany in 2019 America. That’s not going to work, triggers bad memories and is motivated ultimately by nostalgia. Instead of doing that, we should only think about what it was that was good from a regime like that and what was bad about it and build a new paradigm and discourse.

      I’m not a National Socialist. I am a disaffected White Southern populist and nationalist. I hardly ever write about World War II because that period pf European history is so demoralizing that I would rather not be reminded of it. It was the moment when European civilization destroyed itself. Millions of people died and it had all sorts of negative unintended consequences.

      Why on earth should I identify as a Nazi in the 21st century? I’m not even a German. I actually don’t support international conflict. I’ve never supported wars. That’s because my mind was made up on the subject during the Iraq War. Since then, I have opposed the war in Libya, the war in Syria, the war in Yemen and Israel trying to drag us into a war with Iran.

      What is Nazi Germany most known for today? It is known for starting World War II. I don’t want to start World War III. Quite the opposite. It is neocons, not people like me, who want to incite conflict with Russia and China.

        • You’re just nostalgic for Nazi Germany for some reason. It’s never coming back. Think about what it is that you like so much about it and how you can, say, distill that into something workable in our own society.

          • You were doing pretty good yourself. The 20’s and 30’s unionization and cooperative movements are pretty much the same. FDR even called himself a fascist before Hitler became the next Hitler. I would like to see a new economy based on farming cooperatives and barter exchanges between members as our (((Federal Reserve))) based economy collapses. Having a government works program like the WPA makes sense to me also. Even though FDR used it a political tool having a guaranteed work program as a safety net seems like good policy.

          • Also, these are “my people”. I don’t like current cucked Germany much. I’m on an odd side of “white nationalism” in that I would prefer not to live in an English speaking country. Prefer Flemish or German to French but all would be OK.

      • It’s not nostalgia that draws people toward the Third Reich. It’s admiration for their achievements in the face of overwhelming obstacles, especially after the crippling effects from Treaty of Versailles, international financiers, and degeneracy of the Weimar Era.

        The NSDAP was an organic folkish-populist political movement that inspired a defeated but proud people to collectively make Germany the envy of the civilized world.

        Sure, the USA is too fragmented as presently comprised to match what Germany in less than two decades was able to achieve without supercomputers and AI.

        If anything, some of the commentators on OD are unrealistically nostalgic for Old Dixie and “Confederacy 2.0.”

        What is the South unfairly known for today? Being perceived as ” the bad guys ” during the American Civil War, slavery, inbreeding, low intelligence but high ignorance, obesity, terrible “music ” that still calls itself country, and overall backwardness. Do I think that’s a fair and accurate depiction of the South. Hell f*cking no!

        No one is advocating for LARPing in SS, Wehrmacht, or Kriegsmarine
        uniforms. It’s not the fault of present day National Socialists that our folk have become too lazy intellectually to see past almost one hundred years of Jewish lies and obfuscation of what the real NSDAP was about. Too bad that David Irving’s books on the Second World War aren’t mandatory reading like POC and Jewish obscurantist writers currently are.

        HW, to still put the onus for starting WW II in 2019 is laughable.

        • Briefly, the Third Reich is gone and never coming back. We live in a different country and in another time. I haven’t read and thought about this entire comment but I will get back to you later this evening.

          • hansfranksavatar, All branches of the German military fought bravely during the Second World War.

            They were so ahead of everyone else in training, tactics, moral, and technology that it took half of the world to defeat them.

            It’s our mission to pickup their mantle, so they didn’t die in vain defending Western Civilization and the kindred folk that created it.

      • Very good stance on the Nazi thing Hunter. They could’ve done so much with their party but they chose evil. The south is both laid back and hard working. A well thought out manifesto would keep the laid back hospitality in tact, while slowly injecting some of that German, ( and Swiss, ) EFFICIENCY. Mayberry + Super Switzerland + just a dash of The 3rd Reich = Utopia.

        We can have our cake and eat it too.

  2. Roosevelt also signed the Grand Coolie Dam project into effect. I think this was the last of the great projects that generation built. FDR was a piece of shit and probably just did it for appearances but this dam seems very under utilized to me and the irrigation and power from it could probably feed the entire country if need be. Whites have always done things collectively. Look at Holland and the land reclamation there. This (((atomization))) and shopping mall mentality is not our natural state.

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