Queen Ann: All Trump’s Bloodsucking Relatives

Ann Coulter:

“Even after Trump won the presidency, Jared Kushner was embarrassed by his father-in-law, according to Vicky Ward’s terrific new book, Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

In a speech to hundreds of New York bankers and businessmen on Dec. 16, 2016, Jared admitted that Trump was “easy to hate from afar.” But not to worry, he said, Trump wouldn’t be keeping his campaign promises — especially on immigration.

One banker who heard the speech was appalled, shocked by Jared’s arrogance in thinking he could “control” the president.

Joke’s on him. Turns out Jared was right. He does control Trump. …”

While I didn’t know this at the time, I clearly suspected he had sold out by December 2016. I remember feeling deflated during the inauguration. I only went to see it after weeks of foot dragging and “blackpilling” because we had already made plans to be there.

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  1. Yawn… Next election Coulter will be shilling for another conservative idiot. She loves the Republican Party. Its like her favorite baseball team.

    Jared was just passing on the good word from his Dad in law Trump, on what his real plans were to the only people that matter. The big donors. A rich degenerate who prefers the company of Jews to whites, sold out long ago. Trump was born sold out.

    Supporting Republicans expecting a different result to all the other times, is the definition of insanity. The South Africans trusted their conservative leaders all the way to the end of their world.

    If you want a pro white result there’s no getting around it, you have to do the work of building a pro white party in America. Start local. Aim for indepence. Its either that or the water in the pot you’re bathing in is going to get hotter and hotter, untill whites are forced out.

    South Africa is the future they have planned for you.

    • s’truth, Except

      for the “pro-White party” nonsense.

      the Jews will buy it in 15 minutes just like they did with the demonrats/republiscams.

      the issues of White and Western Civilizational survival

      will not be decided by ballots, but by

      other means.

      • “for the “pro-White party” nonsense.”

        Even Hitler had a party, Haxo. Anyone who has ever taken power had a political wing. You either see yourself as a government in waiting or a mob.

        “the Jews will buy it in 15 minutes just like they did with the demonrats/republiscams. ”

        You’re going to have to deal with the traitors in your midst. Punishing traitors is something nationalists have been so far too weak and spineless to do.

        “will not be decided by ballots, but by

        other means.”

        The Jews will buy more guns than you in 15 minutes.

        Mao said “power comes from the barrel of a gun.” Actually, real power comes from from convincing people, from repeating.

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