Mayor Pete Buttigieg Announces He Is Having a Child With His Husband

As a disaffected White populist and nationalist voter who voted for Blompf in 2016, I can see myself getting not only excited about Yang, but voting for him in 2020.

If the Democratic nominee is Pete Buttigieg, however, then I will just tune out of politics and write about something else like history. Blompf is an awful president. As a Christian and a social conservative, I simply can’t vote for something like this though. It is a dealbreaker.

How come?

Mayor Pete is White. Yang is Asian.

Why isn’t the White homosexual better than the Asian father and husband? It is because Mayor Pete doesn’t share my social conservative values and that is more important.

Seriously, if you had a gun pointed to your head and the choice was Yang or Buttigieg and you could only choose one, virtually every populist and nationalist voter would choose Yang. Once you get past the racial divide, Asians typically value social cohesion and economic fairness like we do.

Who has the higher ceiling in the American electorate? Why isn’t Buttigieg even in the populist conversation? Why is it Yang? Go look at East Asian countries and you will see why.

Buttigieg is also running on being gay in the 21st century while accusing the GOP of “white guy identity politics.” Yet another reason why this hypocrite isn’t in the conversation.

Note: I apologize for shoving it in your face like this, but you had to see it.

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  1. Democratic 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg announces that he and his husband are planning to have a child soon.


  2. I daresay there’s nothing ambiguous about Mayor Buttplug’s sexual dis-orientation!

    Trump’s election has radicalized the Left like never before. That would’ve been fine, if he had responded with the formation of roving death squads, mass deportations and concentration camps. But none of that has happened and the enemy has become even more emboldened. HW seems to believe that voting for Gleat Yerrow Hope Andlew Yang will somehow put the kikes, coons, commies and queers back in their place. I however am sceptical of that, to say the least.

    We need a restoration of White law and order in this country. Vote for Commander Little in 2020 and I shall be appointed North American Reich Minister for Internal Security.

    • I agree with you a million percent on every single point, spahn. HW has gotten so ridiculous with this Yang crap (and Daily Stormer-style) that I’m seriously considering removing OD from my Feedly. I can’t believe this retardation. And, yes, I’m voting for Little come hell or high water.

      • This website sounds nothing like The Daily Stormer. We’re also going to continue to try a different approach. I’m tired of sitting here, year after year, and just watching the same angry people talk about their failed strategies. I don’t care if they get angry with me for supporting Yang. They’re still going to be angry in 2020 and 2024 and 2028 because their approach doesn’t work.

        If this goes nowhere, then nothing is lost. I think it is worth a shot. I think it is a better idea than spending the next six months just bitching about the world online and commiserating with others about it.

        • Well, Hunter, to quote your reply below:

          “I just don’t believe your paradigm, message or strategy has any chance of success.”

        • Why? Let me count the ways:

          1) Your paradigm is wrong. Yang is an Oriental and is openly against “White supremacy” (and don’t try to tell me he’s just paying lip-service, 4-D Chess or any of that mess). He is very multi-culti, “pro-human”, pro-LGBTQ, a climate-change-cult member, believes that non-Whites are unjustly incarcerated at rates much higher than Whites (a “systemic racism” charge) and wants “a pathway to citizenship” for Pedro, Maria, their chillins and gang-member cousins. He is NOT anything even remotely close to /ourguy/.

          2) Your message is whack. See 1).

          3) Your strategy (and that of other retarded ‘WN’ supporting Yang) will probably hurt his campaign rather than help it. Remember how David Duke promoted Trump so heavily in 2016? So, in that regard, I guess I ought to encourage you misguided mental-midgets.

          Oh, and yes, your style is very much Daily Stormer-ish, with the stupid frog memes and the fake-hip “edgy”, immature, 20-something vernacular. Sorry, but true. This site used to be quite different, more mature.

          • 1.) Who other than people like you care that Yang is an Oriental? How many people like you are there in our society? You’re forgetting that I am supporting him. Presumably, everyone else is less “racist” than me!

            2.) How so? What percentage of the electorate does your message and strategy resonate with?

            3.) I don’t think it is hurting him at all. In fact, it might be even boosting him. If “White Nationalists” are backing him this early in the race, he must be on to something, right?

            4.) Okay, fine. Read some other site. I agree with Anglin that we should engage with society. I agree with Anglin that we should create and share funny memes. I agree with Anglin that we should target the young. OTOH, I disagree with Anglin on any number of issues. I don’t write anything like Anglin does on Daily Stormer although we have some degree of common ground.

  3. neither/nor, HW.

    Genghiz Yang is a deadly enemy of our race, and

    Mayor Buttfag is a Satanist.



    now. All you do is

    validate the (((system))) that is destroying us.

  4. Choice. Asian guy with healthy asian family. or two guys kissing, gross. That does it for me. The poor kid those two are going to adopt. Oh, being an adopted kid myself, wish God could prevent it, somehow.
    I love my white European heritage, but gross immorality is just not my thing.

  5. Notice how sparsely populated the lower-right “libertarian” quadrant of the scatter plot is, for good reason: By allowing women to screw around, social freedom destroys economic freedom. Although abortion is legal, it is not mandatory, so many of these extramarital couplings produce bastard children, whose provision requires a high-tax welfare state. Only by treating the patriarchal family, not the individual, as the fundamental unit of society is any sort of freedom possible.

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