Goldilocks Unmasked

Larry Kudlow on Goldilocks:

Larry Kudlow is Director of the National Economic Council. Let that sink in.


This intuitively makes no sense.

The Blompf economy is doing wonderful … and yet, we’ve had decades of wage stagnation, a tidal wave of legal and illegal immigration, the collapse of the family and unions, the retail apocalypse, the lolbertarian hyperinflationary spiral that never came, the entry of women into the workforce, the decline of the birthrate, the rise of the Boomerang generation, a raging suicide and opioid epidemic in White America, Detroit as the archetype of inner city America, insoluble rural poverty in places like the Alabama Black Belt, a record national debt, record student loan debt, the rise of the gig economy, the rise of populism, the proliferation of Dollar General and Wal-Mart all over the South and Midwest, etc.

Something here isn’t adding up with Goldilocks.

It’s like the economy is doing wonderful, but we’re simultaneously living through the Great Depression. And yet, we’re not living through the Great Depression. Why?

Well said, Barack Obama:

Oh, I see now.

We’re automating the farms with deep learning AI now. All these shitty jobs that are being created in the Blompf economy are also gig economy jobs like Uber drivers. It’s almost like … if I had to put my finger on it, that it is technology and investment driving economic change and creating wealth.

Look what just arrived in the mail:

Wage slave:


All aboard:

Note: If it is technology, management, trade and investment that has created Goldilocks and all the benefits are being vacuumed up to the top %1 under the paradigm of free-market capitalism, why don’t we simply redistribute the wealth to the middle class and working class? How are we going to explain Goldilocks to the masses as 50% of the US workforce is idled over the next 15 years?

joking/not joking we love Bane because he is a populist!

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  1. When they talk about the great economy they mean the managerial class (top 10%) is doing great. People living off dividends in Florida are doing great. Since they are true believers in trickle-down theory they believe that this is good because all of this will trickle-down to the 90%. Conservatives think this upcoming election is going to be like 1984 when it’s going to be more like 2008.

    Conservatives & lolberts will be flabbergasted when Trump loses PA and MI. They will spend years writing essays trying to explain why areas that have been devastated by this economy weren’t happy that the rich got richer. Don’t they understand that this benefits them as well? Why did they vote against all this economic prosperity?

    The sad part is they only have been able to create an economy like this because the GOP has convinced most of White rural America that wedge issues are more important than their local communities which are crumbling down. They vote for wedge issues and the GOP delivers them neoliberal economics that do not and have never benefited them or their communities.

    All of us including areas of the country that normally vote Democrat fell for this in 2016 because Trump was an unknown but good luck thinking this works in 2020 – it won’t. We are heading for another 2008 where the Democrats take over the government.

  2. I was watching a video by Robert “One-Third” Reich who made an interesting point: when the elite started funneling the wealth to the top the media stopped talking about standard of living and started talking about “the economy.” The “economy” can do well while the peons standard of living tanks. Immigrants expand “the economy” but add nothing or virtually nothing to the average native’s pockets or lives. They subtract, in fact.

  3. There are two economies. The symbolic economy, epitomised by Wall Street and Chicago.

    And the economy of manufacturing and buying and selling durable goods and services.

    They’re not telling us which economy they’re actually talking about.

    But in any case, they’re talking about economics and economy from the last century. Not today.

  4. Re-distribute wealth to the middle and working class, HW? Are you mad? That wealth has to be “reinvested” in “developing business infrastructure”. In other words the capitalist/neoliberal elite are going to pocket it. What you’re suggesting is SOCIALISM, the word that Boomers hate and fear most.

    In another 10 years or so even those Uber/Lyft type driving jobs will be rendered obsolete by self-driving vans and taxis. And what about all the Hoovervilles in Southern California and elsewhere? Are they signs of a healthy, robust economy?

    Vote Commander Little in 2020. HE NAMES TEH JEW.

    • There really isn’t a word yet for the new system.

      It isn’t “socialism.” It isn’t “capitalism” either. It is something new – more like restoring slavery in the 21st century with a robotic workforce and redistributing the wealth generated by them to humans to improve their well-being.

      • nothing of the kind will happen:

        the humans – Whites first, to satisy the Jews, then Blacks and Browns –

        will be disposed of, and wealth will further concentrate in

        the hands of Jews and Chinks. One of the latter is named


  5. There are certain labor stats that tell the real story of our dysfunctional economy, and workforce participation is one of them. Only 63% of adults are in the workforce who could be. Even in the best of times, like in 1954, the rate was 58%. We can’t count on any particular economic system to provide consistent work, or work that pays well, and certainly not meaningful employment. Most jobs are not important, except to the individual performing the work. We’ve all been on plantations of various kinds for generations. That is one of the societal inheritances we got from the Industrial Revolution.

    Automation that replaces the need for workers is not a new historical trend. The technology we now have is making worker replacement speed up, however. If you want a better society for the peasantry, you’ve got to stop looking to the kakistocracy to save us. They won’t, and the evidence is that they don’t want to help us. It’s the outliers supporting ideas like basic income that will enable us to get away from total control. Yang probably won’t make it, but the current crop of demoncrat candidates currently aren’t seeing beyond taxing the wealthy more and mandating higher minimum wages. Of course, both ideas destroy jobs.

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