Identity Dixie: Why Are Southerners Now Such Slobs?

Silas Reynolds writes:

“Have you seen what normies look like out in public? To be frank, it’s horrifying how much has changed since I was in high school. At this point, I don’t think most normies even know how to wear clothes. I went out shopping for a new sport coat recently and couldn’t believe the decline in the physical appearance of your average normie.

This wasn’t Walmart. This wasn’t in the hinterlands ignored by the ruling elite. This was in the tony and cosmopolitan part of Richmond; it’s the part of the city jam-packed with wealthy Yankee transplants (natives too) and middle-class foreigners. Yet, most of the people dressed as if they were the pleb under-class from some near-future dystopia. These simply aren’t the same people from my past. They don’t look like it anyway. They certainly don’t sound or act like it.

I might as well have been a Martian. I was the only man wearing a collared shirt, minus one 70-year old man ambling about the mall. If a man was even wearing pants, I didn’t notice anyone wearing a belt. No leather shoes. Most didn’t even comb their hair. This wasn’t some early morning run to the grocery store for some emergency milk. This was the middle of the day on a Saturday. …”

This is a good question.

Hmm … let me think, I think this faggot may have had the answer:

In the 21st century, who owns the discursive means of production under free-market capitalism? Who has the ability to create and project mass culture across the entire world?

In China, they have the Great Firewall which keeps out a lot of the Judeo-American cultural poison that degenerated the West. They also recently banned hip hop, tattoos and cultural degeneracy on television. Great Helmsman Xi Jinping is also prepared to steer China into the 21st century for the rest of his life. Since the 1980s, the poverty rate in China has dropped from 88.3% to 1.3%. 84% of the population trusts the government. The Chinese are now one of the happiest peoples on earth zipping around on high speed trains and poised to reap the benefits of deep learning AI applications.

joking/not joking what geopolitical horse would you pick in the 2020s?

joking/not joking dumb leftwing pundits didn’t even know where the “center” of their own electorate was in 2016 and assumed RT swayed the US presidential election.

Xi, have you even read Locke? Have you even read Ludwig von Mises?

Note: LMFAO we have a better paradigm than the Chinese though, right? Culture is also highly globalized in the 21st century unless there is some restraint. Japan and South Korea are more Americanized.

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  1. Good article. I have an uncle who was in the American army from 1979-2001. He was primarily stationed in Europe and rarely came back to the USA during that time. When he retired and came to Texas in 2001 he said he was horrified at how fat everyone was in Texas and how sloppy they dressed.

    I would not know since I was not even born in 2001 but my ancient grandmother born in the 1930’s said southerners and Texans used to be wonderful people. I will have to take her word for it since nowadays no one seems impressive to me.

  2. I always get compliments on my bell-bottomed sans-a-belt slacks and fitted, monogrammed polyester shirts with large, flyaway collars, HW.

    • LOL

      I’m currently dressed like a bum. I am wearing one of my dive bar shirts that I bought back in 2013 and 2014. I packed on some weight though after I got married. I’ve already recently the vast majority of it.

  3. There’s an INVASION happening and everyone is focusing on other talking points … just like they’re supposed to. Nothing to see here folks. Just another zillion 3rd world darkies blasting in … while we “intellectualize” this and that.

    Because hundreds of thousands of husbands and fathers died in the Civil War the lack of upbringing had an obvious effect well into many generations. YOU can save the south. Or continue to “intellectualize.”

    Don’t intellectualize …. MOBILIZE !!!

    All that can stop the 2 biggest threats to us now, ( the invasion and chem trailing, ) is Confederacy 2.0


    Now since it requires thought and effort … there’ll be a bunch of reply’s like “why don’t you do it GG?”

    My rebuttal in advance is, I’m getting the conversation going. What are YOU doing ? Yang. Blomph. S. Korea. Etc. 🙂

  4. I mean, imagine what small groups of US protesting smarter than these losers. No, not like in the past with Antfagita. I mean cooking … passing out flyers … whatever, to direct EVERYONE to our MANIFESTO. Oh yeh … we don’t have one. After aaallll the posts and comments and luncheons we can’t even define our vision !!! 🙂 We’re superior though.

  5. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but Diana West’s 2007 book, “The Death of the Grown-up” puts the focus on the problem you outline. Here’s an older video on this:

  6. Some of this is protective coloration in an equalitarian age,–a way of avoiding the dangers of envy. Some of it is simply a sign of the sickness of our times. In healthy societies, the lower classes emulate up and in decadent societies, the elites emulate down.

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