Poway Shooter John Earnest’s Manifesto

I felt really f**king sad after reading it.

Have you seen John Earnest play the piano? If that doesn’t make you wonder why someone like this could become a mass shooter, I don’t know what will. Maybe it is time to look in the mirror?

The San Diego-Union Tribune:

“I don’t have enough words to say how lovely (the family is),” she said in a phone interview Saturday afternoon. Daubert only met the younger Earnest at faculty gatherings but described him as “charming, really impressive, and so sweet and nice.”

I’m sure all of this is true.

I would be willing to bet a thousand dollars the family really is lovely. I also don’t think that Earnest is the caricature of the Neo-Nazi white supremacist that he will be portrayed as in the mass media. No, this is someone who is educated and thoughtful and clearly believed he was doing something noble. He believed that he was sacrificing his own life for the greater good of his race.

The political correctness and mass immigration is driving people like John Earnest, Brenton Harrison Tarrant and Robert Bowers insane. I don’t see how it can be denied at this point. This is what happens when open and frank discussion of issues like Jewish power, wealth and influence in our society are made taboo and toxic and anyone who stumbles across the truth about that subject is socially and economically marginalized. When you damn these people to a secular Purgatory for the rest of their lives for the crime of “anti-Semitism,” you’re going to get people like John Earnest.

I’m not saying that White Nationalism is completely blameless. There is a symbiosis and negative feedback loop going on here between accelerationists and the establishment:

  • The antiquated taboos make issues like White identity, Jewish influence and race toxic in public discourse
  • The current system of Prohibition on these topics drives discussion of them into underground forums on the internet like 8chan
  • The current system of enforcing those taboos with disciplinary institutions like ADL and SPLC as well as the “journalists” who hunt down and destroy the lives of dissidents simply confirms to these people that a hostile Jewish elite is lording it over America
  • In these online communities, there are a faction of people who advocate violence because they don’t see any other way forward to achieving their goals. That’s because the political correctness has made all discussion of these topics morally and politically illegitimate
  • In these same online communities, there are people like us who advocate reason, persuasion and compromise and who believe that violence is a poor tactic that is counterproductive
  • As the political correctness and mass immigration intensifies, it generates more of these mass shooters, which generates calls to intensify the political correctness and censorship, which further inflames more people and causes more violence
  • Essentially, we are in a downward spiral of fanaticism because we can’t even discuss the elephant in the room which is the power that Jewish donors have over our culture and politics

What is the solution?

Is there a way out of this? How do we break the cycle of violence? Yes, there is an obvious solution which is hiding in plain sight. We should jettison the political correctness and return to the values of the Enlightenment: reason, tolerance, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, valuing the rights of all people instead of simply demonizing them, standing up for what we believe in, agreeing to disagree, engaging with people with whom we disagree and learning and trying to improve ourselves.

As for the White Nationalists, their problem is largely one of relying on a failed paradigm, discourse, strategy and tactics that simply hasn’t been updated since the 1980s. They lack a vision of how to move forward and achieve their goals in a peaceful way by cooperating with others. They also lack a model that has a strong moral foundation. While it has taken a leap of faith on my part, I have been trying to rethink these issues here and reimagine how we can solve these problems through reason rather than through violence so I don’t have to watch more promising young people like John Earnest throw away their lives while harming others through futile mass shootings.

How many Jews were taken out yesterday? I mean … Jewish power, wealth and influence is over now, right? We can all sleep soundly tonight now that the struggle has been won. Violence is a poor tactic that will only make things worse for everyone. Instead of engaging in violence, we should try to persuade others, especially the people who disagree with us, to stop walking on eggshells around the issue while the likes of Bibi Netanyahu is allowed to annex lebensraum at the expense of his neighbors.

In my view, a 3.0 movement would take Luther and Voltaire as two of its lodestars and instead of just bantzing in crude racial humor, as the 2.0 movement has done without making any real effort to build upon the ideas, strategies and tactics of the 1.0 movement, would start to seriously and methodically attack every aspect of contemporary society whether it be popular culture, our economic system, the philosophical underpinnings of mainstream society, the degradation of our religion into feel good nonsense, and so forth, while offering practical alternatives. Simply mocking the political and cultural establishment is how the Reformation and Enlightenment succeeded.

If Earnest could play Chopin on the piano, why couldn’t he use that big European brain of his to think of a better tactic than violence? The gun jammed on this kid. Personally, I would attribute it to the coarse, nihilistic 2.0 discourse that he was immersed in on various internet forums which has been washed out here. The 2.0 movement has failed and it is time to start building something better.

Note: All of these Enlightenment values have been cast into a bonfire since around the 1980s as the political correctness has metastasized in our culture. Political correctness is nothing more than a revival of Prohibition on an even more utopian scale than its predecessor. It must end.

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  1. Genius and Madness sometime see the clearest path. It is our duty as Fathers to make our children understand how to seek the correct way of expressing and venting frustration.

    Mr. Griffin, and his work on Occidental Dissent, are a blessing to our way of thought. Whether or not he realizes it, impressionable minds are reading his site and he is structuring positive thought instead of negative.

    • A key point of the 3.0 movement that I am constructing is going to be positive vibes and energy. It is something that I absorbed from other interests in my life during the long period of 2018 when I was doing research.

      • You did a lot of good work early on in formulating 2.0, including explaining why the “kartoon klowns” were counter productive. I think the 2.0 movement got away from the serious thinkers and was bushwacked by greed-heads, including sadly Spencer but also Milo, Cernovich and others. I remember thinking how much I hated what the alt-right had become when Spencer was galavanting around with Tia Tequila, who is essentially a low-class Asian hooker.

        At the end the only ones left standing were Jared Taylor and a few of the soft-spoken and thoughtful 1.0 leaders. Ironic.

        A successful 3.0 movement not only has to attract good people, it needs to reject retards and the morally deficient.

        Another good part of 2.0 that was lost were Kievsky’s self-help postings. They were headed in an interesting direction, it was sad to see guys like him drop out and be replaced by losers who just wanted money and attention.

        • The problem (or at least one of them) about the WN scene is that it lies on the fringes, and anything on the fringe tends to draw in rejects, outcasts, con artists, and downright retards.

          It’s an issue that occurs opposite to us on the anarchist/Antifa Left – some of their leaders argue that they need to draw in the trade union working class, but instead they get cat ladies, trannies, and the freaks we saw flinging poop (literally) at Charlottesville.

          This is where Brad’s discussion of positive vibes and energy comes into play – you push misery, fatalism, and odd culture nonsense, and you’re going to get the dregs clinging like ticks.

          • “some of their leaders argue that they need to draw in the trade union working class,”

            For one thing, this ain’t East Germany.

            For another, working class folks are too busy working, trying to earn a living, to have a revolution that they can’t afford. Nor do they want to be ordered around by a bunch of spoiled, snobby rich college kids, their Marxist larping professors, and a horde of obnoxious, neurotic, paranoid and insane Jews.

  2. I want to see this Earnest (haha what a name) person on TalmudVision, giving an interview. The other things you cited are absolute hoaxes. Will Jew Nadler hold another hearing? FYI – let’s try to pay “Robert D.Bowers, Middle Aged White male” a visit in person, in his “undisclosed Federal Prison” cell. ALL prisoners have a number. ALL of them. Why were all the records sealed? Ye Gods – we’ve been hearing about poor old Adolf EVERY single day for night on 80 years….

    I agree that this ….umm…..TV show event….will be used against Whites. However, Beware of any-one drooling about “Heroes” and “Martyrs”.

  3. Agreed. This whole thing has really depressed me. Look at that young man and the potential there. I can only imagine how devastated his family is. Our leadership in the West has created this with all their disastrous policies and PC police.

    Men like Trump have only made this worse because he made such massive promises and failed to deliver any of them. He literally did nothing on immigration. He did nothing on free speech. He did nothing on the economy except feed the rich. Nothing on the suicide and drug epidemic. His foreign policy has been a total disaster of Israel-first. Trump did nothing on the populism he ran on. He made it worse and the despair is growing especially among young White men – they see no political solutions.

    Trump only made the situation worse by empowering the oligarchs even further with his policies. Regardless of the screeching you hear from the far left about Trump, he is 100% the establishments tool and all his policies have made them richer & more powerful. They got so much done under Trump then they could have ever gotten under Obama such as neoliberalism on steroids, a new cold war, mass censorship and deplatforming and letting Israel run roughshod over Syria and the West bank.

  4. These manifesto promoting basically its terrorism,that’s what SPLC want.Since Tim McVeigh,limited free speech through censure.

  5. Luther and Voltaire are the problem. Protestantism is judaizing. You’ll never fix the problem until there is a return to actual Catholicism. The Church already had a solution for the Jewish problem.

    • If that was the case, then all would be well in Catholic Europe, but that’s not the case because the cause isn’t Protestantism. It was the Scientific Revolution. It was Galileo who discredited the Catholic Church.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Catholic Europe is not Catholic anymore and has not been so for awhile. The last Catholic country by traditional standards was Fascist Spain. And when Franco died in 1975 so did Spain. I believe they okayed homosexual marriages before the USA and they have abortion as well. The last traditional Concordant between the Church (when it was still Catholic) was in 1953 between Spain and the Vatican. It must really bother conservatives that the last fully Catholic country to the best of my knowledge was a Fascist country.

        Once liberal democracy entered Spain in the last few decades they fell apart. Liberalism is weakness and degeneracy. It is the enemy from within.

        • Europe is most Roman Catholic. Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, and about half of Germany are Roman Catholic, along with most of eastern and southeastern Europe.

          • Wurker,

            Catholic in name only. If a country supports/votes for abortion, homosexual marriages, allow pornorgraphy etc. then no they are not Catholic. I might add that most women in the summer dress worse than whores did 55 years ago. They have abandoned the Faith. That was obviously what I said and meant.

            Most European Catholics also believe in contraceptives, divorce etc. They have fallen away. Everyone knows this.

      • Galileo discredited the idea that if a people want to survive, thrive and build they need to have a uniform idea of who God is and what He expects of them?

        • It was Galileo who brought the Catholic Church into disrepute in the eyes od the intellectual elite of Western Europe. It wasn’t Luther whose influence was contained to Northern Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic

          • The “positive vibes” that protestantism offered to people who thought they weren’t getting their fair share of wives, church lands and wealth, or whatever else they thought the Church was keeping from them infected everything and everyone. And does to this day. These vibes need to be put back inside Pandora’s box, not embraced.

          • Why?

            Do we want to go back to wealthy people like the Borgias buying the Papacy? The corruption of fake sacred relics? Illiteracy? Simony? Homosexual clergy? Even Catholics have since moved beyond most of that in the 21st century.*

            *Except the homosexual clergy

          • Mr. Wallace,

            What does Galileo have to do with Jews and how Catholicism is traditionally way more anti-Jewish than Protestantism? Susumcorda was talking about them not science. Yes, I know Luther was somewhat anti-Jewish but Protestants as a whole have not been, either officially or non officially. Not compared to Catholics.

            Three conditions must be met for a pope to exercise the charism of infallibility: (1) he must speak in his official capacity as the successor of Peter; (2) he must speak on a matter of faith or morals; and (3) he must solemnly define the doctrine as one that must be held by all the faithful.

            Conditions number 2 and 3 were not met. Therefore, nothing occurring in the Galileo incident would strike at the heart of the Church. It was just an erroneous human decision.

            Human intellectuals are not necessarily the best representatives of any faith. The humble and obedient are more likely to attain sainthood than scientists.

          • Briefly, I can’t really respond because I am at my nephew’s birthday party. It wasn’t Luther and Protestantism that fatally undermined Catholicism. It was Galileo and the 17th century Scientific Revolution who blazed the trail to modernity

          • Mr. Wallace,

            The Church fantastically helped with literacy in the Middle Ages by recording and keeping learning alive. Simony and homosexuality have always been condemned by the Church. Sometimes not enforced however. But they have always been considered mortal sins.

            And no one mentioned Borgias as a positive influence.

            Simony was forbidden by canon law long before the Protestant Revolution though at times it was widespread even when illegal.

            The English protestants had a lot of it after their separation from the Church. So it was not limited to Catholics. Both religions have condemned it repeatedly.

            We live in 2 different worlds. I am your enemy for sure and of your religion. But you do have an interesting website.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            At this point I am not sure who is responding to whom. It is probably a waste of time to continue this. Wars and debates did not solve the religious problem centuries ago so I doubt we can solve it now.

            I will say that Lutherans seem more mentally capable than the Baptists I have met.

            But I print my information and the other side ignores it and prints theirs. Which I ignore etc. etc. It is just fruitless circle for all concerned.

          • I’m focused on attacking political correctness, not rehashing these old debates. We need to focus on the real issue which is the moral system that dominates our own times

          • Horseshit you disgusting pedophile-promoting propagandist.

            @ Normal People of even semi-normal conscience:

            The Roman Catholic Church did EVERYTHING including torture to prevent literacy in the Middle Ages. Check out The Cheese and the Worms, about an italian peasant who battled the Church’s stance against goyim reading and owning books. Hint: he was tortured to death for his ‘sin.’

            During the era, 97-98% of jewish men could read while only 1-3% of gentile men could. This was one of the attractions the Jews held to the Romans and then their Roman Catholic successors. The Jews could be counted on to horde the knowledge and the wealth in their distinct racial and theological group so the european peasants would remain poor and incapable of organizing.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            I think Genie now knows as Mary P’s Ghost was writing to us Catholics. It can always be counted on to spread her foaming at the mouth hatred. She is probably a Jewish agitator or just insane.

            Nothing new here.

          • No. We don’t want to move back to any of those negative things associated with the Church. But we do want to move back to the idea that we are one people with a cultural sovereignty that God wishes us to protect. The foundation of that idea has to be that we worship one God and therefore maintain a uniform idea of what that God expects of us. Outside of looking alike and living near each other that is the basic foundational definition of a people.

            One people, one God, one Truth, one Church, many cultures. If you don’t think White people are capable of building, or rebuilding, such an institution (the only type of institution actually capable of securing our future) without it being rife with sin then what kind of faith do you have in white people?

          • Mr. Wallace,

            Looks like the war heated up again. Francis has violated so many Catholic dogmas I would not even know where to begin. It has always been believed that a heretic and/or apostate cannot ascend the throne much less keep it. Canon law and Church doctors agree on that point. I believe it is our law.

            Francis has taught that the death penalty is against scripture when it is the opposite.

            He has taken part in false worship with Moslems and Jews–that violates defined dogmas.

            He has said that on one can judge homosexuals. Judging is the main reason a religion exists. Just not private judgments.

            It is obvious that Francis is evil. Probably an evil man only since I doubt he holds the throne. All I can do is recognize that our Catholic laws condemn the man. I cannot help it if most Catholics are too stupid or naive to recognize this. Are not most modern Protestants also sadly lacking in traditional christian values?

          • There have been countless terrible popes throughout history. The lowest point was arguably when the Papacy was just being bought and sold to European banking families like the Borgias and Medicis

      • So when you’re in battle you just throw out the plan to all your troops and let them figure it out on their own?

        All these successful managers and institutions that constantly harp on driving the same message home day after day to make sure everyone is on the same page, they are brainwashed? What they ought to be doing is just sending out memos and letting people decide for themselves what they mean because clearly that is what generates success?

        • Gentile,

          You are wasting your time talking to these people. They just bring up matters that do not pertain to the subject. They are just rocks with lips.

          • You don’t think for yourself. You allow religious dogma to think for you. You’ve said it yourself.

          • I can’t help myself. It’s the only dialogue that really interests me.

            I live among protestants and have put a ridiculous amount of time into trying to understand the protestant mind. I don’t get it. They will agree to almost anything but that which is paradigmatically and rationally linked, however tenuously, to Catholic ideology.

            It’s like the jews when you talk about “bankers” or “vampires.” They can smell the Catholicism on an idea like the jews smell anti-semitism and it repels them. I still haven’t figured out what their completed world looks other than a jewish-run gulag.

          • I kind of feel the same way about Catholics.

            How can you look at Jorge Bergoglio and believe he has any special relationship with God? He is just a man and a very bad pope at that

          • What about that Jim Jones? That’s what protestantism will get you right there. The free love racial egalitarian people’s temple!

            Why do you need to conflate the idea of the church, which is valid, reasonable and functional, with its current iteration?

          • Once you leave the reservation you have no justification to judge. By what authority do you say his interpretation is worse than yours if you hold as a matter of faith there is no true interpretation? Of course you can like it or dislike it but once you’re outside the fence line it’s neither true nor untrue, it’s just people playing church.

        • Gentile,

          Internet debates go nowhere fast. I have learned that lesson and I am still in school. These are hardened people on this website which is both good and bad. Everyone is entrenched here.

          Most of the time I just ignore the paganism and protestantism. I just got drawn in this time.

          I think focusing on politics and race are the strong points of Occidental Dissent.

        • Gentile,

          You are very dedicated and persistent that is for sure. I commend you for your qualities.

          • You too. Keep at it. It may be a fool’s errand but a good argument once a week or so to avoid chores never hurt anyone.

            Good thing the proprietor tolerates us.

            God Bless.

  6. Please remember the Jewaday of “Passover” is the “celebration” of the mass murder of Egyptian children, in THEIR native land, by Jews. The Jews lay the blame on their Demon God Yahweh – but it was them. They were NEVER slaves in Egypt. They invaded the thriving Nation, and destroyed it. The first of many, Egypt is now an impoverished mess. The workers that did all the building in Ancient Egypt were highly skilled, well fed, and well paid:


    EVERY Jewaday celebrates the destruction of the Nations they’ve invaded and destroyed. Every one. America may be their last, though. The rest of the world is on to them.

    Jews all over the world were celebrating the mass slaughter of children.

  7. Are you people delusional? This is likely another false flag DESIGNED for immediate rollout of legislation. You watch, within days they will say “we are banning….”

    They have already started the operation. 1) Linked it to another false flag (new zealand), 2) They are identifying the victims (they never do that quickly any other time a white man is the perp, they spend time showing the white man up front and center) 3) They are showing their “vigils”

    Compare with https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/04/28/us/5-dead-sumner-county-tennessee/index.html

    • I don’t think it is a false flag.

      I think it is just frustrated people who inhabit nihilistic online forums who lack a vision and a strategy lashing out against political correctness and mass immigration. It is not the first time it has happened.

      • It’s a story. Compare with the Pittsburgh shooter, they didn’t react this same way. In fact , in real news events they treat completely different! I have given you a clear example. Those vigil outfits are very pristine, dry cleaners don’t make outfits that pretty. Don’t fall for this garbage or y’all will accept the bans coming.

        • Professional,

          If Haxo wasn’t checking in here every day to condemn me for doubting the coming RAHOWA, I would give more credence to this theory. Instead, it is more likely that some people just really believe that shooting random Jews at a synagogue is an effective tactic. The simplest answer tends to be the true one and it more likely that these people really believe their own bullshit.

          • @Hunter

            I believe Robert Bowers was a real event. But you have to examine the theatrics of these other “operations.”

          • How do you know if Haxo is even white? Have you met him? For all you know, he could be Mossad or a fat SJW tranny fed talking. Don’t be so small town boy, awe shucks gullible all the time. Suspect everyone.

            I read the manifesto. It started out impressively intelligent, then it went downhill fast into the rantings of an angsty teenage boy of about 14 years of age. I didn’t feel sad. I was thinking this kid is not right in the head.

            It read to me like it was written by different people. It was the same with the shooter in New Zealand. His manifesto was obviously copied from several authors.

            And oh what a coincidence. Yet another fake mass shooter points the finger at PewPieDie. The biggest personality on Youtube and one the Jews are trying to get banned from Youtube at the moment. Perhaps this time the fake mass shooters will succeed in their real goal?

          • How many “false flags” do “they” need, for God’s sake?

            It seems like, if “they” had all the powers attributed to them by internet theorists, it’d be far easier to pass an arbitrary bill, presidential order, or supreme-court ruling outlawing all guns, than to continually perpetuate mass hoaxes. The logistics of such a thing, not to mention the costs and risks, are astronomical. Better to just say: “Trump…sign here, here, and here please. Thank you. See you at the next Bilderberg.”

            Far more likely these shootings are real – the very real result of a massively degenerate, soulless, society.

          • @shotgun
            America is not a dictatorship yet. They have to do this thing called manufacturing consent. They need to get the majority of the public to support them, before they legislate to take their freedoms away.

            Problem. Reaction. Solution.

            First create a problem the public will react to. Then when the public cries out for a solution, the same people that caused the problem provide the solution they always intended.

            The government are paying intelligence agencies to work full time on undermining White Nationalism. They also passed a law where a federal agent cannot be charged for inciting terrorism as long as he incites it while on duty. However if an ordinary citizen incites terrorism, then the feds can charge them. So you get feds inciting violence hoping to trick dumb kids to do it with them, so they can then arrest them.

            If you don’t assume the feds are posting comments on this blog, you are too innocent for serious politics.

          • They’ll be other shootings/bombings/etc in the coming months – the scores will probably be low, and we won’t see anything overwhelmingly insane McVeigh style, but they’ll keep happening.

            Some people just truly think that shooting an old Yenta and blowing off a rabbi’s fingers will start Turner Diaries-style RAHOWA.

      • I don’t know if this one is a false flag or not. There was NO shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, last October – and Tarrant is an Israeli that starred in a video game. FYI – ZZOGNZ demanded ALL citizens, in tiny geographically isolated NZ to turn over every firearm they have – EVERY ONE – or else. “Or Else” means imprisonment, or getting “accidentally gunned down:” by ZOG COPS.

        America is a tougher nut to crack – but they are trying. Those (((Red Flag laws))) wherein American ZOGCOPS enter your home at 4AM and kill you. Because “some-one said something”.

        Prepare ye all. ZOG is planning to Passover us now.. NOW.

        • Robert Bowers was on Gab for months before the shooting interacting with the Bowl Gang. I don’t believe it was a false flag. I just think he snapped and use the Pittsburgh synagogue to act out a morbid fantasy of revenge on the Jews.

          • Robert Bowers was real AND…..surprised ZOG,
            1) No legislation
            2) Mourners within the week (as opposed to an immediate prepared vigil with “hundreds” of vigilites)
            3) vague story details after Bowers as a real investigation takes real time

          • Feds are all over GAB. This is a FED agent. The pics are the face of a FED Agent. No “White Middle Aged Male Robert D. Bowers” EXISTS. There are Robert Bowers’ of Black and White races, but they are different ages, have different middle initials, and can be found. They have addresses. An FBI drill happened blocks away, the week before the staged event.

            ALL prisoners have a number. ALL of them. You could find Ted Bundy and poor old Charlie Manson. Let’s try to visit “White Middle-Aged Male Robert D. Bowers”. Let’s find him and visit him.

      • It disturbs me more than a little bit that you are now referring to White Nationalists as “they”, Griffin…instead of “we”.
        What’s changed? It was more than a slip-up, you did it repeatedly in this article.
        Are you no longer a White Nationalist or is there a new term I’m not aware of?
        And even if there is, are we all here not White and Nationalist?
        Clarify, please sir.

        • As I have explained, I moved through White Nationalism 1.0 to the Alt-Right 2.0 and now I have grown beyond both to seeing myself as an architect of a 3.0 movement. I’m pro-White and woke on the JQ, but I think we need to improve on these obsolete models.

          • There are plenty of issues that need to be hashed out before 3.0 gains traction.

            The Great Optics War alone demonstrated to me that there are serious problems that need to get addressed before anything remotely resembling a Movement gets started.

            I mean come on – you had people on the 504um acting like stuck up privileged little snobs literally denigrating people for being poor.

            I don’t want to be part of that Movement – let Jeff Bezos join instead.

  8. Terrible. It’s like this guy was acting, reading from the worst anti White Jewish ADL, SPLC, Hollywood script acting the crazed, evil WASCIST NAZI terrorizing innocent Jewish, Black, LGBT, disabled women and children. I’m surprised he didn’t also target cute puppies.

    As always, Russian and Eastern European populist nationalists seem to have sensible leaders, sensible policies. Hungary ran George Soros and his foundations out of Hungary – didn’t kill anybody, but just….

    Ran them out of the country.

    Russians always respond well to individual acts of Islamic terrorism that target Russians. The terrorists are identified, their supporters, enablers are identified and the Russian authorities do what is practical and necessary.

    I know most everyone especially our editor Hunter W understands that Harold Covington was a real as(# hol*, dic* to us, but I think he was our best writer and a solid teacher.

    His teaching on not to ever do Sh** like this is just, well it’s right.

    Don’t do it.

    It doesn’t help us and this bright young man just through away his life for nothing actually worse than nothing – he’s empowering the worst anti White, ZOG forces.

    Don’t do it

    Harold Covington on Joseph Stack’s suicide, manefesto

  9. Here is another in your face proof of mockery by the Jews.


    1) She is possessed with a demon as the gnashing of teeth show
    2) She is flipping us all off
    Look at how she is holding the candle, this IS DEFINITELY a statement and not normal. Who holds a martini glasses that way? Why would you hold a similar item that way? They are mocking you Goyim.

  10. Great analysis, Docc.

    Personally, I’ve been radicalized from 2017-2019 mostly due to seeing what J-Antifa in league with J-Media in league with J-Capital in league with J-Anti-White orgs like ADL/SPLC have done regarding the prohibition of free speech/free assembly and the myriad of attacks on dissidents. The hyper-escalation of the enforcement of political correctness has only increased radicalism and extremism. I thought these people had reputably high average IQ’s?

    Coming from a Christian background that teaches fair play, honesty, and justice this nefarious J-Network is evil. As a Gen Xer, it’s woken me up more than anything regarding the true nature of America.

    I fully understand the WigNat and the AmNat approach. Patrick Casey might not like me but I don’t hate him. I saw what he did yesterday at the bookstore in D.C. and I fully support it. Imagine if John Earnest would have applied to AIM instead of spending the rest of his life on Death Row. But, the Wignats are a very honest bunch, have integrity and are the only ones showing brotherly empathy for Earnest.

    I’ve read John Earnest’s manifesto and the only thing I will say is that if such a genius and talented 19yr old White Christian would be led down this path then J-Prohibition might want to rethink their shuttening strategy. J-Prohibition is going to have to learn to allow White people to freely speak online and in public.

    I first heard of the Alt-Right because some moronic Antifa decided to elbow Richard Spencer and then J-Media gleefully decided to mass celebrate it. Higher IQ doesn’t correlate with higher levels of common sense.

    • Sober – I had a pal, when I was a teenager. He has an Irish last name. but in retrospect, I’m beginning to wonder about his mother….anyway – this fellow was a sneaky little sh!t. He’d foment trouble among our little gang. He was very bright, and very, very verbally adept. He began advocating for dating Negroes, when we were teenagers. He tried to set me up on a date with a Negro. I have not ever been attracted to Negroes; I refused – and he raised Hell. He tried to get every-one to hate me. Especially his best pal, an Uber Aryan blond boy that later did become my boyfriend. Anyway – he brought a Negress into our group, in order to shock he parents. We befriended her, for years. We all went away to college. He impregnated the Negress – and then later abandoned her and his mongrel child for a Black man. He came out as a homo. He faked AIDS for years, in order to gain sympathy.The point of my reply to you is I recall riding a local bus, as a teenager, with another fellow in our group. We were relating the conflicting stories and outright lies he told about us, to each other. He never learned the people actually talk to EACH OTHER, independent of him. That’s when I learned this fact.

      His father was a really handsome, kind, charming White man. All the girls were in love with the father. He was so sweet and gentlemanly to us. I need to look up this fellow’s mother though. I haven’t thought about this in years and years. She wasn’t that good looking, had a very screechy voice, and was a total beeyach. We don’t know how she snagged her hubby. I wonder…..

      All of my old pals reared away from me in horror, when I became a White Nationalist after 9/11/01. That event is what set me on my course, FYI – so yes – the staged mayhem of the Spawn of Satan doesn’t always play out as they’ve planned….

      • I am replying to myself. I just found the fellow on the ‘Net. The “AIDS victim” is hail and hearty and doing just fine, the little bastard. I wonder if I should contact him…..

  11. I am waiting to see how OD spins this into a promotion of Yang..
    If this young man had UBI, this never would have happened,…you know.
    Either that, or he could have bought more reliable equipment.
    You read history. If you study it thoroughly, you’ll find all sorts of precedent events prior to major conflicts, like tremors before a major earthquake, do you not?
    These events are all warning signs to an oppressive government to cease and desist its persecution of citizens, but never do they take heed.
    If not swept away by the bullshit, children will read about these events some day in school, (I hope…)
    Brad Griffin, perhaps your greatest calling is to be that historian. We will definitely need an honest one recording these times for our posterity. I am serious about this.
    I hope you’ve taken time to write some of this down with good old pen and paper and tucked it away somewhere.
    It may get “old-school” again in the near future.

    • *sigh*

      I’m doing political punditry on this website, but I am also doing cultural criticism now. I’m writing about history, philosophy, health and fitness, economics, science fiction, the environment and ALL of my interests on the blog these days. I’m not just writing about the Yang campaign.

  12. Whether a false flag or not,it doesn’t help the cause. increase power to the corrupt rullers of Stalanist tyranny,and more media censorship.

    • Pretty much.

      There is no upside to it. It is tactically dumb and only makes it harder to get our message out. Killing random Jews at a synagogue just grosses out everyone and polarized the rest of society against us.

    • The coffers at anti-White organizations will use this ‘incident’ will be overflowing. This is the propaganda that is so effective to their cause that it does lead one to suspect “false flag” and Machurian candidate operations at work.

      Nevertheless, this intelligent and talented White teenager is destined to be yet another casualty birthed by the anti-White Gentile zog oligarchs and shabbos goyim enablers.

  13. The american alt-right needs to split into three parts. One are people who want to work inside of the GOP and conservatism. They is a place for that. Another needs to start a pro-white political party and run campaigns, modeled on euro-nationalism. The other people who want to do edge lord stuff and irony humor can stay on 4chan.

    These three factions need separation, especially from the third group. People in the first group need to maintain their cover. They can’t do stupid stuff like join the GOP and then go on white nationalist media outlets and talk about it. Neither the first or second group should be interacting much at all with the third group. Keep the shock/edgy/troll stuff away from people involved in politics. People from the first two groups should not appear to be connected to that stuff in terms of language, imagery, memes etc.

    • Your thinking here, ATBOTL, belies your government-schooling. You *are* the 4chan, like it or not. You’re never going to be one of the cool kids. You’re never going to be accepted by the left-wing lunatics who run our society. You’re never going to be normal. Wanting to ostracize and distance yourself from those you see as less “cool” or less “acceptable” (in whatever way) is only a sign of weakness.

      The aristocrat of the soul does not shirk his duties towards those with less of the vision. And he might even wallow in the hog-pit should his people need it.

        • A statistical-trend. Every. single. time. I note someone’s government-schooled biases, they reply that they’ve been private schooled. Every time. Must be a government-school thing.

          At any-rate, had you really gone to a private school, you’d know the worldview taught in those institutions, unless you went to an extremely exceptional one that teaches Latin and Greek (for example), is the same taught by government-schools. Accredited, produced, and financed, by the same organizations. Government-schooled neo-darwinism for upper-middle-class whites.

          It’s a sign of weakness for a man to pine after a spot at the Devil’s table. Maybe ol’ Scratch will treat us civilly if we wear the right color necktie and properly ostentatious socks? But recall that he who sups with the devil had better have a long spoon…

          • Rambling, unhinged gibberish. This is what the produce of a mind high on the psychoticism scale looks like. Irrationally hostile, full of strange tangents and non-sequiturs. It’s a small step from this to the full blown pressured speech of the florid psychotic.

            1.0 and 3.0 are full of these people. It’s a problem for our outreach efforts when so many comments on pro-white blogs sound like they were written by angry drunks or people who have dementia. We want to create a culture that these types find unappealing.

  14. According to the open letter / manifesto, the shooter wanted to continue the campaign started in New Zealand of triggering the Partition of the United States through the sequence of lone-wolf violence, followed by a crackdown, followed by an uprising; that is the core of it wrapped in a strange blanket of TRS.biz, Skyrim, and Christianity (!)

    There is a big unlocked door that the movement has failed to walk through, which is a peaceful, respectful, honorable campaign for Partition of the United States.

    Yeah, the Enemy is doing bad things, but when our side fails to do the one good thing it will take to solve these problems, then at some point it’s our fault not theirs.

    If 3.0 does not have a roadmap to a sovereign white home land on the North American Continent, then we might as well move on immediately to 4.0.

    PS I knew “2.0” also known as the alt right was a fraud when they asked me prefer “Baked Alaska” over Jordan B Peterson. When I read about 3.0 as you see it “jettison the political correctness and return to the values of the Enlightenment: reason, tolerance, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, valuing the rights of all people instead of simply demonizing them, standing up for what we believe in, agreeing to disagree, engaging with people with whom we disagree and learning and trying to improve ourselves.”

    That’s pure Jordan B Peterson; or what I called using the trendy terms of the time “Alt God”.

    PPS You overstate the power of mockery in the triumph of Enlightenment values, though I do admit to liking me some Hume humor (!) The Enlightenment triumphed because the ancient regime was built on a metaphysics of Christianity that just could not withstand the Juggernaut of materialism. The nihilism of today is the logical conclusion of a world without a transcendent Order*, what folks personify as “God”. That is why you see the skyrocketing divorce, depression, suicide, purple hair, transgenderism, obesity – as well as the rush to destroy everything good

    * Arta in the ancient tongue, very kin to Logos as seen in an ancient Norse word for “fate” urd-log. In fact our word for Universe, means one “vert” which is both “turn or rotate” but also akin to arta as the concept was first understood as the cyclicality of nature exemplified by the rotation of the stars around the World Tree / later the Axis Mundi when our people invented chariots.

  15. HW wrote:

    “Simply mocking the political and cultural establishment is how the Reformation and Enlightenment succeeded.”

    Perhaps, but there was also a lot of bloodshed along the way, see the Thirty Years War. Millions died in that one.

    I don’t see how you can get the Left to give up Political Correctness and return to Enlightenment values as you want without a fight that could get very bloody. And the Jews won’t give up their positions of power without a fight as well.

    • Technology, though, Kapper, makes wide-sweeping paradigm changes far easier and quicker in our day…and we *are* told, after all, that Christ will return like a thief in the night…

      • “…and we *are* told, after all, that Christ will return like a thief in the night…”

        Only if you believe that the parousia has yet to occur… which has been the useless credo of either an amillennial Papal Christendom, or the heretical dispensational premillenialism that both truly believe we do NOT hold ALL power, NOW… and therefore, Christendom DOES NOTHING.

        At least postmillennialism saw an ‘eschatology of victory,’ but even here, they still were waiting on the sidelines. From a serious study of Scripture and the praxis of the early Church, Christ has ALREADY returned, and the KINGDOM has already been established, and the Jews have ALREADY been disenfranchised- FOREVER, and ‘all power has been given’ to the Church. As another has written:

        “God’s true Israel needs to awaken to her identity and to the realization that she has the power to do a better job. Our power has been drastically limited by Dispensationalism’s “other gospel.” This “other gospel” bemoans a concept that evil is becoming stronger. It lies and tries to convince us that the world is coming more and more under the control of the Devil. Wake up! Satan is bound, and we know it not! Christ has given us this great chain of circumstance. We can tighten the chain but do it not!”


        What we need to do, in ‘Earnest’ is to rise up en masse, and live the Kingdom, NOW.
        The gates of hell would fall in an instant if we did. But we’re all cowards, and think ‘Die Juden’ as powerful beyond human measure. AND THAT’S THE LIE WE PERPETUATE, 24/7.

        And the J-Left knows their lie will endure only for a ‘little time.’ If only WE knew it.

  16. “Violence is a stupid tactic”…

    I understand not condoning violence in a bid to stay published, but I don’t (indeed – cannot) understand repudiating it in principle, as if there’s some inherent nobility in pacifism. There’s not, nor can a case be made that pacifism has ever been successful in history.

    Additionally, rejecting mass-shootings is one thing, but subsequently rejecting “violence” (in the abstract) is like rejecting “dancing” because of the ostentatious vulgarity of “twerking”. Do not forget the existence of ballet or even the humble waltz.

    In fact, no Alt.-Right talking-head or commentator is brave enough to even discuss “violence” (in the abstract), …and in my mind, this is the very affirmation of the power violence has to quell speech and force some men into retroactively applying meager rationalizations to their pacifism. They’re terrified of FBI swat-squads or, less-dramatically, of the “soft-power” (which is a type of violence) that may be brought against them through various forms of censorship or social ousting.

    I’ve never met a truly principled “pacifist”…I’ve only ever met practical “pacifists” who preach non-violence because they’re afraid of the violence that might be brought against them otherwise. And should they debate violence (in the abstract), they’d quickly lose the argument.

    I would never suggest the breaking of any laws (certainly not in a public forum), but neither do I want to yell and scream about how my people are being “genocided out of existence” and end up having “brave pacifist” on my tombstone. If we really are having a war waged on us (as many claim), then “violence” must be, at least, discussed.

    If it’s not…if we continue ignoring it and putting it off as “stupid”…we’ll get more and more desperate realists with no idea of chivalry, tact, or restraint.

    • I’m not advocating pacifism.

      Luther agreed that violence was sometimes necessary. He believed that violence should be exercised by legitimate authorities like the German princes though.

      This is why he supported Philip of Hesse and the Schmalkaldic League putting down the Peasant’s War and later fighting with Emperor Charles V to resist being returned to the yoke of Catholicism. He was adamantly opposed to the schwärmer who he considered violent fanatics.

      • We at the point where violence is a useful, necessary tool, at this point, for us.

        Ummm…ruh roh….apparently this even was reported on before it happened, in the Jews Media:


        Ruh roh….

        The Manifesto – it’s much more sophisticated than the Israeli Tarrant one. That one must have been written be an actual Israeli. the FED ZOG agents paid much more attention to creating the Manifesto, than they did….the….timing…..we need to stay out of the way. and let them destroy themselves. We, the White population is diminishing. The Orcs a

        • Whoops – I hit the send key be mistake! The Orcs are breeding like crazy. ZOG is over reaching as per ALWAYS. The course they created is on auto pilot. Stay out of the way, and live!

    • Agree with shotgunwildatheart.

      Note the people who use violence and win are called patriots and founding fathers.

  17. It’s good to be open to the false flag idea … but it’s not really important whether this or another incident is one, beyond ‘we know the gov’t lies a lot’

    And we need to be aware that the oligarchs intentionally want to sow confusion, division, and mutual contempt, by having us argue intensely about false flags

    So a real incident can have red herrings thrown in … and they may know in advance about some planned terror killings, but just let them happen

    It’s not disputed our overlords do huge false flags, e.g., 1970s-80s Operation Gladio, killing hundreds of Europeans, falsely blamed on ‘Communists’, later proven in European courts to have been done by agents of the USA & Nato. And the same goons are still running things in the West.

    The goal of confusion is prominent in government operations. Consider 9-11, which has five widely-spread stories about what took down the New York World Trade Centre towers on 11 September 2001, four of the stories deflecting from whatever is the real truth:

    (1) Official story, planes, jet fuel, etc – Denounced as impossible by thousands of architects & engineers
    (2) Conventional pre-set explosives, linked to the ‘Israeli art students’ photographed by the New York Times, with boxes whose industrial codes showed them to be bomb detonator components (my vote)
    (3) Nano-thermite advanced explosives
    (4) Destructive energy rays which the government can use from a distance
    (5) 1950s-60s recycled ‘mini nuclear weapons’ detonated inside the towers

  18. These incremental manifestos serve an ongoing purpose, which is to (a lesser extent) test but more to keep the narrative evolving.

    The blacks and browns are increasingly revolting against jewish domination; recall this past winter’s Women’s March/BDS/Farrakhan controversy.

    Witness Brad’s transformation from a racial populist into some kind of…well, I guess mostly just a populist with fancier caveats and sub-agendas.

    This SCARES THE JEW. Terrifies, actually. Even in spite of Brad’s seemingly intentional elision of the economic populism that undergirded Luther’s ecclesiastical brand, he has still become some sort of colorblind potential threat. He is hardly the only lead voice in ‘the movement’ to articulate some form of middle class as opposed to purely ‘white’ nationalist sentiment.

    As the multiculti goyim consider utilitarian but determined alliances against jewish hegemony, Big Jew has to broaden its cast of villains to include and thoroughly demonize the ‘white male populist/nationalist’ who doesn’t hate the coloreds but instead sees them as comrades in the struggle.

    Big Jew must also keep the flock in line, as more and more jews cast their lot with the Zionists or the Globalists and each respective side’s goyim leaders. Division within the ranks threatens to break the kosher hold over both the US but also Europe, while assimilation presents its own set of perils.

    In short, this long-term planner, sensitive Type A overachieving California kid didn’t write that manifesto.

    The Mossad/CIA did.

  19. Hunter’s classification of the movement is missing something. I think we need to break the troll movement into it’s own thing. WN1.0 is the RaHoWa stuff. 2.0 is the original paleocon alt-right. 3.0 is the psycho trolls and mass shooters who are obsessed with 4chan culture. We need a 4.0 that focuses on organizing and both electoral and community politics.

    The 3.0 troll-right really is it’s own thing. A lot of those people had an atypical path to nationalism where they first got interested in all this edgelord stuff. WN was presented to them as just another shocking thing to gawk at alongside deformed fetuses and muslim terrorism. The process by which those people were converted involved a lot of deception and self deception. In other words, they have issues.

    The way most 2.0ers got involved was through conservatism. We tend to be thoughtful and rational people. We are different psychologically from the troll lord types. Troll lords are emotional and easily influenced by others. Troll lords have painted the movement into a corner with their mindless antics.

  20. I’m going to answer @Shotgunwildatheart and some other topics

    “How many false flags do they need” As many as it takes! You answered your own question by saying it’s really expensive. They don’t care about money because when they consolidate and coordinate their power, they will make all the money. In fact, they can run 200 million in the red and just get bailed out because they are keeping power, by keeping fear alive.

    This is why it’s important to recognize it’s a false flag! We need our people to not fear these so-called-leaders. We don’t need fear, to quote Clint Eastwood in a movie, we have to get mean. That starts with getting angry, first about getting lied to, but ABSOLUTELY by getting extorted from your own money and lied to by means of your own capital!!!!

    Those who sneer about this being unimportant about whether it’s a false flag or not are not equipped for favorable leadership. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to show people what is being done to them. We can use a false flag for our advantage instead of it detonating and destroying us! It’s a wonderful tool to use their lies against them.

    On violence, it’s a fact of life. It’s neither good nor bad. Everyone that has denounced violence always quips “it’s takes a good man with a gun to stop a bad man with a gun.” I’m sick of quips, but it’s true. Violence was used by Jesus in the temple with a whip. Modern theology acts like he was softly tapping them and had a coffee in the other hand. But read it again, Jesus drove them out of the temple throwing their tables over. It is sometimes necessary.

    • @Professional

      “Those who sneer about this being unimportant about whether it’s a false flag or not are not equipped for favorable leadership. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to show people what is being done to them. We can use a false flag for our advantage instead of it detonating and destroying us! It’s a wonderful tool to use their lies against them. ”

      Thank you.

      Most people I know are NOT doing well financially. Loads of people of all Races are barely holding on. Rents are outrageously sky high. Employers and unions are cutting back benefits, of all kinds. You have to have a tax base to support social welfare programs. The JewOPocrats are inviting in THOUSANDS of illiterate, unskilled, diseased alien peasants…..yet we are sending BILLIONS to Israel? And fighting their wars? We need to point this out., too.

      • The past ten years anti semitism laws have been passed in almost every state, in January Trump signed an executive order condemning anti semitism in Europe and abroad, in February the house introduced a bill that made it illegal to talk about the Jews, on March 7 they finalized that bill specifically naming white people as violators of this law and passed it (407 yeas, 23 nays, 1 present),

        They laid the foundation, now enter the false flag scenarios to take away our rights with impunity.

        March 15 – Christ Church, New Zealand
        April 27 – Poway, CA

        This is a global coup by world Jewry folks. The Jews are working overtime to finish what they have started. As some have said “that’s a lot of effort” yes but these people coordinate themselves like the Mormons send out missionaries everywhere, Jews go to ‘organize’ new communities. Look up the guy that runs Newsy. He is a transplant into his new community where there weren’t many Jews (he says this in an interview), a place that needed organizing-called Cincinnati.


    • Senseless violence doesn’t. Shooting up a place of worship to victimize unarmed worshippers even those you consider your enemies does not make sense if you are serious about liberating your people from government tyranny. It’s simply bad optics and is designed to elicit the response that everyone in the movement are a bunch of animals who need to be cracked down on.

      Why, pray tell, in the history of all these shootings, have none of the shooters ever targeted the corporate headquarters of the ADL or the SPLC or even gone postal on the various AIPAC meetings. I suspect armed security may have had something to do with it.

      Of course, it would not surprise me if this was a false flag or the kid was put under some kind of mind control to effect a false flag. A lot of stuff that was bad for the Jews was going on shortly before this.

      First and foremost, American Jews were becoming too assimilated, marrying out, feeling more like American citizens with loyalty to this country or even mildly dual loyalties. There were many American Jews with Palestinian sympathies. Too many Jews who felt safe in the diaspora and saw no need for a bug-out country like Israel.

      As Jesus Christ said, no man can serve two masters, especially if one of them is a homicidal psychopath willing to kill his servant to ensure his loyalty. So it would not surprise me if this shooting is more about bringing any straying Jewish sheeple back into the flock than anything else.

      OTOH, all these third world people they are bringing in not only have no holocaust or slavery guilt. They all detest Israel and dislike Jews seeing them as the most privileged of White people. There was an overriding unexpressed but still implicit feeling displayed by the lack of interest in the Holocaust across the board by even young Whites indoctrinated in White Guilt from kindergarten through college that the Jews have dined out on the Holocaust long enough.

      They are very rich and powerful but they are the world’s biggest victims.

      Who benefits from these shootings? It certainly isn’t US.

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