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    • I concur but I have never watched a single episode. I watched Mad Men and that was the end of it for me and Jew TV. I did enjoy it and I remember the depravity of the early 70’s myself so it hit home but we don’t want this for our future.

        • Nb4 anonfags carelessly reveal their power level to normalfags, engaging the mainstream is inevitable.
          In spite of all the jew lies we aren’t pariahs unless we make ourselves so.

        • I was a big Walking Dead fan from the first episode up until the Rick-Michonne bestiality scene.

          Watched it a bit more during the Negan storyline, but slowly drifted away when family and other stuff took priority.

          But I do agree – popular culture (for better or worse) needs to be addressed.

      • I still have cable – but I’m right on the edge of cancelling it all. There is usually nothing but GARBAGE. This show is normalizing jew porn, for the masses. It’s anti-White in extremis.

  1. I hope Sansa lives. I like her the most. She acts like a girl and a lady. The other girls are politically correct. An irritating little girl called Mormont acts like she thinks she is a man. A tall blonde woman can somehow beat the best in single combat. As for Arya? I like her but she is not feminine.

    As for the men? I like Jorah and the Hound the best. The self righteous Jon Snow and the irritating dwarf I would like to see die but they are protected by the obvious ways movies unfold.

    The rest i could not care less for.

  2. Game of Thrones is written by degenerate George RR Martin (1/4 jew, so a jew) and the show runners are jews, and HBO is run by jews. Brad, what’s up with this blue-pilled shite bro? You’re better than this.

      • You degenerate you.

        How dare you not spend your nights sipping water while reading Mein Kampf for the 400th time???!!11

          • Yes, it makes much more sense to be completely and totally alienated from society, unfamiliar with developments in popular culture, perpetually angry on the internet and unable to even communicate with much less relate to the vast majority of White people in this country. If we are angry enough and nostalgic enough for a variety of dead regimes from the distant past, most of which are now considered horrifying, then we can bring them back in the 21st century through sheer wishful thinking!

    • He decided to become a cuckservative, because the cuckservatives did such a wonderful job of conserving everything for the past 60 years or so.

      It’s not like the firebrand Alt-Right managed to stir up more discussion and awareness in 2 years than the cucks did in two generations and more.

      No, we must straiighten our bow-ties. Hail economics! Don’t mention race! Decorum! Surrender! Uselessness! It’s the Way of the Cuck, and we must embrace it, goyim!

      • No, I simply objectively looked at the situation, realized that 1.0 and 2.0 was a failure, decided that I was tired of relying on the failed paradigms, discourse, strategies and tactics of others, which I might add have never gotten us anywhere, and concluded that I would create my own paradigm and way of talking about and addressing these issues

  3. Not even over yet, and already one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

    Do they give out an Emmy for Biggest Disappointment?

  4. I read the first Game of Thrones novel when the series came out to get a handle on the show, and I was disappointed. I’m a writer (published two novels), and find Martin’s prose kind of overlong and leaden. There’s a LOT of description that could be said in one paragraph instead of three. Also, as one observer mentioned in Renegade’s website, the scene with the boy seeing the incest between the brother and sister kind of bothered me, and i noted a lot of perversion, but I could overlook that…just not the prose. I didn’t bother to read the other books, because the series seems to keep pretty much to Martin’s story.
    I also didn’t like the characters. The two I was interested in (in the book) was Danerys and Tyrion, and much of that was because the prose was noticibly leaner, quick. The writing picked up when they were featured. Tyrion was also much uglier in the book.
    Now, as to the TV series. I watched a couple of seasons, but wasn’t much into it. I think the basic reason is that I didn’t find anyone to root for. Everyone’s dark, bitter, and I have to have someone to enjoy.
    Tyrion is, I suppose the one thoughtful character, but I only went so far in liking him. Jon Snow was, to me, a prick, and I think Joffery really went overboard. ‘God,” I thought, ‘will someone just KILL him?’
    Well, eventually, but I’d checked out. Note the actor who plays him couldn’t get any other work, went to university, and majored in theology. Definitely a step up, and more power to him.
    I suppose the breaking point for me was when the city was under siege, and Cersi(?…the evil sister and mother of Joffery) made a speech to Sansa about how pointless life was, and it was so cynical, dark, and nihilistic, that I just didn’t care about the series, and left.
    I note people remark of Jewish influences…the enemies are Whitewalkers, if you’re blonde in this show you’re always a baddie, and Danerys, while blonde, is obviously a dye job. But i didn’t hang in that long to see all of this come out.
    What bothers me are some college courses where this series in taught in conjunction with Medieval
    history…the effect of using fantasy instead of reality. Once again Plato’s cave rears its head.

    I did write a kind of sci-fi story like this that clocks in at 900 pages, but it moves faster, has some more humor, and, to quote Harold Covington, is not about characters as much as it is character.

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