Ted Cruz: The Democratic House Hasn’t Condemned Anti-Semitism This Month

Clown World:

Look how fake and dumb our politics has become.

Why can’t we speak plainly and honestly about the issues anymore? Seriously, my take on the latest synagogue shooter was better than this crap from Charlie Kirk.

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  1. Kirk’s entire twitter feed is dedicated to whining about how unfair everyone is to Trump. It’s pathetic.

    Every tweet is some hypothetical situation in where the media would treat Trump as they did Obama or whatever.

    Kirk: “Why can’t Republicans be treated as the Democrats are by the media? It’s not fair! Can you imagine if a Republican said/did that?!”

  2. If senator Cruz keeps tweeting those kinds of tweet, he’ll be a shoe-in to replace she-demon rbg on scotus. Words strung together like that are music to kushner and adelson’s jug ears.

    But yeah, politics in this country have devolved to levels of imbecility the Founders couldn’t have imagined in their worst case scenarios. Honestly, at this point, (((jerry springer))) should be the moderator for all the preferential debates going forward.

  3. I voted for Cruz to keep Beto out.

    And because of all of those vehicles with Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts plates, that had Beto stickers on them, and were filled with people who didn’t speak Texan, but seemed to take an active interest in Beto, and in our election process, for some reason.

    I guess this is what Yankees mean when they babble on about “Democracy®.”

  4. New York Times Intl. edition is based, LOL…

    Seriously, tho, how is the cartoon of Bibi leading Trump along any worse than the “Blair is Bush’s poodle” cartoons during the 00’s?


    Oh yeah, I forgot, one can never criticize Israel or call out the U.S. President when he is a total lackey of Israel. It’s fine to say Tony Blair was the lackey of George W. Bush but heaven forbid one says that Trump is the lackey of Netanyahu.

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