Southern History Month 2019: John Wilkes Booth Assassinates Abraham Lincoln

In what was arguably the single most dramatic moment in American political history, John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln in Ford’s Theater in Washington, DC.

Booth leapt from the presidential box, raised his dagger over his head and yelled “Sic semper tyrannis, The South is Avenged!” Thus always to tyrants is the state motto of Virginia.

In his last speech in Washington, Abraham Lincoln had endorsed the idea of making the former slaves into citizens and voters. Now that the Confederacy was dying, Lincoln reversed his carefully calculated public position on deporting all the freed slaves to Africa or the Caribbean.

John Wilkes Booth was among the audience that day at Lincoln’s speech. He told a friend“That means nigger citizenship. Now, by God, I’ll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever make.”

Three days later, Booth assassinated Lincoln and his fellow conspirators attempted to assassinate Secretary of State William Seward and Vice President Andrew Johnson. Booth was from Maryland which wanted to secede but was only prevented from doing so by Union troops.

The following is an excerpt from John Wilkes Booth’s diary:

“After being hunted like a dog through swamps, woods, and … chased by gun boats till I was forced to return wet, cold, and starving, with every mans hand against me, I am here in despair. And why; For doing what Brutus was honored for, what made Tell a Hero. And yet I for striking down a greater tyrant than they ever knew am looked upon as a common cuttthroat … I hoped for no gain. I knew no private wrong. I struck for my country and that alone … I do not repent the blow I struck. I may before my God but not to man.”

John Wilkes Booth saw himself as a Confederate martyr.

Is it racist to share this story? If you are reading this article and objecting to me posting this because of Booth’s racism, why don’t you grow the f**k up and try to study and learn about history as I have done? I want our audience to learn something new here every day about Southern history.

Note: I’m compiling and editing all of this old material into a free e-book as well as a book which I will self-publish and sell here.

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  1. Booth is 100 % hero. Lincoln was an occult practicing scumbag who was NOT smart and not a good man. Don’t forget even the press back then was lib AND, depending on who took over each southern paper, was very pro Lincoln and Union. I remember reading how, “America was angry at Booth because they were over the war and wanted reunification,” ( or some such BS.) Back then there were sheeple too, just as now, who would believe that rubbish, but more importantly, the left have crammed BS like that into current and recent past text books to brainwash generations into their Satanic ideology.

    GREAT article again if I do say sir 🙂

    • Booth was a JEW (LOOK IT UP), and I strongly suspect Lincoln was as well. I don’t have verification on Andy – but facially and behaviorally he totally fits the profile. He adored Negroes, and Lincoln was, after all, Besties with Karl Marx. Jews were THE slave runners, and vast majority of slave owners. They blame Southern Whites, naturally, for their odious abuse. Booth’s conduct was classic “Revolutionary Jew Spirit”.

      They have been screwing up our world for EVER.

      • Doesn’t LOOK Jew, and doesn’t SOUND like he loved jigaboos !? Maybe some Jew distorted history book ? Believe half of what you see and nothing you hear.

        And again … it’s the non Christian Jews that are a special target of Satan. 80 % voted dem and are likely possessed, but every CHRISTIAN one I know of thinks acts and votes like us.

        There sure are a LOT of bad ones … and they should be deported and not allowed in Confederacy 2.0


      • My own historical research suggests that Booth was a Rothschild agent who used any confusion and hard feelings at the end of the Civil War to assassinate Lincoln for instituting the Greenback System.

        Lincoln tried to get funding from New York CityBanks to defeat the South, but they wanted to charge the Union outrageous interest of 24 to 36 percent, so he initially had to back down. Otherwise he would have found a way to crack down on any secession movement a long time ago.

        Then solution came from an Illinois businessman named Dick Taylor who advised Lincoln to “Just get Congress to pass a bill authorizing the printing of full legal tender treasury notes… and pay your soldiers with them and go ahead and win your war with them also. If you make them full legal tender… they will have the full sanction of the government and be just as good as any money; as Congress is given the express right by the Constitution.”

        If you think about it, that is exactly what the Federal Reserve does. Print money that is not backed by silver or gold. They just charge our government interest to print currency paper.

        Hitler would later be inspired by Lincoln’s Greenbacks to print his own money with the idea that it was backed by German labor and productivity.

        Really, controlling the issuance of its own currency is the key to any country’s prosperity.

        But that was the dirty secret behind Lincoln’s assassination; he did not further bankrupt the country by agreeing to outrageous interest rates. It’s the reason why Hitler had to be smashed. He tore up the Versailles Treaty and, to add insult to injury, started issuing his own currency. That’s also the reason why Muamar Khadaffi had to go. Not for Lockerbie, but for trying to issue his own gold-backed currency.

        Follow the money; it’s all about the money.

  2. The prominent Jewish writer David Goldman who for a long time used the pen name ‘Spengler’ – and who is a co-owner of the popular Asia Times –

    has often slandered the Old South with a claim that the Confederacy, if successful, sought to create slave empires further south in Mexico and Latin America

    And thus that what all those Southern boys were fighting and dying for, was the chance to all become slave-owning plantation masters

    Apparently there were some old Southern texts with these fantasies, and Goldman has made quite a bit of hay out of them

  3. Under dire circumstances, Mr. Booth was able to historically analyze and self-reflect remarkably. Most impressive.

  4. Like JFK, there is much more to this assassination than we will ever know and it goes much deeper than “Conferedate Revenge” and may include jewish European bankers’ control of the US monetary system and Lincoln desiring to send the negroes back to Africa.

  5. Lincoln was the cracker front man for the New England Yankee establishment.

    I sometimes suspect that the Yankees had him assassinated to keep him from outliving his usefulness. When Johnson tried to carry on with some of his policies, they had him impeached.

    Booth’s family were nearly all resident in Boston, and prominent in the theatre there, before, during and after the war.

    I’m suspicious of him.

    Lincoln’s death was more useful to the Boston and New York Oligarchs, than it was to Dixie.

  6. What’s your book about? I thought it was going to be about the Alt Right. Whatever it is I’ll buy it and I want a signed copy please dedicated to somebody who has known over ten years. From the Phora days.

    • We go way back!

      You’re the one who got me into blogging. I started doing my research last March and kind of got lost in that project and sidetracked by the Charlottesville lawsuit over the summer. I wanted to write a book that would argue in favor of adopting a practical moral foundation for the movement, but it evolved from there into a more comprehensive project with a historicist take on politics, morality and economics. I’ve actually got enough material for 3 or 4 books in the archives.

  7. What is needed, I think, is a book that puts forward Alt Right economics for the 21st Century. We know about race, immigration, Islam, and the Jew. But an economic argument is still lacking. Even that compilation of essays on the Alt Right published by Greg Johnson is silent on the economy, I think. I may still get a copy but I don’t like Kindle editons. My own views on the economy have moved Left in the past 10 years. You ad race realism and Judaeo-Skepticism to paternalistic Red Toryism and you have a worldview that potentially makes sense. Publish your books ASAP and I’m buying all of them. I can’t wait. I mostly stopped buying books since I have over 4000 at home but there’s always space for yours!

    • SPOILER: my future book will be a comprehensive treatment of ethics and economics from a historicist perspective. I want to create a new 3.0 movement based on a sturdy historicist as opposed to liberal philosophical framework. I’m going to knit together insights from Aristotle, Hegel, Nietzsche, Foucault, MacIntyre and others with the German Historical School of Economics.

  8. You need a timeline, otherwise nothing ever gets done. When are you publishing your first book? The fact that Dr. Pierce didn’t publish a go-to book for his views was an error.

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