Andrew Yang: Universal Basic Income Isn’t a “Handout”

Andrew Yang appeared on FOX News this afternoon:

Listen to him.

You will see why I like Yang so much. He’s the real populist, nationalist, moderate, social conservative in the 2020 presidential race, not Blompf. He’s also the real and authentic political outsider with practical solutions in the 2020 race, not Blompf. He’s also motivated by altruism, not selfishness.

Watch how easily Yang dispatches this conservative nonsense from Bill Hemmer about how we should care more about the GDP and the DOW than the welfare of our people who are dying of drug overdoses and committing suicide in record numbers. I can’t wait to see him stand on stage and debate Blompf in 2020. I’m willing to volunteer to help him craft a message to win the South.

Blompf has calculated public “positions” on various social issues like abortion or immigration. None of those “positions” are actually real though. He is just faking it like the GOP to fool the public into supporting him. Yang already deserves tremendous credit for raising awareness in the public sphere about artificial intelligence, robotics and automation and the impending job losses.

Aside from the fact that Yang is Taiwanese, we are very similar. We have similar values and interests like economics and science fiction. I’m also motivated by altruism.

UPDATE: Interesting.

Note: Blompf styled himself as the “America First” candidate in 2016 and this morning the neocons in his administration are trying to incite a coup to topple the government of Venezuela. He is a fake.

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  1. Not sure why you don’t find Tulsi more attractive. She is half White after all, and has more balls on foreign policy than any man in the Congress.

    • @ Daniel, Tulsi’s foreign policy is very sound, but her domestic and economic policies are (((progressive))).

      Sure she’s half White, as was Obama. How did that work out?

      Blompf is 100% White, but governs as a puppet for wealthy Jewish elites.

  2. UBI? How about UBIB? U B in Bondage!

    They will have you where they want you. There will be massive inflation. Not only will the American dream be out of reach, so will a loaf of bread! I guarandamntee you that any UBI will be on a use it or lose it basis so that you will be unable to gain capital — as if $1000/mo. would help you anyway.

    • “…There will be massive inflation. Not only will the American dream be out of reach, so will a loaf of bread!…”

      Common sense tells you this is not so. Basic food stuffs have been going down in price due to automation and crop engineering. This will continue. All the basics are being bought already so there will be no more demand. I suspect that the price will go up on specialty food items and luxury goods as people will have more money for them.

      The opportunity for energy and food to go down drastically in price will happen in the next 5 to 10 years. Already small systems of symbiotic bacteria and yeast, (same as Kombucha tea), are being grown by electricity. These can have a large amount of protein and all the things needed for life. The key here is it uses electricity directly and not photosynthesis which is a very inefficient process. Maybe 3% tops. So if you use electricity from a 20% or better solar cell you can get many multiples of efficiency from solar while growing in a desert areas not suitable for regular crops and using minimal water.

      This will first be used for animal feed but eventually they will use genetic engineering to splice in valuable taste like rib eye steak and other goodies. I suspect it will be a huge SJW fad to eat only vat grown food as it would be good for the environment.

      Automation and 3D manufacturing will drastically reduce prices while providing infinite variety.

      The catch is right now the economy is structured to scoop up all these gains into the pockets of monopolist financial capitalist and if we don’t do anything about it we will be like the Scottish during the enclosures where they threw everyone out of their homes and replaced them with sheep. We will be homeless peasants who they will eventually find a way to kill off.

  3. “Muh steel mills,” “muh corn syrup,” and “muh Union jobs” are going play a major role in derailing automation and UBI, and the key role in getting Biden into the White House.

    Make America 1983 again.

  4. I’d love to talk to Mr. Yang. His ideas are interesting.

    Might add, that Yang should talk about meeting with these companies that are automating and/or planning to and talk to them about allowing earlier full retirement for their older workers and then shortening the work week (at full pay) for a more peaceful transition.

    It would be worth it in the long run for these companies to do so. Our government has gotten into all kinds of wars to protect their overseas investments and they owe it to the government not to sow more chaos and destruction.

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