NY Times: European Populists Have Shunned Steve Bannon

NY Times:

“PARIS — Stephen K. Bannon, the millionaire former Trump adviser turned rabble rouser of European populists, settled into a plush set of rooms this week in Paris at the Bristol Hotel, where suites run up to $32,000 a night.

An unopened bottle of champagne in front of him, he presented himself as a man of the people and promoted Europe’s right-wing and populist parties even as voting was underway for the European Parliament — “the most important” election in Europe, he said in an interview on Thursday.

For months, Mr. Bannon has traveled around Europe, presenting himself as the linchpin of a populist revolution. But he was in Paris as nothing more than an “adviser-counselor” to Marine Le Pen, the far-right nationalist leader. “These people don’t need my help,” Mr. Bannon said.

That was good, because they no longer seemed to want his help, either.

All week in Paris, Mr. Bannon was hissed at by enemies, dominated the airwaves and caused an eruption in the French political class for meddling in the country’s affairs. He was kept at arm’s length by allies, perhaps most surprisingly even by those from the far right whom he has tried for months to pound into a Europe-wide populist rebellion. …”

It’s hard to say who is more cringe right now. Is it Blompf or Steve Bannon? It is clear as day now that both are Boomer conservative frauds who scammed us back in 2016. The only reason he is over there is to try to con the Europeans into subordinating themselves to that obscure Belgian Jewish politician whose chief goal is to “fight anti-Semitism.”

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  1. Europeans must’ve been puzzled as to why this zio-cuck was attempting to influence their elections.

    Really? Who gives a $hit what boozer Bannon has to say on policy in the USA let alone Europe.

    Bannon’s ego is bigger than his billfold. He knows how and where to get more shekels.

    • It’s irrelevant whether one agrees with Bannon or not, the entire world saw what was done to us.

  2. Steve Bannon did good work until after the Trump election where President Trump’s Son in Law and the Deep State pushed him out. What’s Steve Bannon going to do after that – go back to Breitbart news with Milo going back to do honest, funny movie reviews.

    Breitbart News has pretty much gone Neo Conservative, Zionist – albeit Breitbart still reports negatively about the mass 3rd world migration invasion of the West.

    What else could Steve Bannon do, try to be another older honest Conservative kicked out of Conservative Inc and force to do a once a year short speech at Amren in TN.

    Steve Bannon didn’t do a St. Peter and deny he ever promoted Alt Right, immigration control, he could have done a Ron Pau/Rand Paul and disowned ever being in the same room with any White Racists and announced that he was devoting his life to sainted Blacks in places like the slums of Detroit, Ferguson MO, South Africa, just from a Libertarian free market perspective – the Southern Avenger did that.

    • There was a picture being passed around of Netanyahu and Andrew Breitbart. It was taken though a doorway of them in a strategy meeting in Israel. Their expressions in the photo: “I’ve been found out!”

  3. Steve Bannon is no populist. He is a conservative Israel-firster.

    He is sticking his nose everywhere trying to remain relevant. I’m glad to see real populists are telling him to get lost.

  4. That picture of Tump and Bannon reminds of the meme depicting a group of NPCs resting their hands on the shoulders of an NPC in the middle.

  5. Steve Bannon’s head should also be on a stick one day. Hopefully, with a paper bag over it. Who’s the loser, boozer?

  6. There is also the reality of intense jealousy over small amounts of $, attention, the few women in our parties/movement. Whenever someone like David Duke has some breakthrough mainstream success, so many other full time WN not having much or any success accuse the person of “Selling out”, abandoning the “movement”.

    There are turf wars – always have been. Read up on the turf wars between Hitler, the regular German army and Ernst Rohm’s real Socialists SA street army.

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