Good News: Russian Victory In Syria

It’s easy to get depressed and feel defeated in our occupied country. There is so much depressing news about crime and immigration. The American media is dominated by racial, ethnic and sexual groups that hate us and who want us replaced. Outside of Tucker Carlson and some of his guests like Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, our television sets spout nothing but 24/7 insults, lies or just degenerate filth, but there is lots of good news on the international scene if you know where to look.

Russia has won victory for European Christendom in Syria. Surprisingly, The Washington Post is reporting honestly about this, which is a great victory for our common Christian civilization:

Russia is the savior of the Christian world

I understand many of our readers think that all our activism doesn’t really accomplish anything. I will counter that we stood up the worst neocon propaganda machine to push through a US war and regime change in Syria. This propaganda included the worst lies that President Assad of Syria and President Putin of Russia were both “Hitlers” and they were supposedly “gassing to death Syrian children” in the same as Hitler and the NAZIs gassed six million Jews in the Holocaust.

Well, the lying warmongering Zionists and neocons have pretty much admitted defeat on that front and Syria is in the safe hands of President Assad and Christian savior Vladimir Putin. Russia has sent her best orchestras to celebrate victory by playing classical Christian music in the ruins to be rebuilt in Palmyra, Syria.

I hope our readers are speaking to their local Christian pastors and folks in the church pews and asking them why they didn’t support the Putin/Assad side that successfully fought to prevent Middle East Christians from being slaughtered or enslaved. Why didn’t they do or even say anything when John McCain and the Zionists and neocons armed ISIS?

But today we promote good news. Mother Russia has her greatest leader since my ancestor Catherine the Great. Mother Russia is making it known that Russia is the savior of Christian civilization. The Zionists and neocons have all but admitted it and they’ve switched to targeting Iran.


  1. good news as far as it goes. However, be aware that

    when Isramerica attacks Iran, Israhell itself will resume the attack on Syria and Hezbollah.

    the Greater Israhell/petrodollar War will not end until

    Israhell, the Jewbuck, and the ‘Murkan ZOG itself

    are no more.

  2. What are America’s cultural exports? It may believe it exports freedom, tolerance and democracy but its ruling elite is hostile to traditional Christianity. “American” culture is a toxic and corrosive culture that exports radical feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism, miscegenation,and anti-white racism. You may tell me that the United States does not do that that it is Hollywood that does that but the Hollywood stream is how most nations see America. Who in their right mind would want that ideology in their country?

    • I hate to say this but since the War Between the States the US has been a malevolent force in the world. It foments war, Zionism, Islamic extremism, submission to global financiers and corporate monopolies. And as if all that wasn’t bad enough it exports a trashy, ghetto pop culture designed to drag the whole world down to its lowest common denominator. Let’s hope the chinx do a better job of ruling the world than we did.

  3. That is good news. As for talking to people on the issue. All the girls I know are against further wars but the guys are a mixed bag. Still this does appear to be a major victory. Venezuela looks safer now as well compared to a month ago.

    • Hi Christiana. Great to see you here and I always enjoy your intelligent, honest comments from your unique Hispanic Catholic perspective. God bless you and yours.

      I’m doing just, barely OK in Chicago. I have wealth, a beautiful place, Chicago is one of the most vibrant, architecturally beautiful modern cities in the world.

      My Salsa dancing program is progressing OK, I’m getting not bad at the dancing as my young (white) Puerto Rican dance teacher is excellent. But, I haven’t broken through in the wider Hispanic/Anglo Salsa dance community – I’m a bit older than most of the people that do Salsa dancing.

      Chicago is increasingly brutal, violent and corrupt. There are still lots of decent Black African Americans, but they are mostly older, middle aged and looking to bail out of here like everyone else. The young Black African Americans tend to be the worst in everything. There have always been gays and lesbians here, but now they have taken over Chicago politics and we have our first Black Lesbian mayor – oh isn’t that great! Not!

      Well Christiana – I hope that the young gents in your area are being respectful but also noticing you. There’s a chance I might go to Chile this Nov for a Spanish language immersion program. My target market with women is Hispanic, I can’t stand the Hillary Clintons or Ruth Bader Ginzberg Anglo women – no wonder there are so many Gay/homo American men!


      Take care C.

      Jack Ryan

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Thank you for your nice and thoughtful response. And yes guys do notice me. I have filled out since last year and i no longer wear braces. Chicago sounds wonderful except for the politics and some of the people.

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