MIGA: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Arrives In Israel To Ban Anti-Semitism

Do you remember the 2018 midterm election?

In that election, I was duped into making some exceptions for a handful of Republican candidates because I was persuaded by some of the conservatives in our movement that it was important for Ron DeSantis to defeat Andrew Gillum in the Florida governor’s race. Where is Ron DeSantis now?

Tallahassee Democrat:

“TEL AVIV – International politics took center stage Monday for Florida’s academic and business delegation as Gov. Ron DeSantis and an entourage of nearly 100 people traveled from Tel Aviv to the West Bank and back to sign partnerships and receive accolades for the governor’s staunch support of Israel.

With the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop, DeSantis started the day with a press briefing at the Hilton Tel Aviv. He mentioned an earlier gathering with top Israeli officials before looking ahead to a Thursday meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. …

DeSantis also weighed in on U.S. policy and ongoing tensions in the Middle East.

“If you look at this whole conflict, to me, the biggest problem has been that Palestinian Arabs have not recognized Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state,” he said. “That kind of denialism poisons really everything.”

It was a theme carried over from the night before when DeSantis said during the delegation meet-and-greet in Tel Aviv that Palestinians “teach their kids in school to hate Jews, to hate Israel.”

DeSantis also said it’s time to lift the sanctions against Airbnb now that the short-term rental company rescinded a policy delisting properties in the West Bank. He claimed it as a victory in the battle against the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

“I don’t want to penalize a company for doing the right thing,” he said. “They made a bad decision but they rectified the error and that’s what we want to see.”

Hours later, after driving 45 miles to the new Ariel University in the West Bank settlement it’s named after, the pro-Israel and anti-BDS movement comments continued as a contingent of TV media and others recorded the event.

DeSantis met philanthropist and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, owner of several casinos, and his wife, Miriam Adelson. DeSantis also received the Honorary Fellowship Award from Ariel University in honor of “his dedication, leadership and commitment to the state of Israel.”

DeSantis told the crowd there was no place for BDS in Florida, BayNews9’s Troy Kinsey reported.

Yehuda Danon, president of Ariel University, praised DeSantis for getting Airbnb to reverse its policy. “Your position and your activity changed the mind and changed the position of the people at Airbnb and that is really appreciated,” Danon said. …”


“Adelson money is fueling that effort. In April, the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition, which receives substantial funding from the casino executive, met at Adelson’s Venetian resort, where they were briefed on plans for a $10 million-plus blitz geared toward attracting Jewish support for President Donald Trump.

Adelson has long been a DeSantis supporter and gave more than $800,000 to the governor’s 2018 campaign. During that same cycle, the billionaire donated $5 million to the Republican Party of Florida, which was heavily involved in the DeSantis general election campaign.

DeSantis was nicknamed the “billionaire whisperer” by a Republican fundraiser because of his close relationship with top party financiers like Adelson. …”

Ron DeSantis is nothing more than another MIGA puppet.


“I promised to be the most pro-Israel governor in America, and our bold agenda for my upcoming business development mission to Israel includes many historic firsts, strengthening Florida’s ties with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East,” said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.”

Yeah, DeSantis is “the most pro-Israel governor in America” because he sold out to Sheldon Adelson for $800,000 in campaign contributions in the 2018 election. DeSantis is just one example of how Republican politicians exist to “secure the bag” for themselves.

Note: DeSantis hasn’t signed the anti-Semitism bill yet at the new US embassy in Jerusalem. The bill will make it a “hate crime” in Florida to criticize Israel or make “stereotypical allegations” about Jews or to accuse “Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interest of their own nations.”

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  1. Next time vote for the kind Black Communist.

    I’d take straight up Bolshevism at this point over this cuckservative trash.

  2. Typical price of voting Republican, and, to be fair to all, DeSantis and Gillum both made it very explicit where their foreign policy stances lay throughout the campaign (they were almost, though not entirely, identical). Still glad DeSantis won due to the sanctuary cities law, firing of Sheriff Israel, delay tactics re: felon voting, etc. He has been a more effective governor than Trump has been President.

    The only Republicans who can be relied on not to be Israel shills are the true believer libertarians (Amash, Massie, Paul). Every other Republican is a massive Israel shill, even the small few who voted to withdraw from Yemen.

    Hopefully the obsequiousness will alienate enough people. Also, the court battles re: state laws re: Israel “demonization” will spark some debate.

  3. I thought it was unconstitutional for individual states to conduct foreign relations and diplomacy. That’s one of the powers and responsibilities delegated to the general government. But denied to the states.

    DeSantis is violating the Constitution.
    I guess when it comes to the Jews, the Constitution and laws of the U.S., or any country, for that matter, take a back seat.

    • I think you’re right about that. But who gives a shit about the Constitution anymore? Word magic isn’t going to save us.

  4. Will this Shabbos Goy anti-White traitor go down as the initiator of criminalizing 1A?

  5. “In that election, I was duped into making some exceptions for a handful of Republican candidates because I was persuaded by some of the conservatives in our movement that it was important for Ron DeSantis to defeat Andrew Gillum in the Florida governor’s race. Where is Ron DeSantis now?”

    It’s alright, Brad. If Gillum had won the Florida governorship, he’s be in Israel instead of DeSantis.

  6. i feel sure, that the mouthy congressional POC’s, the paki and the somali are tools being used to accomplish that exact end, outlaw any comment on the [redacted].

    • ??? Steve King is a bigger Israel fan than even DeSantis. He is about as big a foreign policy hawk as Dick Cheney (he was one of eight GOP reps suggesting it might be necessary for the U.S. to stay in Libya for a full year). Of the many Dem FP proposals relating to Russia/NATO this year, I don’t think King has voted against a single one other than Rusal sanctions relief disapproval (though this was a genuinely weird divide within the GOP, with Graham/Romney/Portman on one side and Rubio/Sasse/McSally on the other).


      The 3 libertarians (Amash, Massie, Paul) are the smallest Israel fans in Congress. Paul Gosar (the alt-lite rep) has also made semi-serious attempts at stopping social media censorship, and he is much less of an FP hawk than King (but somewhat more so than the libertarians). Thomas Massie (who blocked today’s spending bills) is the biggest FP dove in the House, being the only rep to consider Crimea as Russia.

  7. As a Floridian, the las midterm election period was a sad time to be alive. We could either vote for the blatantly anti-white, probably semi-retarded black criminal Gillum (who made no bones about his intention to curtail gun ownership rights in the state because “it’s a white redneck thing” OR DeSantis, who has now revealed himself to be a massive shill for muh Greatest Ally in the middle east and who will easily get his law to make it illegal to criticize said Special People and/or the base of their criminal enterprises in Izrull.

    My mom’s cousin used to joke that the longest bridge in the world was the one from Miami to Tel Aviv, but it looks like that bridge connects withTallahassee these days.

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