MIGA: Trump Publicly Intervenes In Israeli Political Crisis To Support Netanyahu


“In an unprecedented move, President Trump publicly intervened in the domestic political crisis in Israel and backed Prime Minister Netanyahu’s efforts to form a coalition 48 hours before the deadline for putting together a new government.

Why it matters: Trump’s move is unprecedented because it is an intervention in coalition negotiations in a different country in order to help one the political players, and more so because it is done publicly. …

Flashback: Netanyahu is one of Trump’s main allies around the world. During the last election in Israel, Trump intervened in favor of Netanyahu and Netanyahu used Trump in his TV ads and on billboards around Israel.

Two weeks before the election, Trump recognized the Golan Heights as part of Israel. This decision was a huge win for Netanyahu and had an influence on Israeli public opinion.

The bottom line: Netanyahu, who is facing indictments for bribes, breach of trust and fraud, is facing a big political crisis these days. …

Update (1:30pm EST): Netanyahu referred to Trump’s tweet in a statement that was broadcasted live on all the television channels.

Netanyahu thanked Trump for his tweet and said: “Trump is right – we still have a lot of work to do.”

The foreign policy of the United States is a joke around the world.

This is a statement of fact. It is not “anti-Semitic” to say this. It is obvious to everyone now that Israel has established total control over American foreign policy. It has gotten so bad that Blompf recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights to help Bibi win reelection.

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  1. When I brought up Blompf’s recognition and approval of Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights with some jews, their responses were so cliche and preprogrammed.

    The “justifications” they used were of course ridiculous and self-serving.

    What was new though was their opinion that Israel should have claimed the Golan Heights as Israeli territory 40 years ago-The UN and the rest of the wound damned. Jewish zionists in the USA and probably around the globe don’t respect international laws, treaties, or anything else that is considered an obstacle to “Greater Israhell.”

    These same two jews were ardent Blompf haters in 2015-2016, but now that he’s the enabler-in-chief of MIGA, they defend him.

  2. Per chance has anybody seen the blonde model in the Sunglasses Hut commercial? Believe it or not she is half-Palestinian and her name is Gigi Hadid. She could pass for Northern European as regards appearance!

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