Brad Parscale: Trump Is The Criminal Justice Reform President

This is Blompf’s 2020 campaign manager … the guy who has done absolutely nothing about social media censorship:

As the old saying goes, you dance with the girl who brought you. Blompf is going to learn a painful lesson about that in 2020. How can anyone trust Blompf after witnessing this radical shift from the rhetoric of the campaign trail in 2016 and 2018 to how he has governed?

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Blompf and the GOP have gone all in on Charlie Kirkism.

#Blompf2020 #MIGA2020

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  1. Conservatives pander all they can to non-whites just for republican votes and good PR, while at the same time ignoring the racial troubles the muds cause to society as a collective. By no stretch of imagination is trump pro-white or anti-multiculturalism at this point. He’s just a pathetic tea party league boomer. He’s a savior to the glenn beck’s of the world.

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