National Review: The Conservative Case for Transgenderism

National Review:

“Though transgenderism is a far rarer phenomenon than homosexuality, I think most adults could admit it does seem like a rather persistent aspect of humanity. Most can probably recall a transgender person making at least some minor appearance in their life. If we concede that transgenderism is not going away, and is not something anyone intends to exert effort toward ending, then Americans, especially conservative ones, should reflect on our culture’s honest and fair attitude toward homosexuality and acknowledge that the most sensible path out of the present acrimony will probably require similar compromise. Some degree of cultural ceasefire and consensus seems the only path for both sides to maintain a degree of pride while avoiding a more radical, disruptive societal transformation.

Part one of the compromise will be borne by cultural conservatives and traditionalists. It asks for broad tolerance for the reality that transgender men and women exist, and are entitled to basic human dignity, just like everyone else. This does not mean having to morally endorse behavior many may believe runs contrary to God’s plan for a just and healthy society, but it does imply that acts like ostentatiously calling people by pronouns they don’t want, or belittling their personal struggle, are boorish and petty. It means acknowledging that arbitrary discrimination against transgender people is a cruel bigotry like any other. …”

Here are five points in response:

1.) Robert Lewis Dabney explained why Northern conservatism was worthless in 1897.

2.) George Fitzhugh figured out that free-market capitalism was the cause of the -isms back in 1857.

3.) As we have explained, Conservatism, Inc. has been milking the evangelicals for generation. They never cared about anything but the tax cuts and Israel which is why “The Conservative Case for X Defeat” in the culture war has become a punchline.

4.) Seriously, National Review has spent a generation guiding the Right to defeat in the culture war by purging anyone who ever uttered an edgy, thoughtful or original opinion and by letting it be tone policed by the Left and now it has reached the comical point of chiding the conservative base for making fun of the bewildering number of transgender pronouns.

5.) Populists agree with conservatives on the social issues and authoritarianism, but the power relationship in the coalition has to be reversed for it to survive. We have to be in charge.

Note: The David French wing of the Right is too weak to be in a leadership role. Fortunately, we seem to be moving toward a consensus on this.

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  1. The Conservative Case for Homosexual Marriage.
    The Conservative Case for Women in the Military.
    The Conservative Case for Abortion.
    The Conservative Case for Open Borders.
    The Conservative Case for Transgenderism.
    The Conservative Case for Pedophilia.
    The Conservative Case for Child Sacrifice.
    The Conservative Case for Satanism and evil.

    And they wonder why we call them cucks. (Hey Mr. Bond, how about a version of that 2Pac song as “Wonder Why They Call U Cuck”?)

    • When did Satanism become so puss*fied? At least under Anton Lavey the Church of Satan radiated malevolence and danger. Now they are weak LGBT friendly beta-males with who radiate annoyance and weakness with their Satanic Temple organization and their transgender Baphomet statue they carry around to various protests!

  2. I’m waiting for NR’s Grand Finale: The Conservative case for White Genocide.

    Conservatives conserve nothing. Conservatives are simply anti-White controlled opposition.

  3. Just when I think the NeoCons can’t compromise their ideals any further and sell their souls any quicker they go right ahead and surprise me.

    This, of course, has never been about ‘tolerance’, but about legalizing pedophilia. Homosexuality is a mental illness, and used to be considered as such by the psychiatric society until the (((usual suspects))) succeeded by bribes, threats and lobbying to change this.

    Most of these poor kids and teenagers who believe that they are born in the wrong body are victims of sexual abuse and should be treated with compassion and be given the psychiatric aid they so desperately need, but at no time should they be taken seriously and definitely not be given a public platform.

    The treatment of the paedophiles who made the children want to mutilate their own bodies rather than suffer any more abuse should be swift and permanent.

    • Britbong found lol anyone who adds a A to pedophile is either from the uk or one of the colonial lands like Australia or New Zealand Neocon neolib whats in a name they control both parties You are right tho this subliminal propaganda tranny thing is sick that is forced on children and is not the final goal ultimately pedophila is

  4. it does imply that acts like ostentatiously calling people by pronouns they don’t want, or belittling their personal struggle, are boorish and petty.

    The left doesn’t want you merely to call them by the pronoun they prefer, they want you to pretend to believe the individuals are actually the sex they say they are, a blatant raping of reality.

    Jewish social critic Theodore Dalrymple’s oft repeated quote will tell you why:

    “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    But part two of the compromise requires sacrifice on the part of progressives, who are currently overplaying their hand in an effort to strong-arm sweeping social change as a flex of their power. There must be a halt in the use of state authority to impose accommodation of transgenderism in a fashion far more totalitarian than is rationally justified.

    That compromise isn’t being offered and won’t be offered. Victors seldom sue for peace. So the practical effect that NR is calling for is a one-sided surrender. And that’s pretty much been their job in the system for most of the last 3 or 4 decades. Keeping traditional white America on the plantation. The overseers of white slavery. Unfortunately for them immigrants have made their job “redumbnant”, and the system soon won’t need that services anymore. Indeed the whole transgender freak show , the open questioning of the desirability of the Constitution, AOC, antifa, and the entire left wing circus is a product of this not needing conservatives anymore, of the left not needing to fear a backlash from a white “Silent Majority.” Conservatism, Inc. and the GOPe understand it’s shoot out the lights, grab the cash and run time, now they’re shamelessly milking the last bucks out of their marks before doing so.

  5. We are the Alternate Right. Not these main stream conservatives.

    1.) Robert Lewis Dabney explained why Northern conservatism was worthless in 1897.

    I figured it out when I was fifteen. I also noticed that Leftism in America®, was both a cultural product and phenomenon of the North. MacDonald King Aston noted it too, in his book Yankee Babylon.
    King made a list of prominent Leftist figures in American political/social history. All but a couple of Californians and a Kansan, had been born and raised in one of the states that had gone to war against the South in 1861. Admittedly, a few of them were Jews, and they nearly all tended to be more often from the Northeast, than from the Great Lakes States.

    I naturally recoiled from this so-called Conservatism with its references to things foreign to my experience, and it’s constant surrender to the Left.

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